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On 9/27/2011 8:12 AM
I thought you’d find this interesting. I did, because of how many military people I know.  Let me know what you think. Samantha Pirot

Cindy Williams’ editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY,
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Airman hit it square on the mark about what our warriors get paid per year defending this great mation of ours…

This is an Airman’s response to Cindy Williams’ editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America.


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  1. It is so true. Veteran do get unpaid compare to a football player. It is sad that at one point in my service, i thought of get arrange marriage for the extra paid, benefit, and better housing.

  2. Our military men are underpaid. Football players just guarding a ball make more then our service men who are protecting the American people and at the same time risking their own lives to do so. I agree with the Airman.

  3. I agree that our men are getting underpaid to put their lives on the in for this country. I know for a fact that they will fight for this county regardless of pay but they do have wife and children at home that need to be cared for.

  4. I do agree that Veterans are underpaid. How is a baseball player paid 300 million dollars and all they do is play baseball, when a veteran put his life on the line everyday and doesn’t even get half of that.

  5. This was a great response to her article. It just goes to show you that things are not always how they seem. Ms. Williams should have done a little research into the subject that she was knocking. Cause if she did, she may not have written that article…at least I hope not.

  6. I agree with the airman. The soldiers who fight for our country do not get paid enough and the government is taking things away from them instead of giving thing to them.

    • This airman is right in every manner. The writer may have her opinion and he clearly states that is protect by the first amendment but she has no place. I believe she should not judge if she has not been in the situation and obviously she has not. I love love love his satire of her joining the branch.

  7. The military people should be paid more. They deserve more because they are putting their lives on the line to fight for people they have never met or even seen before. How many people do you know that would fight for a complete stranger? not many.

  8. I agree our military are under paid. They deserve more because they are fighting for our country while we are at home sleeping in our beds!

  9. I have a father that was in Vietnam, so my opinion on this issue may be a little bias. I feel like if a person was in battle, they are not evaluated or compensated correctly. The veterans affairs office is so stacked with back paperwork, I know from expereince a lot of time these men don’t see a bit of compensation money for years. Most of the time they wait until the veterans are too old to really get the full benefit of the money they are owed. As for military people in the service without going to war, I think that they should be paid more than what they are making. For basic training its about 1500 a month, and that is being away from home and on your own for these young people, I think they should be paid more than that even if it is for basic training.

  10. These soldiers do not get the credit they deserve nor the pay. Maybe if they got paid enough they would not have to come up with the schemes such as marrying a stranger for better pay. These men and women deserve more than what they are getting and that’s that!

  11. its pretty sad what are soldiers get paid . i don’t understand how they make less money than people that there jobs don’t matter . i could only image the feelings of the airman .

  12. Wow! That was a great article and response! That lady had a lot of nerve to say what she did. I know people who have been in the Marines, and they definitely didn’t get enough money for the hard work they had done. Does Cindy Williams’ realize these people are the ones who keep our country safe? If anything people in the military should get paid more not less!

  13. This is unfair that soilders put their life on the line for us and the don’t get enough money as profession athletes, but realistically we can’t paid our soliders that much money.

  14. I am glad that the writer of the orignal article got a piece of the Airmen 1st Class’ Mind. I personally remember calculating my pay every pay check. I made about 1800 before taxes and about 1550 after taxes. I worked 120 hours a week and I was on call at all time. This calculates out to roughly 6 dollars per hour. I was an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, EMT, and Hazardous Materials Responder. This job in civilian workforce makes roughly $100,000, a year. Civlians in this field average a 50 hour work week, and get payed overtime and vacations. They are also on a schedule that usually allows 4 workdays and 4 days of rest instead of 5, 24 hour shifts.

  15. It makes me angry knowing major league athletes get overpaid and blow all their money on lavish lifestyles when there are people dying to protect our country who are in my eyes, very underpaid for their brave actions.

  16. How is it that for a celebrity to have a baby and for someone to get a picture of that baby they pay lots of money and we dont care how much we are actually giving to the people who die for our freedom everyday. I also agree with the airman.

  17. That’s completely unfair! The government should pay more to the people that fight for our country. They do the jobs that many people in the government can’t obviously do. It is not fair that thye should be penalized for their service. They give up so much, so why can’t the government reward them for their efforts, commitment, and sacrifice?

  18. The men and women fighting for our freedom deserve way more then they get. And it is absolutely outrageous that the government keep taking away from them.

  19. I agree that our service members definitely deserve a raise. I find it difficult to put a price on putting your life on the line. As far as protecting my rights I believe that soldiers are not the ones doing it. Unfortunately the United States goverment is in control of my God given rights and what does that say? So if someone wants to protect my rights feel free to go and be a deterent to the many politicians who are taking all of our rights away more and more each and every daywithout our consent. Americans rights have not legitamately been threatened by invasion or oppression in quite some time, and those would be situations when my rights are truly threatened. The more recent wars have had nothing to do with the rights of American citizens but they all have effected our lives and economy. Don’t get me wrong I highly respect our military and those who serve in it! I have many people that are very dear to me who are serving or have served. I believe that our armed forces serve in the interests of the United States government which is to say that those interests are not always what is best for American citizens or their rights.

  20. I cannot even imagine giving up the same things that these brave men and women do to fight for our country. It is completely selfless and courageous and I think that they deserve way more then they get.

  21. Those in the military deserve more than just a slap in the face by saying that they get over paid! They deserve respect, for the fact that they sacrafice so much for us in the U.S.. We are sitting down and relaxing while they may be hungry sleepy but those aren’t excuses; they go on ’til the end! My respect for all men and women serving in any government branch!

