Memorial Day Reminder

A day to remember…….and say Thank You.

Memorial Day Reminders – Monday, May 28

Here are some editorial cartoons from the past few years that tell it like it is………………


And this one says it all!


“Definition of U.S. Marines –
Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club.”

Patriotism: Supporting your Country ALL THE TIME; and, your government when it deserves it – MARK TWAIN


“Freedom is not free . . . but the U.S. Military will pay most of your share.”

Pacifism is a luxury paid for by warriors!!

In God We Trust.

37 responses to “Memorial Day Reminder

  1. I have so much respect for those who have fought and are currently fighting for our country. Memorial Day is a day to give thanks, but I feel many don’t give as much thanks as they can/should.

  2. I have so much respect for the soldiers that have fought for our country. They have such courage and bravery to go out there doing such a dangerous job. I am glad we have a day to honor them on our behalves.

  3. i am proud to be an american . i thank every solider that protects this country . it is a brave what they do for this country.

  4. I have honor and respect for lives that were lost fighting for this country. Also to the families they left behind. For the ones lived who were injured or not I respect also. They deserve the up most gratitude from people when they are home.

    I feel like Marine Shamar Thomas made a good a point in this video:

  5. I have so much respect for those who have fought for this country. I honor the, I look up to them, and I thank them. I feel so bad for those who have lost a loved one because they were protecting us. They really are so brave and selffless.

  6. I believe that we should thank our soldiers everyday not just once a year. Thank and remember those who gave their lives aswell. Not just see it as once a year we have another three day weekend.

  7. These cartoons show us that we should take the time to remember those who gave their lives for us. People should also put more respect to Memorial day because we have a freedom world because of them. We should always remember them and me thankful for what they did for us.

  8. I feel that people should really take the time to think about Memorial Day, and what it actually means. Thousands of people gave their life fighting in an unnecessary war, just so we can have our freedom. People fail to realize that it is more that just a holiday, but a day to remember.

  9. The cartoon pictures really did open my eyes because I never took that holiday serious but now to think of it, they did so much for us and its sad to see that some people don’t even know what memorial day is all about.

  10. I really liked the cartoons. When I was in the military people never liked working during holidays exempt memorial day because we usually launched jets for memorials that would be happening in town.

  11. Now that memorial day has past it hit home for me now. Not only is my sister in the army but one of my very close friend was in World war II so i have so much respect towards them now. People really dont understand memorial day until they have lost a person. Memorial day should be given much more respect then it has in the past.

  12. People don’t seem to remember what Memorial Day is anymore, nor do they give any respect to the holiday. It is just sales at department stores, having the day off from school, and television specials. I believe we should have school that day to remember and honor the soldiers that served and died for us. To me, it is more respectful to continue our education and work that day than having the day free to goof off. There are a few people who use this day properly, but not enough.

  13. I think these cartoons act as an eye opener to most people. When most do not know why we observe memorial day. It is a day to thank those who fought for our country

  14. I think this is all so true. It is really sad that more people however do not support them or thank them.

  15. All of these are true and are very interesting to look at. Today is Memorial Day and all of the veterans should be recognized for all of their hard work.

  16. Being reminded why Memorial Day is such an important holiday is a great way through these pictures. But nowadays some people don’t really appreciate the holiday like they should. And don’t acknowledge it as much as they should as well. Sometimes I think that people like its just another weekend to party and have a good time and not appreciate it

  17. These cartoons are a great reminder to Americans of why we celebrate Memorial Day. Those that complain about the war can be very inconsiderate to those who are serving in the military and what they have to sacrifice for our country whether the reason for war is right or wrong, these soldiers are doing what they do for the sake of Americans.

  18. When i was younger i never really put much thought into why i got a day off from school until i got older and finally realized that it’s not just a day to go to the beach but a day to remember why we are free to do as we please and to give thanks to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

  19. Soldiers fight for the freedom of our country but we only think of them on memorial day which is only one day a year. People should think of where their freedom comes from more often and show respect to the soldiers that fight for freedom.

  20. That one thing I’m appalled at is the so-called Veteran charities that give nothing more that a fake promises. Many of these charities are benefiting from the name sake “Veterans” to to only better their bank accounts. A recent news article noted that these administration heavy charities make millions, it is a 4.8 billion industry. Some state as giving to those in need, were reported to only handing out candy and ligature. As a veteran, many have sacrificed their lives and can only hope that those in need receive some kind of support and help.

