Need a good verbal ass kicking??

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An article [via Barrons] at Total Sorority Move (TSM) reads,

Anyone born between 1985-1995 needs an ass-kicking. As of this moment, there are EIGHTY million of these people in the USA. If I were using people I know as a sample study, SIXTY million of them would be on Netflix or stalking a random stranger’s Twitter. And what’s even worse, I’ll confess I spent this whole morning re-organizing my Pinterest boards.

So why do people of The Greatest Generation look down upon us and claim that we’re the demise of all of their hard work? Why does my own grandmother scorn me every time I pull out my iPhone?

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are the geniuses and go-getters of our generation who are out making big things happen all over the map. I don’t claim to be one of them, and I probably never will. But study after study has proven that young people care less about things that “matter” than previous generations. But why should we? I’m not an environmentalist, I don’t recycle as much as I should, and I leave a trail of wine bottles everywhere I go. Why should our generation care about politics, the environment, and the economy?

The seemingly obvious answer, if you ask any well-bred, semi-intelligent American, is something along the lines of, “It’s our responsibility to carry our country into the future and continue to be the greatest country in the world.”

OF COURSE, I’m obsessed with the USA and would tattoo an American Flag on my ass to prove it, but you’re actually drunk right now if you think our generation made America the greatest country in the world. We’ve all seen the beginning clip of the HBO series, “The Newsroom.” If you haven’t, watch it now.

Is the Internet and technology to blame for our laziness? Maybe. Is it the fact that we have so many options that it’s actually possible to develop ADD in any Target aisle? Definitely.

Where does the term “Generation Y” even come from? It’s been said that it’s because we constantly ask “Why?” We grew up asking why we couldn’t have a pony, why that boy doesn’t like us, or why some people are just THE WORST.

Why does our generation need a wake up call? Because most young people in America are selfish, lazy, and think Jimmy Johns should deliver sandwiches directly into their mouths. (Actually wait, that’s a great idea). Most young Americans think they can ride the coattails of previous, hardworking generations.

What are our excuses? We don’t have any. Our forefathers trudged through snowy, icy winters without shoes in WWII. My grandmother raised three children AND worked three jobs. Some people need to suck it up and stop whining about making copies at their internships. Some people need to suck it up and realize that they, in fact, do not “run shit” everywhere they go just because they’re wearing a shirt that says so.

I don’t know who made it cool to be rude, sloppy, and arrogant. Stop letting your standards slip, stop skipping class because it’s raining, and stop putting off your work because “The Bachelor” is on tonight. Maybe all we need is to do is kick our own asses and become the next Greatest Generation.



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  1. This video shows the truth about the U.S. It used to be the greatest country in the world, but it isn’t anymore, and the people who think it is are in denial. If we blindly agree to such a statement as “We are #1!” then we would be in denial. Honest thinking requires individual thinking. It was not until he was asked to answer like a human being, that Will was able to give his honest opinion. Individual thinking leads to honesty with regarding the situation you are in. With an honest outlook on your situation, you are then able to address it the right way and fix any problems that are there.

  2. I love it when he starts speaking like a real human being everyone starts to take out their cell phones to record. I CANT STAND when people record me without telling me and upload it to their stupid things. So weird to have a camera and a moron in front of your face, expecting you to continue being normal. Ah.

  3. Everyone has the potential for greatness if we were to just ask. The world would be a much better place if we tried half as much as our forefathers. Sure they worked hard, but if we combined working hard with our advances in technology the world would experience a new age, a new enlightenment .

  4. I cannot help but say I agree with this. I have never said that The United States is the best country in the world. I would say it used to be the best, but now I don’t know. We really have lost what used to be special and great about this country.

  5. William J. Gonzales

    I have viewed this video a couple of times during this semester, and i must say that it is indeed a good watch. I totally agree with the message of the video that America is not number one anymore, but it can be. If students would focus in school and be dedicated to their work, then i am sure that will help America become one step closer to becoming great again.

  6. This video is funny, but true. The United Sates of America is falling behind in alms everything and the people of this once great nation are not seeing this. Our country has so much potential to get back on top.

  7. America Will forever be a full power despite if our economy isn’t the same because we saved all of europe back in world war 2 and, therefore now have many allies obligated to keep our economy afloat.

  8. This video explains the truth about this country. It use to be the greatest country in the world, but it is not anymore. Many people still believe this is the greatest country, they just dont see the problems.

  9. i watched this video in class and loved it, i do feel bad for the girl who asked the question though. he told it like is and i love this!

  10. This video just seemed so real, Jeff Daniels did an excellent job portraying that speech and making it as powerful as can be. It was very powerful and truthful, america is not the greatest country it once was, and it may potentially be due to these young generations. As opposed to gaining knowledge, this generation would rather be watching movies and continue being clueless about issues that are occurring.

  11. An example of quality television. There’s great writing and acting on The Newsroom. Truthful words about the state of the country.

  12. I love videos like this it tell the truth about America

  13. I loved watching this video. It was very entertaining and brought up a true concept that America isn’t as great as it was a long time ago.

  14. This video really makes you think because it’s true. The truth hurts but America isn’t as fantastic as it was years ago and that’s okay to say but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

  15. I absolutely love this! I actually saw the pilot episode of Newsroom over at my cousins house then cursed the sky because I don’t have HBO. This was a great way to open the show, it was engaging, thought provoking but above all else, it was very real and very true.

  16. This video was really interesting because it brings up a concept that many Americans are too blind to realize or too arrogant. That America is no longer one the best countries in the world, and that if want to have the right to be able to say that phrase once again, we have to prove it with our education and our behavior towards other countries in the world.

  17. I really enjoyed this video because it is true that Americans think we are the best in every way but our arrogance is actually blinding us. What makes us better than everyone else. If we believe that we are the best we need to prove it with our education.

  18. Definitely enjoyed watching this video. I shared it on my Facebook for everyone to view at their pleasure. It made me laugh and he made some very good points about our country.

  19. This is by far the most awesome video I have seen in a while, and I agree with the article above. Today’s generation is spoiled. We do not have to work for anything. In this day and age, our smart phones and high-speed internet does everything for us. It seems as if each generation is going down a downwards spiral. We are more interested with keeping up with the latest trends, technology, and celebrity gossip, rather than focusing on our own developmental growth. Slowly but surely we have become divided as a whole, I mean it’s akward to even smile or say hello to someone as we pass them by. Neighbors have become strangers and children are fearless. It’s a mess out in this world and no one is willing to clean it.

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