Meteor Explodes Over Ural Mountains in Russia

10 responses to “Meteor Explodes Over Ural Mountains in Russia

  1. Seeing this in real life would be very fascinating and scary in my opinion. It is just crazy to see how anything is possible in mother nature. If I were in Russia I would of thought my country is under attack or something.

  2. This would be so crazy to witness! I would have been so terrified if I was in that situation. People thought a war had broken out. I wouldn’t know what to think! My heart goes out to all those who were injured.

  3. Seeing video evidence of events like this is fascinating. Getting to see it in person must be a wild thing when you aren’t expecting it. The thing i am confused about though, is that the explosion seemed so late compared to when it actually went over the area where the clips were taken from.

    • This is extraordinary. I actually viewed a few videos the day this came on the news. I thought it was going to be like fireworks but it wasn’t . It was actually something that I did not expect and it became even more fascinating.

  4. This is awesome. I would love to witness something like this up close, like the people who were in those cars. It’s really a trip that nobody seemed to know that it was coming. I always thought that astronomers were aware of events like this way before they even came close to earth. Hmmmm.

  5. More and more recently, meteors and meteorites have been falling to earth. At least that I have been hearing in the news. I think sometimes we forget that Earth is just a tiny speck in the universe. There is so much more out there (non-living or otherwise) that can come hurdling down at us and there really isn’t too much we can do to avoid it.

  6. Crazy like Armageddon. Some say it is getting closer to end times no joke!

  7. The largest meteor that has ever been recorded in history. This is so interesting. Reports stated that it flatened thousands of trees in local forests. It makes me wonder why NASA didn’t see this massive meteor enter the atmostphere? though it was said that the meteor was traveling at a speed to knock out a village. This bezar event has landed its self in the history books.

  8. When this video first popped up I just brushed it off as being a hoax playing of the meteor that was passing by that afternoon but as more and more of these videos emerged I realized it was real. I am still Amazed, stunned and lost as to how this might of happen with out warning. One question arises every time I view these videos, does everybody in Russia video tape themselves driving?

  9. This is very ominous and foreboding NASA noticed an asteroid dubbed Apophis in 2004, heading in the direction of earth. Although all updated evidence points to a one in a million chance of impact with earth in 2036 it makes me think. The fact is that anything is possible and that we honestly have no means of defending against this type of thing. The meteors that hit Russia were fifty feet in diameter then broke apart due to friction as it entered the atmosphere. Comparatively, this meteor was tiny in contrast with Apophis. Apophis is approximately the size of three and a half football fields. what if NASA is wrong or, what if NASA is right but then Apophis changes course and veers towards earth we would have no other recourse but to watch as thousands are injured or killed. The meteors over Russia were also not supposed to enter the atmosphere. They were measured prior, to be a near miss, and we see how that played out. This is sad, I pray for Russia and hope we learn from this.

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