Miracle of Life

For those who don’t believe in intelligent design of the universe and everything within it, maybe you should rethink your position. This should give you food for thought:

This is an amazing video on life from conception to birth using the
newest x-ray scanning technology, which won these guys the Nobel
Prize. This is a video that every person should see.

We didn’t just happen !!

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  1. After watching this in class and now my second time I am still impressed how great technology is. The professor stated “it makes you marvel” and this is exactly how I felt. It is so cool to see how the development and progression in a human fetus. Honestly watching this gave me a deeper appreciation of how awesome our God is and hate abortion.

  2. I remember watching this video in class and thinking how amazing it was to see a human develop from practically nothing. It’s also interesting to see how a woman’s body adapts and takes care of the baby growing inside of her. In a way it’s wierd thinking that we all started from something small like that.

  3. This was a very beautiful video. I was able to watch it a few weeks ago but just now was able to comment on it. As a mother myself I knew from the moment they showed me my sons heartbeat in the first ultrasound that a living being was inside me. This video only showed me just how remarkable we are from the moment we are implanted in the womb we have the ability to change and it’s just mind blowing!

  4. This video was great on demonstrating how a baby grows over time and what a rigorous process it is. The way a human life is formed is such a beautiful thing because we get formed out of the smallest thing ever, not only that it is crazy how a women’s body knows how to care for the fetus. Before my nephews were born I went with my sister in law to see the sonogram in 4D and it was just a beautiful thing to see. The way technology has enhanced over the years is just mind blowing because I was able to see what they were doing and what they were going to look like before they were born.

  5. “Ted Talks” are great videos shared on the web. My 11th grade teacher showed us a “Ted Talk” during my Econ class. It was the first time I had ever seen or heard of one and it really got my attention. Real discussions about real information, ideas, programs and so on. This “Ted Talk” is very informative on whats going on inside a mother’s belly. I find it interesting that from day 1 to 36 weeks the baby grows the fastest and “If the fetus continues to grow at this speed for the entire 9 months, it would be 1.5 tons at birth” that is amazing! This video has a lot of detail that I’m sure many people don’t know.

  6. Miranda B. Barragan

    This video has really shown men what is happening inside a woman’s body while she is carrying s child. It is amazing to me to see how far technology has come and I look forward to seeing how far it will progress in my lifetime.

  7. this video is so crazy to me! its just shocking since i have a new born and this is what occurred in my girlfriends body why she was pregnant. so crazy.

  8. The forming of a new baby is insanely complex. There is no way that it can be an accident because it is impossible for these things to happen this way. The technology is also very crazy to be able to capture this and figure it out.

  9. This video was amazing! They way they showed us how human life is formed amazed me. Crazy to think that that’s going on in your body while being pregnant.

  10. This video was so fascinating. I had my mom watch it with me. This type of information astonishes me and just goes to provide the proof of intelligent design. There is no possible way something so insanely precise and unique could come from something like mud.

  11. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    Wow, this video is truely so magical by demonstrating how the human life is formed. I showed my pregnant sister this and was like “hey this is happening to your baby right now” she was so amazed. This video is simply so fascinating, It is also so amazing to see technologies developments.

  12. When I see videos like this that use the latest technology to revisit existing subject matter in new and exciting ways, the first question that pops in my mind is why are more people not being exposed to it? Can we really not replace some of the dumbed-down television shows that are on air today with videos like this?

  13. Technology has come a long way.

  14. I find it cool that we kinda look like aliens in the beginning stages. The development process is captivating. It is far out how that little embryo turns in to a cute baby. Life and all of it’s components is so mysterious.

  15. This video really demonstrates how far we have come technologically. The science behind this demonstration is truly amazing.

  16. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    It is amazing how every structure is so perfectly organized. We talk about how there is no such thing as being perfect, but maybe there is such a thing. The body is so perfectly planned and goes beyond what my mind can grasp. I also think it is crazy how smart people can be, like the guy in this video. I’ve seen videos from conception to birth because of my developmental psychology class, but this was definitely more graphic. I would also like to add that I think babies are freaky looking as they are forming and life itself definitely a miracle.

  17. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Amazing video but it’s not just the images of how this fetus is developed into a child bot how the women’s body knows how to prepare for conception like he states in the video. That’s truly astonishing I think, how our bodies know to adapt in certain circumstances.

