I Need an “A” in This Class!

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  1. I thought the second video, the interview, was pretty hilarious. The first thing i noticed was her outfit. A hat is usually not appropriate for an interview, you could tell from the beginning she was not prepared nor deserved the job. It is true though what she said about picking C. I remember being told the same thing when I was younger to chose C when I wasn’t sure about the answer. And even to this day that seemed to stick in my head and sometimes while I;m taking the test I’ll pick C for that same reason.

  2. A lot of students I have met is like the girl in the first video; they desire to get an A in a class, but they never work for it. Sometimes, they may still got an A because they met an easy teacher. However, mostly of the time they will have a C or lower. What is more, some students never listen to what the professor has said or read the syllabus. In my accounting 1A class, my professor said we cannot use cell phones as calculator right before the test. One of my classmates still brought out his cell phone and do calculation on it.

  3. I really do wonder how this girl even reavhed the interview process. However this video trully shows the importance of education. Here is a girl with no planning or more importantly critical thinking. We should see this as a common futuristic occurence unless the education system trully is changed for the better.

  4. Things are not just handed to you just because you want them. Well knowledge works that way at least. If she wants the A in that class she better do the work. And if she is going to take the test and guess C for all the questions, she might as well not take it all. Matter of a fact she should just drop out of school. Simple.

  5. I personally enjoyed these videos because I saw a lot of myself in them. I must admit, my work ethic is not the greatest. I’m an excellent student in class, but I’ve got to get there while trying to juggle everything else in my life. I really don’t care to do homework as mostly I’m too busy helping my son with his. Then I have to choose between sleep and studies, and lack of sleep will keep me from class the following day. See? A mess! But when I decide to do something I do it, and though my methods are crazy, I always finish what I start. So in regards to these videos, I have been that girl before, at the end of the semster asking what can I do for the win.

  6. All of these videos were hilarious. The best one was the last one when the girl said “but it is community college”. Many people think just because it is a community college it will be easy but that is not the case at all. you still have to work hard an apply yourself to get the grades you want. Also the first video was good because, it shows how students do the minimum of work and expect to get an A in the class because of their attendance or smile.

    • I totaly agree with you Brandon, people do assume that a Community College is easy. And yes, the work is hard. The girl in the video seemed like an air-head. The public school system has failed this person. She needs a redu of everything. Maybe even starting from grammer school. Excellent point Brandon. Maria Jones English 1b

  7. I have personally seen this for myself and the only way i can describe these people is as being lame. Giving out grades to people just makes them more dependent on it and try less as they are expecting to receive a good grade in the end for doing nothing.

  8. This goes back to the whole thing about public education going to $¥!£. Some people think they could just get by with choosing “C” if you don’t know an answer, and just get what they want. I do work hard for my grades, and even then it sometimes isn’t good enough. I just do the best I can and accept it.

  9. Hilarious, I have to say. But I did hear the whole choose answer “C” thing before.

  10. The three ladies in these videos gives us viewers a glimpse of thousands of young men and women who have failed to get an education through our public education system. The fault may not all be theirs, but a mixture between our public education system and the adolescents. As stated by Sir Ken Robinson, the problem could lie early in pubic education where creativity is not encouraged and eventually dies out as they grow older. What is certain is that public education in the United States needs to be reformed.

  11. Very true people will always wait till the end of the semester or year and go up to their teachers or professor and demand a A+. No you should of been doing all the work from the beginning and working hard to earn the A you want.

  12. “In that case, I choose C.” That’s great! I can completely believe this. It happens too often when we feel the need to reward some one for meeting the minimum all in the name of equality or how teachers allow a student to simply pass on as if on a conveyer belt. People need to get involved in their children’s lives and help teach them and take responsibility for their actions and efforts.

  13. Public education has really failed this young woman. It is very surprising that this young woman was even able to apply for this job. If I use the word “stupid” it will sound a bit extreme but this is the bottom line. let us thank god that education is still available in this country.

