The Merchant of Venice

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  1. That was ridiculous. Paying back in flesh is foolish and does say something about this lender. Shylock should have revised his hatred. In the end he got nothing from it.

  2. Money always is the center of conflictions even in the situation of finding a ideal partner. However, if you are smart enough, money’s influence can be largely undermined. Also, the conflictions between Christians and Jews can be smartly deal with if you are smart enough.

  3. Money is a big deal in The Merchant of Venice. The characters’ attitudes toward wealth, mercantilism, and usury function as a way to differentiate between Christians and Jews.

  4. Al Pacino really plays the character Shylock great. I believe the play’s main themes are mercy, hatred, and self-interest.

  5. The merchant Of Venice really depicts one’s self worth. This man really was not satisfied with to much of anything. Even when he was offered his money, he would not take it because of his hatred towards others. This should really show people that one has a lot to lose behind their ways.

  6. I’ve seen this performed once and it was a great play. The character’s are some of the best Shakespeare has written in my mind. Also the fact that there is happiness in this tragedy is spectacular as most of his tragedies end with only sadness and death.

  7. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This is one I found interesting I have not seen it yet but watching this clip makes me want to especially because of Al Pacino! Greatest actor of all time my favorite!

  8. Shakespeare was a very smart, talented, and educational person. That’s why even until today kids in high school read his books and write about it. What made this documentary more interesting was Al Pacino.

  9. Shakespear is something that i really am not a big fan of, but this film was really interesting and id like to see more like it.

  10. I have not seen this video, but from the looks of this, it seems to me that this is a very intense film, especially understanding that this best friend is choosing to help his friend or his own life. Makes you really appreciate those who are your close friends and family.

  11. I never really understood shakespeare until we saw that documentary last friday. It brought everything more into perspective and I wish I would have seen a documentary like that in high school.

  12. For some reason I mistake this Shakespearean play The Merchant of Venice with this other Othello. Interesting, if am not mistaken they are totally different from each other because Othello is a tragedy play while The Merchant of Venice is a comedy.

  13. I really enjoy Shakespeare and I really think I would enjoy this movie.

  14. This movie seem so intriguing on how the caskets lay the destiny of man’s fate for Portia.

  15. I watched a film about this story, but it was an old movie made in the 1940, I believe. Summer, approaches which means I will have more time for me, and definitely this movie (a new version) is in my list of must watch.

  16. i have not heard of this or seen it, but it does catch my eye and makes me wonder and i am excited to view this story.

  17. The book of it is so famous, but I have not seen it yet.. I like the background of the movie. I can see the conflicts between religions. This movie would be great!

  18. This is a great film what i find to be interesting is the conflict between Shylock and the Christian characters and how they keep bumping heads over the issue of mercy. everyone knows the law is on Shylock’s side, but they all expect him to show mercy, which he refuses to do is interesting to see how many people tend to have thier own definiton whe it comes to the word Mercy.

  19. This sounds like an intriguing story, I have not seen it but i most defintiely will now. However i have heard referrences towards this story such as the character Shylock and a pound of flesh. I’m not particularly fond of Shakespeare however i love historical dramas and I love Italy!

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