  18. First off I want to say how amazing this video is. How moving and well out together it is. Also how amazing technology is that it captured every moment and every beginning to what humans are made of. Also how it moved me personally. After 25 days your child growing inside you has a heart. This changes my view on abortion, because at 25 days your child is offically living with a beating heart. Another impact that this remarkable video had on me was scary the living crap out of me to become pregnant. Even though this video shows the beauty of forming a child within myself and the power my body has to create and form a child, it makes the thought of being pregnant so real. That from the moment it happends it happends and there is no turning back in my mind.

  19. I loved this video! I actually first saw it in my health class last semester. It’s amazing to see how life is formed inside a mother’s womb. I am lucky to say that I have experienced this miracle of life. To have felt my daughter kick and move inside me. It’s great to see how far technology has come to.

  20. It’s amazing how little we still don’t know about the human body. There are still mysteries out there to be discovered. The footage of the fetus is astonishing and makes me really think how short 9 months is to develop a child.

  21. Elise G. Richardson

    This video was crazy to watch!! It was amazing to see the different stages that a fetus goes through and how it develops into a living baby.

  22. This video was amazing to watch. The images shown from conception to birth were very interesting to look at. It’s mind blowing that a females body knows how to prepare for conception and develop a baby.

  23. William J. Gonzales

    This video was absolutely mind blowing. I was truly fascinated in the essential process of the formation of a human baby. This x-ray technology gives us a window the how the process is done. This video was just… amazing!

  24. This video is mind blowing. You never really think about that kind of stuff in depth. And when you do you feel like you have so many new questions about life!

  25. I absolutely believe in Intelligent Design and this amazing video shows the complexity involved in the development of the creation of a living being! This could only have been come from a master designer!

  26. This video helps me understand better of the process of how we were created. I think its amazing we came from such little and just multiplied.

  27. This is where the theory of evolution presents some problems, how can random chance create something as complex as a human being. The processes involved in just the duplication a couple cells is far more complex than life developing out of mud and water. Yet alone the formation of an entirly new form of life that originates from other forms of life themselves. The cycle of life is to complicated for us to even understand today, which only suggest that something greater than our understanding brought the concept of life into reality.

  28. This video surprised me alot. I hear and know about how we form inside of our mothers. But watching it step by step was astonishing.

  29. Technology has come a long way for human kind in order to make this kind of video. It’s amazing to see how rapid something so complex could grow at that speed. My whole life I’ve been taught in school that humans evolved from apes or “mud”. At home I’ve been raised to believe in a God. I have always questioned what to believe in sense I was able to think for my self and finally I discover that there are scientist in the world who (understand how the world works more than the average human) believe in a greater being then just humans.

  30. The fact that some one like this scientist beleives that intelligent design is a possibility. After watching this video is hard to imaginethat something as complex as the human body was simply created at random.

  31. The video was so interesting. Something so complex can change and grow everyday. Its cool to see how fast everything develops.

  32. This video really shows that there is a greater being that has created this world. These images are amazing and really insightful.. I have never seen a baby grow like that it was precious.

    • I agree with Samantha. Something so complex and detailed in such a particular and exact format cannot be an act of random luck. This is definetly the act of something beyond us, in a greater being.

  33. These images are breath taking. We watched the womb video in biology class. For a while I wanted to be a neonatal surgeon because I saw videos like this. I wouldn’t say this convinces me of intelligent design how ever. because so many other animals develop in their mothers womb like this. And humans embryos do have tails during the first few months of development in the womb during the time the spine develops. A sign of evolution? Maybe

    • The point is here that Darwin had a point in his opinion on “Natural Selection,” but he went over the line with “Origin of the Species.” Jacobus points this out in his evaluation of Darwin’s rhetoric. The life cell is not the simp;e organism imagined in the 19th century, but something much more. Recent sientist’s proved that Darwin’s thesis in this writing is absurd. Life did not begin on Earth, but came from another source. The “Intelligengent Design” advocates only suggest that life on Earth comes from another source–God, aliens, or something else.

  34. This video was very interesting. Technology has truly come a long way, and watching how babies develop in the womb is very interesting.

  35. “I look at this with the marvel of, ‘How do these instruction sets not make these mistakes as they build what is us?’ It’s a mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity.” I love these two sentences that this guy states. We were all made so delicately and for a purpose. Nothing on this earth just “appeared” to be here! Everything has its own beautiful way of being created and not being cheated of experiencing life.

  36. This video is so incredible. It really is magic the way human life if formed and even though it makes sense. The more we learn about the complexities of life the more we realize how little we know. It’s amazing how far technology has come and what it is capable of these days.

