NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!

Legitimate or Bogus?
You decide: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

10 responses to “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December 2014!

  1. This sounds so crazy and untrue. But just thinking about what it’d be like to have darkness for 6 days straight is pretty odd. It would be so off waking up early morning and their be no sun.

  2. 6 days of darkness wouldn’t exactly be forgiving on our planet. I would imagine without direct sunlight the temperature would drop dangerously low. It would cause some chaos for sure.

  3. I remember when this first started showing up on the interweb and I immediately came to the conclusion that it was fake. I could not in my mental capacity think of a possible scenario where there would actually be something carrying our orbit around the sun all at the same time to block all light from reaching the earth. Something like that would have to be like a size of a ship in the movie Independence day. And if there were ANYTHING that size there would definitely be a lot more “tweets” about it.

  4. There’s no way this is real. However living in darkness for 3 days would be awesome.

  5. But really, imagine?! I would totally be able to survive and kind of like the total darkness idea.

  6. I think clearly based from the interview statements we can determine that this is indeed bogus, but i did get a little excited at the idea of experiencing 6 days of darkness.

  7. Bogus. Thanks Angela for clarifying this B.S. I just do not understand why people would expose falsified information to the people. Do they get kicks out of it? ” Oh yea, i think next week we should do a piece on Big Foot.” “Yea, i got some footage of my hairy uncle that might convince the people that it is indeed Big Foot” psh. Ridicul0us.

  8. Go Angela…. Hey why are people always doing crazy things in the name of media and hype. So crazy.

  9. This article about finding a Pteradon in the Congo is a hoax. The source quotes a man named John Kotze from the University of South Africa. I researched this and found that there is no one by the name of John Kotze that is affiliated with the college.

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