New Wind Turbine

From: Zachery Dorrego

Message: Hey, last class we talked a little bit about renewable energy. The video you showed us talked a little bit about Wind Turbines, well, take a look at this video.

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  1. This looks crazy, but does this item give off energy into the atmosphere to harm the earth. Let us think about this.

  2. I think that it is very inspiring to watch videos like these. It makes me wonder where we would be in the future, and how much of our lives would change due to breakthrough technology such as the one seen in this video.

  3. The fact that a company is working on a new power generator is fascinating and awesome. Although the idea seems funny, I believe the more options of renewable power generator will only benefit the world and society. I believe wind is a great resource to use to capture energy because the availability, and is much better for our ecosystem then oil, coal or other harmful elements. The trade off is better overall with wind then these other harmful elements.

  4. Nathalie S Gallardo

    This is a very smart idea. If it were to successfully launch a lot of people would benefit from this if it cost less. But then again wouldn’t it put other energy companies out of business to have a cheaper alternative?

  5. This is a neat idea. I don’t necessarily know how well it would work. It seems like it would take more effort to get the project started than to actually leave things the way they are.

  6. This video is interesting but i do not see it being a regular source of energy. Maybe it could be used for special cases but i believe the abundance of windmills we have can do the job just fine.

  7. I showed the teacher this 🙂 EXTRA CREDIT FOR ME!!!

  8. I really do find this amazing. With new advances the world can become free from consumable energy, it will still be decades for that to happen but it will be possible. I look forward to new advancement in renewable energy.

  9. I find this idea very cool and interesting. If they can gather the money to start this project, i think it would become very popular with most the country.

  10. Miranda B. Barragan

    This idea is a creative way to create renewable energy. I like seeing other people’s inventions because it is like seeing into their mind. This invention is rsafe and reliable. Howver, i do not think it would survive as a major source of energy. There are other sources of energy that can produce more and faster at one time.

  11. Wind turbines seem to be pretty efficient if what the designer and co-founder are saying is actually true. I hope that they can be tested and are successful so they can start to be incorporated as a staple of renewable energy to assist what devices are already being used. Although with the amount of wind changing each day as well as regionally, the amount of success could sometimes be a variable amount.

  12. It is a very creative invention and I hope they keep developing new ways to harness energy, so there can be more variety on harnessing energy. And then see which one is more efficient, and stable.

  13. What a neat looking invention! Hopefully it can be integrated into use in the future.

  14. This a great alternative source of energy, but their must be some flaws to this idea. Like for instance it would blow away during crazy storms or natural disasters.

  15. its seams like a good idea even though i don’t think it will go very far only because what will happen during rainfall or something similar or worse.

  16. It seems like a really good idea, but to generate a whole cite? Plus instead of windmills in the mountains we’ll have giant balloons everywhere? I don’t see this idea going too far even though it is pretty neat.

  17. Ive always took on these power generators, when I go to Mexicali I pass by these fan generators and see how much space it takes up theres so many that you can’t even see the pretty mountains that stand there. I think this would be a great idea that should take place it doesn’t take much room and has less maintenance and cost.

  18. This is pretty neat, it is inventive of course, but i would think that it’s success would be limited? Just depending on funding, but this is similar to the solar panel roadways idea that was pitched recently

  19. Katarina Ponomaroff

    I like videos like this one because it is very informative on an idea that I have never heard of. I like to hear people explain their invention because I can tell a lot of creativity, time, effort, and thought has been put into this project. In this case these people have created an energy source and after watching the video I believe it could potentially be a successful energy source, very similar to what we already have, windmills.

  20. Good idea to get reliable constant energy. Even though it might not be the best of ideas, every little idea like this one contributes to finding out the best possible solution.

  21. I agree with Joseph, I can’t see this being a major energy source at all.

  22. Well that’s thinking outside of the box. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. It would certainly help out in areas as a short term solution possibly where there have been disasters and be more cost efficient. As a daily way to generate energy I’d be a little concerned about whether or not the balloon may puncture and fall down.

  23. William J. Gonzales

    This idea sounds pretty good for like a back up or something like that, but I wouldn’t want to use this as a major source of power or a dependence of power because the winds aren’t totally reliable. I say that because of where the wind turbines might be place. They have to be placed in a location where the winds are constant. They can’t just be put anywhere because the winds might not be as powerful or consistent in one area than in another. Although, If we were to use wind as a source of power/energy, I think we should put it at a certain elevation where the winds would be constantly blowing or in an area where it blows the most. Overall, this is a pretty good invention/idea.

  24. Innovation has no limitations. Keep expanding the map to our future.

  25. Elise G. Richardson

    It’s a pretty out the box idea, and I understand the purpose is to generate a powerful wind speed. But there’s never been huge problems with windmills, why try and fix something that’s not broken?

  26. Who would have thought to put a windmill inside an air ballon to get more efficient winds from higher altitudes? It was a simply idea but very genius. I wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with this idea but, it is smart because, wind that high never stops blowing so they will have energy all the time. Also they do not have to worry about the days when the wind is not blowing as hard on ground level because it will not affect them anymore.

  27. Pretty cool idea but isn;t that why we have so many windmills? To generate power? If this idea takes off I don’t see it doing any good especially if there floating around in the air.

  28. I can see how this man plans on using higher winds at a higher altitude to produce energy. I see this more as a disaster relief plan then a major source of energy. I believe hydro and other sources can produce a greater capcity.

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