  37. Wow…Technology has evolved over the past 15 years.
    A woman holds the best gift on earth. My mother watched this with me and stated ” Wow when I was giving birth doctors couldn’t even tell if that I was pregnant and now they have a life video scan to see the baby”. This video is very informative because I am going into the nursing field, and to witness this is a blessing.

  38. Human life is truly miraculous. The planets existence and ability to obtain life is a natural blessing. To be alive is to be granted with a gift that many organisms don’t get to experience for long. Time is fleeting and it is important to recognize ones one mortality.

  39. The only problem I have with this is that he uses the word “magic” and “divinity” if scientist used those words to describes things they couldn’t understand then society would far behind than where we are today. I think what people fail to understand is that the the development of a fetus, both physical and cognitive, is not perfect. If it were there would not be deformities in human beings. Both physical and psychological imperfections in mankind are proof that nature gets it wrong (or a higher power was busy on Facebook and made a mistake when a development was taking place) either way, nature is flawed and change is constant. We perceive our world around us in the visible spectrum because that’s where you get the most detail about the stuff going on around you. Not because magic made your eyes transparent. I’d love to write more but time prohibits me today. -Till we meet again peeps

  40. Its really cool how much technology is expanding and how far into the womb we can see and more about the baby being brought into this world. This should be shown more in health science classes because this would be interesting for people to see. This process is really a miracle of bringing a new human into the world.

  41. After watching this video I do believe that there is a such thing as intelligent design. In my beliefs there is a God and I know we didn’t just happen.

  42. This video is amazing that there is technology to see the entire process with such detail. This gives people more insight of what a baby actually looks like when they are developing inside the womb.

  43. What I find amazing is that people treat the physical aspect of our bodies as some sort of perfection that has been acieved, through design that many metaphysical thinkers and theoligists throughout the ages believed was the concept and creation of what they believe “ruled” the world around them, namely a deity or deities. Our bodies are not perfect. What we conceive as reality and what it is comprised of changes from one generation to the next, as long the ideas can hold out (or other ideas in competition can be suppressed). What makes up our societies is what we agree upon accepting as people. What we accept as our rules of society reflects how we may be either accepted or rejected therein under gidance of these behaviors. If we are allowed to say “it’s magic” and move on, we would have never have had the technology we all need to progress as a species (if we so choose to do as a society. A part of society may break off, but this can be seen to be “normal” if one looks to history for examples, so they may live in peace seperate from others). There is much more to be discussed, however I do not have time for this… I aplogize.

  44. It is amazing how technology allows us to do things that we were never able to do before. It really is beautiful how life is formed and brought into this world. I believe the most complex things in life are the most beatiful and are worth experiencing.

  45. babies are pretty ugly when they are being made. They kinda look like a baby dragon when the nose starts to develop. The process is actually pretty cool when you think about it.

  46. Dang, technology has definitely came a long ways. This guys seems like he is very smart and knows what he is talking about. The folds in the brain were crazy to look at.

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  48. This video was really interesting to see how babies develop in each step. It was cool to see it clearly also instead of through a blurry x-ray. The development of life is so unique an it was really neat learning about all of it.

  49. Amazing! I’ve always been interested in the development of babies and I have seen this whole documentary and it is really eye opening. Humans are so complex and everyone should watch this video and realize that life is a gift.

  50. I’m glad that all of this new technology is giving us a better understanding of ourselves. The process of development is such a beautiful and striking thing to see.

  51. Life is a Miracle. This video is amazing, and it is so incredible to visually watch the development of how one’s life is transformed. It is crazy how much technology has grown.

  52. These things dont just happen. This video showed that life is a miracle and I was just mesmerized throughout the entire video.

  53. Videos like this are how I know God exists. To be able to create such beautiful beings is amazing. I think us as women should have to view something like this before making the decision to abort a baby, because we do not know exactly what it is at that time.

  54. The body is a machine, art, is a weapon, a gift, and among other things. Yet there is still things that we don’t know about the body. Its still a mystery from when we are conceived to birth. There is no machine in the world that could amount to a human body. We know how machines work because we created them but with human beings; we kind of create our selves in a way.

  55. Like magic, these scientists proved we should applaud Darwin for what he observed, not for things he did not prove. Darwin only proved that life adapts to its environment, but not that we came from some goo!

  56. The amount of technology we have today to be able to do this is amazing.

  57. It is amazing that we grow inside other people. The way we work is so interesting and yet unexplainable. Having a baby is really magical.