  22. This soldiers deserve way more than they get. And am not talking just pay but also respect and recognition, they are fighting to keep our country safe. This guy really did stand up for himself and others in the military, very interesting and inspiring as well.

  23. I’m Proud that the airman stood up for himself and his fellow soldiers. His approach was priceless. How dare she belittle the men who protect us everyday. What she should be talking about is how POLITICIANS are overpaid, not the men that defend our country.

  24. Some people really have no previous knowledge or experience to what they speak on. They often choose to just right about issues they fell they know about. People in the military put their life on the line everyday and for her to say they are overpaid is obnoxious. I wonder if she would believe her son or daughter was overpaid for risking their life in the line of battle . This article is ridiculous.

  25. I felt angry myself after reading that article and I am not even a soldier or a part of the military. Every bit that they do for our country counts and they should get paid more than actress in a heart beat. They are risking their lives for US. They deserve every single penny and some.

  26. That just goes to show that a person should not comment on something that they know little to no information about for what our soldiers do they should be paid more than a judge. They put their life in danger to defend strangers…strangers that reporter is selfish and undedr informed.

  27. I have served in the US Navy for about 8 years and can truly feel the disconnection and the ignorance about those concerning pay for the military. Such an article is somewhat a slap in the face for those who have severed an serving. I have no idea why those feel that those serving in the military are paid addiquately? The hours are ridiculous, it’s not uncommon to have 15+ hours during an exercise lasting for several weeks or when on deployment. There are even organizations on base that assist military, more so those with family with both everyday items and monetary. Some may argue other points, but the life style is nothing compared to those in the private sector and the sacrifice made.

  28. This is truly sad to hear because our service men and women should be getting much better wages. They are laying their lives down in one way or another to defend our country and the freedoms that we possess. There is no excuse for underpaid military members.

  29. Many people join the military just for the money but soon find themselves living from pay check to pay check and working long hours, away from their families. When i first joined the Navy Reserve i saw Active Duty Chief Petty Officers who have been in for 20 years making as much as a Luietenent Junior Grade who has only been in for 2 years. This is when i learned that in order to make a career in the military one must have a college education. Without a college education enlisted military members get taken advatage of because they are the property of the united states goverment.

  30. I also agree with that airmen. It is so unfair how the government treats our military. I have a brother and several uncles and cousins in all branches of the military and they do not make enough. How can we pay the men and women who are fighting for our rights and our lives every single day just over minimum wage?

  31. I totallt agree with the airman. i personally believe that the military doesn’t get paid well at all and even a 13% raise is not enough.

  32. I could never understand how people who put down their lives for this country get paid considerably less than say politicians, or professional athletes. Where are American’s priorities?

  33. Wow this is really surprise I did not know about this. These people are people that give us a feeling of being safe and for them to be under paid that is just not right. They have been working there for a long long time and to only get paid minimal amount where there other people in congress get paid for making bad decision it is just not fair to other.

  34. Wow, the fact that Ms. Williams actually has the audacity to say this really shocks me. I know a few people that have been, or are currently in the military, and for her to come and say that they are OVERPAID is just ridiculous! Considering the fact that she has no idea what they go through, I have no idea what her thought process was to com e up with this stuff.

  35. This is an issue that really bothers me. The majority of my family and close friends are or have been in the military. These are people that help keep our country safe and get pay cuts ontop of what little pay they already get for risking their life’s! This is not right.

  36. I remember when I first joined the Marine Corps. I was very happy with our pay scale until I tried starting a family. Just coming out of High School the pay in in comparision to our expenses wasn’t bad but far from excessive. The people wishing to balance the budget on the backs of our service members and veterans should pick up a rifle and volunteer their safety and freedom to defend a country. Our service members defend the very system that provides the ability for these liberal creeps to get a free ride with excessive perks and pay and professional politicians. Get a job and earn your money for a change then come talk to me.

  37. It amazes me how the people who have no experience in the military have the nerve to even talk negative about them. Actress verse a solider? i would choose the solider any day!

  38. America! fk yea!! I hadn’t realized that the people who defend this great country get paid as much as a burger flipper. i believe they should get a pay raise. a raise to where they can actually live in a nice home and support their family.

  39. I find it humorous that as an actress Ms. Williams felt the need to say that our service men and women are overpaid. In my eyes I see them men and women of our armed forces working harder and going through much more grievances than that of an actor or actress, and getting paid much less for it.

  40. I love this article. My Best friend is in the Militarty and he has a wife and son to support. The pay that our GI’s are making could be easily stated as pitful if you compare it to what they should be making for putting their lives on the line to make sure that every single one of us can wake up in the morning and have the right and the freedom to live the live’s that we complain about. Think if we had no military to protect us and how much complaining would be going on then because the freedoms that we take so much for granted right now we wont have.

  41. The military is by far under paid in every branch. Most military jobs pay 60k or more a year for their services. So what is the insentive for the best and most experianced members to stay in a job that pays less then 25k at the rank of E-5 with the possiability of death. That take 3-6 yrs to get that rank. So when we have a chance to give are service members a pay raise there should be no answer but yes.

  42. This was a great article to select. Obviously the woman wrote in utter ignorance about that group of people. If she can say that Military pay increase of 13% is too much for our soldiers than obviously I’m not in deserving of experiencing a good college experience because of the economy. People that are narrow minded in that sense are destroying the economy. There’s too much of a battle in self-interest in today’s time.

    I agree with the airman all the way.

  43. I thought this was a great article. I know a lot of people in the military, and they are always talking about their pay, and things that the government is taking away from them…. I agree with the airman 100%.

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