America is My Name–Don’t Tread on Me


” Don’t Tread on Me” was the slogan the people of the first 13 colonies adopted after the original tea party at the beginning of the Revolutionary war.  Now our nation is being threatened again by Islamic radicals who are trying to kill all Americans and opposed by the present tea party, which isn’t a party at all; it is a grassroots organization made up of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents  who want to keep America free and is rejecting the United Nations organization of undemocratic states who hate us.  Our entire way of life in this country is being threatened by the recent murder of our Libyan ambassador on 9/11/2012 and the recently exposed scandal caused by the Obama administration that refuses to tell America the truth about Barrack Obama’s obfuscations.  Wake up and watch the news!  Our country and our lives are in danger!  We are at war with extremists who follow an ideology and want to destroy western culture, beginning with America.

18 responses to “America is My Name–Don’t Tread on Me

  1. This song is very inspirational.

  2. This song have a lot of meaning to it. No matter what we go through as a country we the people still remain united and will protect what is ours.

  3. Its a great song, however I feel like we need to be united more than just a country. A country can make us feel like we are one but mostly we are against eachother, due to ethnicity, race, sex, etc.

  4. It is sad that America is slowly going against its roots. I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the direction this country is heading in.

  5. I’m American!!! This is a beautiful song. It is such an inspiration and a motivation for us to stand united. I am just getting my feet wet with the politics and history of our nation, but I am a proud citizen. I am blessed to live in a nation like this when so many people are struggling to live “the American dream,” which is not dead, by the way.

  6. This song represents what America has fought for and strived for. Unfortunately I think we have lost sight of that and we need to get back on track.

  7. This is a powerful song and expresses how strong our nation truly is.

  8. This song has a strong meaning. It makes you feel proud to be an American. After all the problems the US has, we are still united. If someone brings us down, no matter what, we will go back up.

  9. The message behind this song is great. It shows how America has been attacked in so many ways yet we always remain strong and intact.

  10. This song may be inspirational to those who are patriotic but this is boring to me.

  11. I felt like this song speaks and says so much. We should take our country more into consideration and treat it well as a nation.

  12. This song highly points out that Americans fought for their freedom. And we will always be fighting for our freedom. Not overseas in war but in our own home territory with the very people trying to protect us. No not the soldiers but with the government, congress, president, cops, ext. I feel anyone of power uses it to their advantage and we the people have to look out for that and fight to keep them in check. Fighting doesn’t have to be with weapons and fist; but with words, especially with the constitution. If anyone is violating it, than their not for America!

  13. I’m surprised the picture of the three soldiers holding the flag up wasn’t in this, it’s iconic and would have fit right in. Other than that the song itself was very well put together. It’s true that every time we are pushed down we pull ourselves up even higher. I wonder if after this depression if America will be more prosperous. That is a pretty far dream though we are struggling in these times and are very vulnerable. Other countries know this but they must be afraid of what we can and have shown to do when we actually come together as a country and fight back.

  14. This video made me feel like we don’t treat America like we should. which is a bad thing.

  15. this song has very strong lyrics and is a great song about are country and what we stand for.

  16. We cannot allow people to control us. There are to many Americans, we as a whole should not allow that to happen; or let anyone put us in a situation like this. We cannot turn our backs on an issue so major like this.

  17. this song is truth, we are our American name we must stay in fight, take our county back and we must win back . we need to protect our life, our future.

  18. This is a pretty inspiring song . i think it clear that we will not let anyone control us . We know as a country that we are strong .

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