Most People Still Don’t Have a Clue What Is Hidden in the Obama Care Law

Senator Ron Paul

No wonder this country is in such a big mess. Our law makers have no idea what they are voting on.

How the Senate Really Works. Unbelievable!! I don’t care what your party is! Every American should see this video.

We may never know what ObamaCare cost     The 2.3% Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to  be hidden from the consumer, but it’s been brought to the public’s  attention by hunting and fishing store Cabelas who have refused to hide  it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts.

Anyone still believe Obama didn’t raise taxes on the middle class?

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13 responses to “Most People Still Don’t Have a Clue What Is Hidden in the Obama Care Law

  1. Sen. Rand Paul is right about reading the bills before they pass them. Having a bill that is 600 pages is just stupid because they know that no would read not a single page and congress didn’t even read it themselves. People really need to know what exactly they are voting for instead of voting just to be voting.

  2. I am not surprise some or maybe all the senators do not read their own bills that they proposed. I am sure that they treat all their bills and proposed laws like the terms of agreement; no one reads those things because they are just too long.

  3. This is pretty crazy. I wonder how long the Senate has been carrying on like this. I think the Senators and the public should get to see these bills and have plenty of time to read them before they even think about trying to vote on them. Geeesh.

  4. Why would someone make a bill 600 pages long? Sen. Rand Paul is right–no one will read those 600 pages within such little time. I really like his idea of having a day to read 20 pages. I would really like people to know what they are voting on if it includes how my future will be.

  5. There is a lot of people that do not fully understand what is going on in the government and i think that is how we get manipulated so easily. Ignorance is bliss people say, then when things start to go bad, everyone starts reading u and /or asking questions..after the election and after the damage is done

  6. Ron Paul has a very good point. It’s amazing to hear that no one even knows what is being passed in our own government. It’s also unnerving to think about all of the things that government officials sneak into bills that no one even realizes is there that has nothing to do with the bill.

  7. It is clear that the Senate needs to be wiped clean, and replaced with enthusiastic politicians that are ready and willing to do good for this country. They’ve slacked for far too long because no loud voice has scolded them for their inaction.

  8. This is crazy, so many people give us younger generation shit for not knowing what we are voting for but our own Senate don’t even read the bills they pass. I think they should make it mandatory for every house member that is going to vote to pass or not to pass a bill to at least read it first.

  9. This is exactly what happened with prob 30. Many of my teachers in the Fall semester were telling us students to vote yes of prop 30, just because their jobs were on the line. They obviously hadn’t read the fine print of what the proposition was even about. Now that it has passed, because people did not care to read the fine print, we now have raised taxes and there is still NO money for schools. Why? Because it was nver promised to go to schools in the first place.

  10. I have to totally agree with what he is saying! How could you dare to vote for something without even reading the whole entire bill?! You wouldn’t even know what you were getting yourself into or the whole country for that matter. There should have been a fair amount a time to read this bill considering the impact this bill has on all of us Americans.

  11. The government takes advantage of the public by sneaking in stuff into these 600 page proposals. It is also sad that the public is so easily taken advantage of because of their laziness. The government makes it impossible to know what theyre voting on by putting an impossible timespan on that long of reading material.

  12. This is incredible! All the Obama supporters who think he is so humble need to see this. Yes, he is so humbly taking our money and spending it on his vacations and who knows what else, but I haven’t seen any advancements in this healthcare reform. I would love to know more about the chinese hacking our database. What is Obama doing about that??

  13. This is ridiculous! Multiple times, I have found myself not getting any sleep, in preparation for class. If I don’t read the material, it will directly effect my grade thus effecting me, right? I though these political guys were smart, they must have been to college at one point in their lives, what makes them think anything has changed. Do the work, and the end result will be a good grade, don’t do your work, and get a bad grade, simple. Same rules apply, except these guys are directly affecting us peoples lives, do your work.

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