Midterm Exam and Vocabulary Quiz

The  midterm bluebook test and your vocabulary quiz will be held the first class meeting in the week ofApril 15th.  M/W class test will be given at 8AM on 4-25-13 and the T/Th class test will be given at 2PM.  All students must be present on time for the test.  I do not have a classroom to give make-up tests, which I only give very occasionally for someone who has a verified illness.  I do not accept online papers.  Students will not be allowed any electronic devices under any circumstances.  I will accept late comparison essays (essay #3) and late revisions (assignment #2) for the reflection essay if the students submitted it on time.  I will no longer accept late submissions of assignment #1.

My goal in this class is to present all sides of an argument and I don’t care what side any student takes.  I only care about students exploring all sides of any given assignment.  Therefore, students may notice I pay attention to the fallacious statements in written assignments that distort the facts students assume they know and learned in our failing K-12 school system.

I normally post articles and videos that question commonly show the unfairness found in current American cultural myths.  Every student is required to have a minimum of 23 postings no later than April 12.  Anyone who fails to mke these comments will be given a penalty at the end of the semester for not being timely. Every posting receives 2.2 points.  The number of web comments short on 4/12 will receive a penalty on web comments at the end of the semester of 2.2 points for every missing comment.  Start with the American Culture postings to insure that at least 12 of the top postings have received a comment from each student.  Each student must address uncomfortable issues with a comment.  I have a habit of exposing lies, hypocrisies, and violation of the constitution.  I appreciate students who post comments that show a legitimate argument for any statement of my opinion—they usually come from students who have thoughtfully shown a legitimate rebuttal in their own contrasting commentary and not based on an urban myth. Start with these postings from American Culture:

Best 7 Minutes I Have Ever SpentCanadian view on American Policy on the Keystone     Pipeline

More Evidence of North Dakota Jobs and Oil

Gas Prices

Alabama Elementary School Bans Using ‘Easter’ in Egg Hunt, Bunny

Roots of the NRA

“Runaway Slave” Movie Trailer


Ben Carson Speaking about Obama’s Distortions on Debt, Taxes and Obamacare

Will Marriage Survive the Supreme Court

The Media and Political Polarisation

What Do You Want from Your College Experience?

A Free Education?

College Professor Asks Students to “Stomp on Jesus”

Student who refused to Stomp on Jesus has gone viralWant Back the American Dream?

Marbury v. Madison


and continue with the following postings:

The Gratitude Campaign

Is This What Our Youth Has Become?

The First Pitch at Yankee Stadium World Series

Downs Syndrome Boy with a Gentle Golden Lab

Basketball Player

The Top 10 Guiltiest Dogs

Here Kitty Kitty …

This is Great from your Classmate Luis Cortez

The Power of Words

Wow Again: Britain’s Got Talent Winners Johnathan and Charlotte

Wow!  This is Flash Mob Is Why People Love Vienna!

San Francisco by Air in 1941


More information on Bluebook Test and Vocabulary Quiz: the midterm test will concentrate on the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the constitution.  I will give you a choice of five different prompts to write your 500 plus words essay in a new bluebook with a dark black pen that address one of these amendments as we discussed in class.


Review Vocabulary Quiz and try the puzzle for an Extra Credit.  If students complete this puzzle, you will get a copy of the answers.  You may also bring your own list of answers and use them during class as a reference.


Sudents may bring paper dictionaries, Hacker Handbook,  World of Ideas, Constitution of the USA, and Federalist Paper #10 for use during the test.

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