Michelle Malkin Derides Michelle Obama with Jimmy Kimmel Show Dance Routine


6 responses to “Michelle Malkin Derides Michelle Obama with Jimmy Kimmel Show Dance Routine

  1. I loved the first video with the dance moves that tie in whats really going on in todays world.

  2. I thought both videos were pretty funny. I liked the prius move from the first video! The first video is very clever. And the last video…why does it matter if she wasn’t the first one to see who won??

  3. These videos were great! Though I was unable to watch to second one because it got deleted, I really enjoyed the two. The first one really got me laughing, it was great how they made dance moves relevant to certain issues. I love watching TMZ, so I really enjoyed the last one, and I found it funny how they made that incident seem like such a big deal.

  4. These videos were hilarious. The first two videos were the best. The girl making fun of Michelle Obama’s dance moves. They were explaining all the problems this country has with some moves. The third video, I bet someone new who won for best picture before Michelle Obama but, who cares.

  5. The first video was hilarious with all the different dance moves that relate to how our country functions currently. My favorite was the prius running out of battery. Also the 3rd video with the white house knowing the best picture award before everyone else and the secret service keeping secrets. too funny!

  6. These videos are great! I laughed my eyes out, and these clips are a great depiction of what kind of people the Obama’s really are. As I began my journey through The Prince, I felt like I could relate a lot of barrack Obama‚Äôs actions to Machiavelli’s principles. Are my notions relevant?

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