Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This comes from Chantea Moore.  This video is worth taking a few minutes to watch.  Jan Kollitz

6 responses to “Do Schools Kill Creativity?

  1. Schools kill creativity because they teach to the lowest common denominator. Instead of allowing each student to learn and succeed in their own way, schools force children to adhere to a curriculum. When kids have no creative freedom, how can they grow up to be creative people?

  2. I totally agree with this video. As we see in out world today even in rcc emphasis is put on classes like mathematics and sciences with no regard to the arts. Even uc transfer courses the mandatory classes are mundane in other fields, a writter learning calculus instead of shakespear. A dancer learning physics instead of dance.
    We can start to change I believe by slowly implementing small changes even in rcc and when the results begin to show others will pick up the idea and use it. Even in our homes towards our children, family and friends encourage change and let them explore their true passion rather than be indoctrinated into classes and be brainwashed.

  3. I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I had a creative idea that made me think about things differently in any way, I look at things from a serious point of view and that is it. No creativity.

  4. I had a good time in Kindergarten in China. However, little kids start to learn English and math in Kindergarten in China. My cousin is 5 and she has to go to Kindergarten at 7 am and go back to home at 6 p.m. For her that is too much work. Children in China do not have much time to development their creativities since they are young. I think one of the reasons is that the Kindergartens can charge more for the ” academic’ courses, and parents expect their kids to learn more that other kids.

  5. I loved watching this video.
    The message is very powerful.
    My only question is, how can we make a difference for the future?

  6. Ken Ronson is exactually right (in my not so humble opinion). Creativity is not learned–all children have it, but they lose it because of our system. Please watch this to the end and put his comments to work in your own lives and in the lives of your own children or the children around you. Thanks to Shantea for finding this video for us to contemplate.

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