Did Michael Brown have his hands up when he was shot?

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  1. I’m not really sure what to believe or what side to take, there have been so many reports out, a lot saying he had his hands up and others saying otherwise. It’s so difficult to chose a side when the media has different stories. Unfortunately who knows if we will even know the truth. Like they say there’s always two sides to every story.

  2. This is unfortunately the America we live in right now. The media makes a carnival of an unfortunate story and while the general population is bickering over minute unimportant details, Government is pulling strings and making moves that make it that much harder for honest Americans to RETAIN their American rights. It is unfortunate that stories like this are tearing communities apart while others feel its “bringing them together.”

  3. There are many stories that I believe we will never know the truth of what happen on that day.

  4. I think that a lot of people try to blame the government for their misfortunes way too much. I understand there are police officers that do take for granted their power however, not all are like that and it seems that this is what people are trying to do here. The society may never know the truth in this event but I think rather than blaming people we should all understand what had happened and hopefully not have a occurrence again of this.

  5. If everyone is going around saying different things, we may not ever find the truth. And i really dont understand this riot thing… lots of people just hate cops.

  6. Honestly, i think he did not have his hands up. I know from my own research of this situation that he was not a good kid. I think the community just does not like cops. There was a situation like this on a TV show (Blue bloods) where a cop was chasing after this 14 year old black kid, and shot him in self defense because he said the kid had a gun and was about to shoot him. However the people said that the black kid did not have a gun, and he shot him cold blooded. in the end, it comes to find out that a witness of the crime had hid the gun because she secretly didn’t like the cops, and she wanted that cop who shot the kid to go to jail/resigned from duty. So basically, the thought is that cops are given a bad name right now. They are seen as bullies or abusive of power. And honestly, a few of them are, but in these case, i believe that the officer did his job; it sad that kids like that lose their life so quickly, but the officer shouldn’t be reprimanded for doing his job.

  7. It is so difficult to find the truth in this situation. There are so many different reasons for each side to lie or bend the truth. I know the autopsy report shows that there was a struggle within close range, but the autopsy can’t actually show the underlying factors about why it happened. Those that are pro Michael Brown want justice for his death; Those who are pro Officer Wilson are either telling the truth or covering up his tracks. As of right now the scientific evidence is pointing towards Wilson’s innocence, but why are there so many witnesses saying that Brown was walking away? I’m very confused. A big part of me wants to go Dagny Taggart on this case and look at the evidence first hand and create my own opinion about this situation. I’m tired of all the He said She said nonsense.

  8. Whether Michael had his hands up or down, it does not matter. The local media will not tell the public the truth. Also, where was the media when people were saying, that it is not the locals that are starting trouble but outsiders. The locals just want piece. The interview done on the “Dana Show” with the niece of Dr. Martin luther king, she is saying that the locals just want peace, can someone tell me why this was not even publicised. These people have always’s just wanted peace there. Nothing else.

  9. I think it is sad to say but all that is coming to mind is that these parents want revenge for their child’s death. All the reports that have been leaked coincide with what the officer has reported. Yes they have endless of witness that say it happened differently but none of the autopsy reports support these people’s claims. I believe that sad truth is that these parents need to accept that their child was not a saint.

  10. Hearing about this story in class made me a little worried.
    I can’t fathom why we make judgments based upon hear say
    I do not understand why it is so hard to find the truth in this world
    All this time this young man has been portrayed as innocent however he was guilty all along
    & then there are these folks who are rioting and causing chaos without having their facts straight

    this world really saddens me
    i hope we can get it together soon

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