Mia Love for Congress

Utah’s Tea Party favorite is running for U.S. Congress. Who says the Tea Party is all about a bunch of old fat white men?  Mia is an example of some of the outstanding people in the Tea Party running for congress.

14 responses to “Mia Love for Congress

  1. Mia seems to be a great women in congress, it’s a change from the old white men that is already there. She is young and knows what she wants, I think she will bring forward some great idea.

  2. this is an amazing women . i think she can do alot to help this country . i hope too see alot more of her.

  3. I love her way of thinking! She explains how things are not easy handed but if you want it, it’s worth the struggle. This video was very excellent and made me motivated into putting effort onto something I love.

  4. This lady is brilliant. She is so strong and confident in her choses that it makes you want to trust her. I believe she would be a great addition to congress.

  5. Mia is really Charismatic, I can see why people are so drawn to her. Even though I am not Republican, I still think she is a pretty impressive Candidate.

  6. Mia Love is basically a breath of fresh air in my opinion. I cannot wait to see all the things she is going to accomplish!

  7. This women is amazing cant wait to see the changes she can bring in our future. There should be more people like her in office because she know what is good for us. She is all around amazing.

  8. I noticed the “gun owner” comment as well. That was kind of funny. It seems her parents raised her well. It’s good to show that she’s in a stable family because it shows that she can show that same stability and commitment in other areas. She’s very social, which is what she definitely needs if she wants to run for congress. Her running habit motivates me to run track again.

  9. Just the fact that her favorite part about running for congress is talking to people and meeting people is a huge plus right there. It really helps with everything in life to have good people skills. And did anyone else notice in the beginning when it was listing her characteristics that one of them said gun owner? I just thought that was funny they threw that in there.

  10. It is always refreshing to see people like her and I am looking forward to hear more from her. She would do well in office.

  11. She seemed like a very inspiring and hopeful person. it would be interesting to see her in office.

  12. Wow. Amazing i cant wait to see what she can do in the future. It just goes to show that its not the governments responsibility to change the country its part of the peoples rights to make the change happen.

  13. It’s amazing the people you can find when you look! This was definitely a surprise for me but but i will most definitely be keeping an eye out for her in the future. The government can always use new blood!

  14. She is a brilliant lady and I would love to hear more from her in her thoughts for Congress. I love her thoughts on fitness and endurance, because nothings easy.

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