Mission Impossible

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  1. This was pretty amusing. The only place i’d ever think I would see something like this would be a circus. But it was interesting to watch this from just someone backyard.

  2. I like Kelly’s idea of watching the entire thing go on right in front of your house. This is amazing it just goes to show that humans arent the only ones that use their brains and develop their skills to attain lifes needed nutrients.

  3. WOW! That’s so awesome to have a person train a squirrel and then have him set up this coarse in his backyard is so cool. Makes me want to do that and see if any squirrels will do that.

  4. This is just too funny. Very interesting to see it work for his food.

  5. Seeing this makes me want to buy it, put it in my front yard and sit on my porch watching squirrels attempt the gauntlet for some nuts!

  6. This just demonstrates the concept of adapting. The squirrel learned his way of getting food and continued to learn as they added a new section to this mission impossible demo. Its entertaining

  7. Very interesting, this little guy really worked for his food. So smart he is, and so satisfied too.

  8. this is so cool and cute
    squirrels are so smart

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