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On May 20, 2012, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace did a feature on Michelle Kwan.  What I find fascinating is that Condoleeza Rice became her mentor.  I’m looking forward to Ms. Kwan’s future success!!!  I remember watching her on television when she was winning all of those medals when she was a young teenager–she always had a great attitude and I’m pleased to hear about her current successes.

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  1. Happy to see once skating was done for her, it wasn’t the end of her as she said she is opening a new chapter of her life and I believe it will be a very successful for her.

  2. Kwan had focus and determination to strive for perfection during her ice skating career. I believe that if she applies that same attitude towards her new job, she will be very successful.

  3. This is really nice to see. I love that she is using her career as a stepping stone to make this country a better place to live in.

  4. Michelle Kwan is a very successful woman, but i like how she is now contributing to America and how excited and into politics she is now.

  5. Wow, She works as an ambassador now? I haven’t heard anything about michelle kwan in forever but good for her now, being active into politics.

  6. I really enjoyed this video, Michelle Kwan was a very well known name in my house during her Olympic career. To see her now so well spoken and educated and excited about being involved in so many programs is great. She is young and vibrant and ready to make a change where ever she can.

    She is the perfect choice to represent America and it’s people. It is so nice to see someone give something back to their country and community.

  7. I haven’t seen anything about Michelle Kwan in so long, but I love to see that she is successful and proactive!

  8. She seems like such a humble person. Its carat how skating and politics are two totally different thing but she seems like she will be able to play them the same. With dedication and with determination.

  9. Its nice to see people who are as famous as her trying to give back to the community. It is very insuring that there are still good people in the world.

  10. I remember watching her figure-skating in my fifth grade class and have admired her since. She’s an amazing woman because she also decided to get her master’s degree in internationl relations. She’s still such a hardworking individual. Now Kwan is showing her leadership skills by helping others achieve their dreams.

  11. It is great that she is still so successful! Just in a different area this time. It is great to see someone as famous as she is giving back.

  12. I think Kwan’s determination and dedication to ice skating will transfer over well to her new found career.

  13. Michelle Kwan is the perfect protege to Condoleeza Rice. To be able to have a successful career in Ice skating and to attain a degree after all that success is very admirable.

  14. Its really nice to see that such a successful women is giving back. And its very inspiring to see that she continues to be successful even though she is so young.

  15. I completely agree. Its incredible to see her say that her skating was selfish because she had all those people help her and know she is helping other people. This is a very inspiting video and just to see how young she is and how successful she has become is truely fantastic.

  16. It makes me happy to see this video. I’m happy to see such a successful woman giving back.

  17. A very nice story about Michelle Kwan. I have admired Condoleeza Rice’s approach to politics. To be honest, it would be nice to get a more younger and vibrant change in government offices. I’m find hard for someone that has been office for something like 20 plus years, what can they possibility contribute? And the way Michelle Kwan has approached government, education first, how many of these officials have adequate or any type of degree to better their ideas as a government official? More power to Michelle Kwan and I can only hope that there is more to come.

  18. I don’t really know a whole lot about Michelle Kwan but is sounds like she is a huge success story. It is always great to see people get inspired into making a difference in our politics. She seems to be a great addition and an inspiration to us all on all her success as an athlete and politician.

  19. Even though I’ve never heard of Michelle Kwan it’s great to see that she’s switching it up and getting into politics. I have a feeling she will do great things in her future. What an inspiration!

  20. It’s nice to see that Michelle is so actively involved in poltics and that she is helping out where she can. It’s nice to hear of a success story rather than another politcal issue that is bringing everybody down. Good for Michelle.

  21. I find it very interesting that Michelle Kwan would be so interested in politics. With her huge success in figure skating it’s hard to imagine that she would want go away from that to get involved with national issues. But more power to her for going back to school and getting so involved, good for her.

  22. I know that this video is about Michelle Kwan, but one of the things I liked the most about it was how Michelle made one little comment to Condoleeza Rice and then they both actually acted on it. Society rarely ever hears of that happening. I also found it very interesting when Michelle Kwan described her skating career as selfish. There are very few athletes of that level who would ever admit to something like that. I think that it is great that she is using her platform to help others.

  23. It is nice to see that Michelle is giving back, she is going to teach more to people other than her just having an athlete image.

  24. I too remember watching her skate, and always with awe at her abilities and feeling the disappointment when she did not win the gold. She is an extraordinary young woman and I am both and confident that she is in DC.

  25. Wow…it is wonderful to see an athlete cross boundaries and into the political arena. So many times people in general will stereotype a person or place them in a box due to their talent, never thinking that an individual could possibly have more than one…this is great to see.

  26. I never realized that Michelle Kwan was so involved with the political arena. She is a great person who tries to make a differance in the lifes of many people. Many of todays young actors and athelets could take notes from Michelle on how to use their wealth and fame to make a differance.

  27. It’s been a while since I heard about Michelle Kwan, it took me while to realize who she was. I can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes with Rice.

  28. I had no idea that Michelle Kwan was so prolific. I also remember watching her skate on television many times and she was one of the best. I am glad that she has gone further with her life and been able to give back to society. Many athletes careers are often short lived and they don’t go much further when their athletic career is over it is nice to see someone who has. She is really doing wonderful things and making a difference in peoples lives.

  29. To go back to school to attain any degree is amazing for any individual. Michelle Kwan has poise on the ice and off the ice. She continues to always give back to what she believes in and that’s what makes her so intriguing. I’m glad she didn’t just fade away at her bronze and silver victory at the Olympics. She kept moving forward past her defeats and now is living a life she dreamed of having. Kudos Michelle Kwan

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