Message from a Student after Senate Does Not Ratify Gun Ban This Week

Here are some comments I read on Facebook….Silence Dogood

“I am tired of all of the B.S. about gun law reform… really, let’s all go buy our kids bulletproof vests or backpacks since the “assault weapons” ban didn’t go through. Criminals are criminals because they do something against the law. Even if someone isn’t running around toting an “assault rifle” (which by the way, is NOT what AR stands for), they could just as easily steal multiple pistols with multiple magazines and kill lots of people in an environment such as a school, church, or mall. As a matter of fact, most gun crimes come from pistols, not rifles, and certainly not AR style rifles. Also, any time you buy a gun at a store, you have to have a background check. It would be a good idea to have to perform a background check anytime you sold a firearm to another individual, but the sad fact is, most people wouldn’t do it anyway because it is a hassle. Mental health checks would also be nice, especially if you could call one number and get both at the same time. Until we have the manpower and ability to run such a service, though, let’s use some common sense and good judgement when dealing with firearms. Keep your guns locked away out of your kids and criminals hands and be careful who you sell your guns to if you decide to get rid of them.”

and another:

“The planes on 911 were taken down with box cutters, not guns. I propose a three-day background check on all box cutter sales. All box cutter owners must be registered, and have their addresses posted on the Internet. After all, you never can be too careful. Why stop at box cutters? While we’re at it, we should register all knives and knife owners in this country to make it safe for our children. ”

I don’t think I’d like to run into this gentle lady after reading her comment:  Maybe we should ban pitchforks, along with box cutters, and pressure cookers:

“People who are afraid of guns haven’t seen what I can do with a pitchfork.”

My advice for the day is to take opinions, and then consider your own ideas,  Your Friend, Silence Dogood

11 responses to “Message from a Student after Senate Does Not Ratify Gun Ban This Week

  1. This is true, guns are not the only weapons that cause deaths. And also it is not the weapons that are causing these crimes, it is the people. There will always be violence.

    • This is so true and America needs to under stand that the law to ban guns would only create an even larger black market . Criminals are criminals for a reason like said above . Criminals enjoy breaking the law and if the law rather than making gun ownership difficult makes guns illegal they will want them more.

  2. hahaha these people are pretty funny especially the box cutter joke.

  3. All of these examples of other weapons being more dangerous than guns are all true. These are perfect reasons as to why banning assault rifles would do nothing for the crime rate or death percentage. The criminals who are illegaly holding weapons are the ones which need to be banned, however they cannot do this, just like the student said in his paragraph.

  4. Why don’t we just take all these hand-wringers who are afraid of guns and put them some place where they will be safe? If they then begin to complain that moving them against their will violates their rights, we will then be in a good place to begin a conversation with them about human rights, such as the second amendment.

  5. Silence dogood… Franklin was young when he started that writing name…

  6. On the weapons ban: yes, anything can be used as a weapon, but it is hard as fuck to load a pencil with some 9mm and mow people down with it. More strict and thorough checks, along with an entire societal movement of teaching respect for human life, or life in general for that fact, may be the only way we can really curb gun-related violence and all other types. I just looked at some stats on wiki and most crimes are rape, robbery, or aggrivated assault. It seems like we need to work on those as much as gun control. By the way, do you think a criminal is going to care that nobody is allowed to have guns, specifically? Well, in Mexico, guns gun laws are strict as hell, making illegal arms trade and smuggling one of the only ways people can protect themsleves from the large amounts of wanton murder-faces that roam their streets. Perhaps if weapons were banned in the U.S., some outside force takes over (be they friendly or foe), in specicifity against our will with thier weapons, how we would want control of our weapons again, to excercise our right to choose whatever freedom(s) tey may take, but in that scenario. I would prefer utpoia, but still would like to keep a shotgun or two. Besides, wepons are going to become direct energy here in a bit, so why not develop non-lethal technology further, if there is still a need for defense? Ultimately, even though we are responsible for our own survival as adaults, we usually had to have come up in a community that had accepted our physical being (for those of us who live yet still) and care for us enough to live until now. So, of course we are not gonna jive well as a species if some mofo’s are sprayin’ up schools and churches with hot brass, so as a community we should do something about it. Let’s post some look-outs, pay them with state-appropriated funds from the collective income tax of a state, as long as taxes exist… I can come up with a ton of stuff… But, its is up to us! Do not let the legislators take your rigths away out of fear for others. This will be the start of an oligarchy with the best technology that humans have been known to have, everythign that makes us free can also be used to enslave us!

    • I feel like your biggest fan sometimes because I love reading your comments. While very informative they never cease to keep me entertained. On this particular matter all I can say is “I’m with Alex on this one.”

  7. Very interesting point of view. But I think the writer is spot on, where do we set the limits. I think the real problem is violence. Perhaps mental health to be specific. Millions of people suffer from mental illness that does not get diagnosed or treated Due to lack of health care coverage or embarrassment to seek treatment.

    • Totally agree with this as well, we need more positive psychology programs as well, not just to treat symptoms and ailments, but something at the beginning of allof our lives to really give us a head-start.

  8. This is an interesting take on allusions. The person who sent it has obviously been studying his vocabulary quiz. . .

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