  14. The accuracy of this videos about students this day is what made me laugh so hard at these videos. I use to work for a middle school a couple years back. I tutor seventh and eight grade all subjects. The I really need an A video took me back to that school. My tutoring services where available for all students whenever they wanted and no one came by until it was time for report cards. All year long we had so many students trying to pass a class by just being “cool” and no school work what so ever. During this time they all cry to me for help they wanted to learn what they had to learn all semester long in just two days so they can pass this final test and pass the class. They all had similar excuses like the one in the video. It just saddens my heart to know that today’s youth is going to have a hard time when the real world hits them.
    In the video of choosing the letter c, that really does strike a nerve with me. I had plenty of teachers over the years tell me to choose c. Why c? It always bothered me. It makes no sense to tell a student just pick this because it most likely right. I do not want most likely I want to be right. I want to learn not just get lucky and get by.

  15. I thought these videos were funny because its so true. Students think getting A’s will help them in the future for their career. Yes, that can be true but just having a grade letter doesn’t dependent on their intelligence because its how they think and work when someone gets a job. And the company will look for certain characteristics not just to see if they’re smart but also if the person is reliable, hardworking, motivated, punctual and etc.

  16. First of all, if a student got an “A” just from asking there teacher/professor that they needed it, then everyone would do that. However, it doesn’t work like that. Heck, i work hard to get the grades i earn. i would be absolutely furious if one student lolly gagged all year and got an A he or she did not rightfully deserve. I remember a few students in high school would skip school a lot and hardly turn in the homework ,and they still passed because of the extra credit that was given to them! i don’t want people like that to get off that easy!
    I remember when my teachers would tell me or the students in the class when they didn’t know an answer of a test or quiz to ” just pick C”. Honestly, i think they should have just told us to study more instead of saying “just pick C” because that says to me that my teacher doesn’t really care about my education.
    For the last video, i thought it was hilarious. I could imagine a few students like that not giving a damn about their education or their career. Why waste the “Doctor Professor’s” (Haha) time.

  17. I knew many of these students in high school they would skip/ditch school and have numerous excuses of why they were not in class. Once they realize that they are failing the class or don’t have enough time to make up their grade, they then beg the teacher for extra credit opportunities or more time to compete assignments. The effort and time a student puts into to their school work is what their grade outcome will be. If you want a “A” put in “A” effort!

  18. Overall, people are getting richer and richer in the developed countries. They are less likely to face food or any life necessity shortage like the generations before us. In other words, we are born spoiled! Many students nowadays are raised and live in a materially surplus world where everything is ready for them and to be taken for granted, including an “A” grade. This will lead them to believe that anything can be easily taken rather than earned. Unfortunately, if this is not rectified in time, a nation’s competitiveness in the world will likely to diminish in the foreseeable future.

  19. These videos are funny. These are the type of students I would get stuck doing group projects with in high school. It really sucks when there are students who really put forth time and effort to get A’s in class and other students want to just get by thinking that they are holier than thou or whatever the case may be
    im the type of person that takes accountability for my actions.

    I usually have an idea before I turn in a paper or project of what grade I will get based on the effort I put forth. its not hard to get good grades it depends on how bad a person wants it if a person really wants a good grade they will work hard for it.

    I was always taught growing up that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks what matters is that I try my best at everything I do that way I know at the end of the day I put forth my best effort and if I fail it just means try harder next time.

    I don’t want anything just given to me, lottery, grades, work nothing.The only way to truly appreciate what you have is to work hard for it. Our generation is too spoiled, we need an intervention.

  20. This is the perfect example of the laziest student ever! That one student that every professor has to deal with every semester. The one student who wants an A put is not willing to put in the work required. I thought it was hilarious when the student asked i want an A after knowing it was impossible, and the teachers response was “I want a ford mustang”. Gosh that was funny!

    Where has work ethic gone? The message is very powerful on how students are not prepared for the real world. ” I don’t think my public education prepared me to work here”. -Pathetic!

  21. Let´s face it, we have all said this! Maybe not as dramatic as this girl. Due to people’s lies the teachers no longer trust students. It is fair to understand them. I cannot imagine teaching a class of over 30 students and 10 of them telling me not only to pass them but also to give them an A. We all have personal or economic problems that get in our way of school work and I personally do not feel like explaining to the teachers because I assume they are going to assume that I am just another annoying liar. Trust in teachers is really hard to gain and losing it is really easy due to their previous experience. I just want to encourage all my classmates in every class just to be honest with themselves and know that because of liars the teachers and students have a hard time.

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