  58. It was really cool to see how a baby is formed. I always think it is so cool to see what i was like inside mom. It would have been so cool to have a tail! I wish the losing the tail wasn’t part of the process. I always laugh at how big the head is. The coolest thing is that we probably still don’t know half of what goes on in our bodies.

  59. It’s amazing how in the period of nine months a human being is created in such a way. For ever part of the body from the heart to the brain, how it grows into such detail. This is a miracle!

  60. The first word that comes out my mind is miracle. It’s amazing to see something so supernatural come to life. What so fascinating are the cells folding in to perfection, it almost seems as they communicate with one another. Amazing!

  61. That video was so amazing ! I was wondering how baby developed in 9 month full terms? Now I understand this .

  62. I watched this video and really hit me this is so fabulous my vision to watch it. And what an amazing! This is very opportunity to see in every detail how a fetus turns into a developed baby. The video really actually show to grew the he
    art into how was stand by the 8th weeks the heart developed into one pumping heart which is mean actually life and breathing. I am as a mother of two beautiful girls, I had been actually two times with my past pregnant I have none an idea what is perspective at that time what happens actually while pregnant and now I watched it and I understand better and this is incredible to watch the video inside of the womb. I am calling this “Miracle of life”. I really appreciate these who an invention this many thanks for that…I really want you thinking about Pro and Con (make sure that you must have open in your mind thinking about this…) “Abortions” What do you think about abortions look at the life is so beautiful and who parent can’t have to begin pregnant give a chance to have get baby for the parent and same time it would not harm without abortions and if will have an abortions it will hurt the baby life and breathing think about of Pro and Con. What a shame to killing in my opinion. (Remember the baby is live and breathing!)

  63. This new technology is amaizing. Everything is so clearly. That is exactly how everyone was born. Something so little becomes something big.

  64. Wow, this truly is a miracle. The cycle of life, the process of birth, all of it is just so remarkable. This video was very informative and impressive. We take life for granted and do not realize how complex and important it really is.

  65. This is so amaazing how life comes to be. Just thinking that something so wonderful is going inside of a women. Being able to give life to a child is just a beautiful thing and to think of how all the parts of our body develope is just outstanding.

  66. Wow that is an amazing video. As a mother of three myself, that really puts in perspective what’s happens while pregnant. As science advances we are able to see deeper into the miricle of life.

  67. This video was so amazing. You can’t keep the God’s divine design from showing through.

  68. its just so wonderful as incredible to actually have the opportunity to see, in every detail how a fetus turns into a developed baby. This device is just extraordinary, very amazing i cant even explain how this was very a interesting video. The growth was just very magical and all the extra details that were shown, for example the heart, how it was two strands and by the 8th week it developed into one pumping heart. This is just a blessing and we sure should appreciate these invention.

  69. Wow this video left me speechless how baby are born and really make me think of people that have abortions. Because how this video showed me the baby are alive since the beginning. It showed how life is so beautiful.

  70. This video was really well put together. Computers can be so fascinating! It would be wonderful if high school health and science classes show this video in their classes. How the body works in it’s complex and mysterious ways always intrigues me.

  71. This video was beautiful. Human life really starts in the womb. the baby developed in a blink of an eye. this video should be shown in health classes.

  72. Its amazing to see how fast the baby develops. This just goes to show how beautiful the art of life really is.

  73. Its crazy how a human being can be created from almost nothing. It doesn’t even take that long for a person to develop from nothing. I never thought about how complex a developing baby is and how many different thing have to work together to create a human being. This video was very interesting.

  74. This video was awesome It’s crazy to see how fast the baby develops in the first few weeks.

  75. It is truly interesting to see our life from the very beginning. It is something that I have never really thought about, how so much really happens before one is born and all the developments that happen that start from so little.

  76. This video showed some amazing footage of the development of a baby from a human fetus to a new born baby. He is right about us not being able to comprehend how the human body can create its self from just a single cell. We as people know alot about the human body, but there is still much left to be discovered by us.

  77. It is crazy to watch this since my sister in law is pregnant!! Seeing this video made me realize that everything and everybody has a purpose in life!!

  78. It is so crazy to actually watch how you yourself once developed in your mother’s stomach. It is cool to see how a baby develops.

  79. This is what life is all about. It is really educational on how the body works and how pregnancy goes through its process. Every child born is a miracle, it is the cycle of life.