  21. These cartoons really tell it how it is and it is important that we as a nation recognize that our freedom was paid for with many lives. We live our day to day life without much thought of this at all but the sacrifice these soldiers made need to be recognized by all

  22. Memorial Day is a day to pay respect to our troops who lost their lives fighting for this country. They sacrificed their lives so we as Americans could live better. It’s not just a three day weekend. It’s a important day to pay respect.

  23. All of these cartoons pose so much truth. We owe so much to our soldiers who fight for our freedom, but so many poeple really do not realize how lucky they are to have these poeple going through what they do so we can have our freedom. We should honor our troops every day, not just one day a year.

  24. These cartoons are a great reminder of what Memorial Day is all about. I think many young kids don’t really understand what it is about; they just see it as another holiday off of school. It is important that we never forget those who have sacrificed everything for us and this serves as a good reminder.

  25. For the Wives of any United States Service Member, if you are not aware of, or have forgotten, there are support groups and programs offered through either your Husband’s current unit and on every Military Installations to support you. It is very important to your spouse that you stay strong during the difficult times and separations are only one of them. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or just get involved and help support others.

  26. Anything and everything for our troops. A soon to be Navy wife, myself, it is very hard to say goodbye and wait those months until you see them again. I know we have a couple of ex military in our class, and I say thank you for serving our country.

  27. This hits home for me because my father, step father, brother in laws were all in the military along with some uncles and cousins. Not every person can be a soldier it takes a special mind frame and heart to become to place not only your life on the line, but also to be able to fight for strangers you do not know. I myself in the past when I was younger entertained the idea, but honestly it is not something that I could ever do.

  28. Memorial day is a day of respect and honor. Those who gave their live not only for Americans but for those around the world who have been wronged or oppressed are truly heroes. I enjoyed the quote that stated those who are not behind the troops feel free to stand in front of them! Definitely gave me a chuckle!

  29. I enjoyed going through these cartoons. They’re a great reminder for people to thank the people that have sacrificed everything for our country and our freedom.

  30. American vets and soldiers should be recognized and appreciated a lot more than what we do now. We see Memorial Day as a free day but it should be a celebration of those that fought for us today.

  31. I really enjoyed these cartoons and how appropriate to see them now when memorial day is a week from today. One of my favorites was the one where the man is barbequing on memorial day. That is what most of our country sees it as, another day to have a BBQ and to get a day off from work and school.

  32. The American Hero
    by Roger Robicheau
    The American Hero always comes through
    To capture our hearts with a spirit so true
    Some proudly are soldiers who march in harm’s way
    Insuring our freedom, courageous they stay
    While others come forth as civilians so brave
    Determined in purpose, so steadfast to save
    We should always keep clear a place in our heart
    For each has a value beyond precious art
    Their duty to country will not be surpassed
    Please honor their courage, for some it’s their last
    We live in a world which can be hard to bear
    Thank God for these people, how greatly they care
    Do ponder new heroes and what they will face
    And pray for their safety no matter their place
    Our heritage brings out the best, we all know
    Our great book of heroes is destined to grow

  33. American soldiers and vets deserve more respect and recognition. It is sad to accept freedom requires such a lot of sacrifice.. Everyday we need to remember them and thankful.

  34. America has fallen quite far from its days when they use to care about the soliders that protected them. Sense the media has been aloud into war zones they have brought the harsh reality of war to the public who sit at home and judge the soliders that protect them from a far. When the war veterans are the ones that live out those experiance and have to live with those memories for the rest of there lives. Less then 1% of American’s serve in the military they deserve a little respect one day a year.

  35. American soldiers and vets are not recognized as much as they should be.
    People need to realize that they fight and die for the freedom of our country.

  36. Memorial Day is just not another day to party and get drunk. It is a day to honor those who died in war, fighting for our so called freedom here in america. Before you open your drink on that Monday, take a moment of silence for all the forgotten heros. Remember we are free because someone else died in our place. Just like in Christianity where Jesus died for us to set us free.

  37. I feel that Memorial day should be given a lot more respect. Most of us see it as just another three day weekend! We never actually take the time to think about what it really means, like we should.

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