  80. This video opened my eyes a little more about how the process over 9 months is endured and happened. Human body and life is an amazing thing.

  81. I have alwasy been interested in this kinds of stuff. This is really the true beauty of life and I dont understand how it can not be appreciated. Wow to think that we all start off at basically nothing to what we grow and mature to be. Incredible.

  82. I never actually envisioned how a birth worked. I never knew the process of birth. It was a long process and now I can actually see why women be in pain for so long. Birth is a amazing process but its even more amazing to have created a new life form.

  83. This video was so amazing. It’s so fascinating to see how two cells set the foundatiton of the complexity that comes with us human beings. Also it was fascinating to see how our cells some how perfectly know the whole differentiation process. We are truly a miracle and science is a great gift that has come to us from above.

  84. Life is such a beautiful thing. It is amazing just how quickly a fetus can grow and become someone that may one day be able to change the world. Science is truly remarkable!

  85. It’s amazing what the development of a new life really looks like but yet can happen so fast. Life is a gift and we should treat it like one. I could only imagine how painful it might be to actually deliver a child. An to be able to see this through technology is outstanding and continues to amaze me. A good video.

  86. This was really cool to watch! You never really notice all the things that happen from conception to birth until you see something like this. And it all seems to happen so fast! It’s amazing how complex the human body is.

  87. This video was a real eye opener. We are so complex human beings that even mathematics can’t even figure it out! We should never take life for granted cause we’re really a one in kind species. And props to those guys! They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!!

  88. Now THIS left me speechless. The development of human life is magical. This video showed me things I never knew depth on before. The steps to a new born baby is amazing. It’s crazy to know that the baby has to be nurtured and taken care of inside the stomach in that natural way but if you were to take the baby out, you could not put it back in. It’s ridiculously mind blowing. This is definitely a video that every human being should see.

  89. Hopefully this video will shine some light on how selfless a woman is when she decides to have her baby. All the changes she goes through for another life! It shows just how imiportant the role of mother is to society. We have healthy, well adjusted, and remarkable people in society and to know that it all started from a woman making a decision to put herself on hold for another life. Giving life is the most selfless thing a person can do.

  90. Although I am in NO WAY ready to have children yet… for a longgggggggg time… It definitely is amazing; life. Not just human life, but every living thing that surrounds us. I find it interesting how genetics work; we are all 99% the same, but that 1% makes us all so different.

  91. This was both fascinating and mesmerizing. As a woman — I know how lucky I am to have known the miracle of life. From the moment, that I felt each of my children move inside me I was captivated by the feeling and belief that the experience was a gift from God. I have described that initial feeling as if you were to capture a bird in your hands, cupped together, and the bird is flapping its wings. It is very humbling.

  92. Interesting! Incredible! fascinating! and a bit disturbing! it is amazing how fast “nothing” can grow into a BIG something! I loved this! Everyone should take the time to watch this, to get an understanding as to what really is going on!

  93. Wow i loved this incredible video. It shows the whole journey of a neonate in the past 9 months. So many things fall into play and i will definately show others this film. It sums up in 9 minutes what goes on in a females womb in 9 months. Great video.

  94. Ive always thought it was incredible how we go from one living cell and develope into trillions and trillions of cells. Its also amazing that a sperm can wiggle like a worm and swim to the oocyte. The things that go one when a baby is growing inside a womb is just fascinating because they develope so fast and by 9 months they are ready to come out into this world.

  95. That was a very interesting video to watch! People in the writing center were looking at me funny when I was watching this. It’s amazing how far technology has come and what it is capable of these days.

  96. This video was incredible in the sense that it really reminds us just how complicated we as human beings are. Life really is a miraculous phenomenon and yet we take it for granted, everyday, that we are able to live and breathe. Life is a blessing

  97. Life is simply miraculous! I have never seen any step by step human growth process be so detailed on film. Watching the complexity of human development happen so gracefully is jaw dropping. Like he said it is something that can only be contributed to divinity because it is still far beyond our comprehension. What particularly i found interesting was the millions of miles of veins and capillaries and connectors just one human body has.

  98. This video gave me a better understanding of how a human body is being developed over the 9 months. The process is a miracle of life

  99. This video was really well put together. It would be wonderful if high school health and science classes show this. How the body works in it’s complex and mysterious ways always intrigues me.

  100. This video made me think of how crazy everything he was breaking down actually is. It really is magic the way human life if formed and even though it makes sense, at the same time it doesn’t.

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