McDonald’s Poop?

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  1. I don’t have any kids myself but its pretty disturbing hearing and seeing how filthy these playgrounds were. Its especially disturbing hearing her say that after many complaints there wasn’t any change from management. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been inside a playground but I would hope that companies have made changes and kept those places clean for the health of the kids.

  2. I wasn’t surprised when the video was going to talk about fast food restaurants but I also knew it was going to talk about McDonald’s because so many people complain about their food how its not healthy and how its not a clean environment to work in, but they will still get so many costumers going to eat their foods no matter if they clean it or sanitize the restaurant.

  3. Wow! well I’m glad someone was dedicated and persistnet to follow up with her complain. This is absurd, now I have another reason to not bring my future children to McDonald’s.

  4. they really need to crack down on places for sanitizing and I just don’t understand how this place is still making so much money because its so gross!

  5. If this was said about any other fast food restaurant, I will probably be surprise. McDonald’s!? not so much. This place is absolutely disgusting! the food served is completely mediocre and the facilities are just as gross as the food. I honestly can’t comprehend how McDonald’s is still a multi million dollar food chain. I would rather starve than eat McDonald’s.

  6. I appreciate people like this that sincerely care about children more then their own. My only concern is that if i were a parent I would not continuously take my children there to eat or play. Growing up my parent never took us to fast food for two min reasons, not healthy and crazy. For these two reason I do not even eat at fast food restaurants mainly because of the quality of food and how bad it is for you.

  7. I seen this video awhile back. This is a reason why alot of the play place have been taken out of many fast food restaurants. If they are not going to be properly sanitized they need to be banned!

  8. Now that’s what i call a good parent. Due to her care, her children and many others children are no longer in danger. It’s really said that she had to go to corporate in order for the company to do somethiing about it. I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. The fact that they can really take our children safety for granted is just irresponsible. To be honest they are ucky she didn’t sue.

  9. This is crazy. I remember when I was a child I would always rush to the playland and have the time of my life. Everyone that his kids should be more careful and this video should be going viral. It’s a good thing I don’t have any kids!

  10. i could not agree more with her. this is so true play grounds at fast food restaurants are really dirty. i remember as a child my mom never let me play in them and i would get so angry. it is crazy to see all the possible diseases one can get.

  11. Thats a shame I used to play at mcdonals playgrounds with my cousins when i was in elementary school that’s awful.

  12. Christopher Rodriguez

    The cleanliness of the play area in fast food places never came to my mind while I was there. After watching this video I am reminded that employees can care less and it really is a disgusting shame.

  13. What ever happen to taking our kids to the park and letting them play on the grass and just playing outdoor, away from places at this?

  14. This is a pretty gross video. I am not surprised that those play lands are dirty, but this one is probably one of the worst. I used to play on these when i was a kid and now i think it is very gross.

  15. This is disgusting and will be shared for others to see, my son will not be playing in McDonalds play structures anymore. I know when I worked at Carl’s Jr. they had to clean the inside play structure nightly as a closing duty. I’m very lucky my son has not gotten sick yet from playing in their structures.

  16. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    I am personally appalled by this video. I knew that fast food restaurants, including McDonald was very unsanitary, but did not think that people would be so negligent to it. I do not know why people would not want to better our environment. I honestly will never go into, or bring anyone to a McDonald playground.

  17. It is shocking to know that no rules are out into place from at least the health department. You think that if they check a place for these items that they would check the top place children would go. Having a nephew this is life changing because I will never allow him into one of these play structures ever again. Spend the money and buy your own play place for your house. Cleaner, safer, and better protection from diseases

  18. This isn’t actually surprising because I’ve heard about this before from my mom, and I figured out why she never let my little brother play in these toys. It’s not just at McDonald’s though it’s everywhere but some people don’t think about it, its really scary. It is disgusting though to see this still after knowing; gives me the goosebumps.

  19. When I was younger I was too chubby to go in the playhouses and I am glad for that! This is absolutely disgusting! A franchise this popular should take measures to make everything about their business A1.

  20. Disgusting! It is especially alarming because these play areas are in restaurants. Kids will be eating as they are playing in cesspool of germ infested filth! Kudos to this mother for being so proactive to bringing attention to this disgusting common problem.

  21. I always thought my mom was mean for not letting me play in those when I was little, but after watching, I am blessed she never allowed me to go inside of one those. I think play places like these should be banned..

  22. This is absolutely disgusting ! I mean, I guess I always knew that these play places weren’t the cleanest but I had no idea it was this bad! How does the restaurant not receive a low grade by the health inspection companies? There is no way that any place should get an A when that kind of filth is present.

  23. I admit it’s a very catchy title. What a shame that McDonald’s has such a filthy playplace. I used to play in those all the time and the most disgust would be the smell of stinky feet in the air. I suppose it’s because the employees feel they’re not being paid enough to address the gross looking playplace. I hope this lady got justice. Or at least a free meal of McNuggets.

  24. This is completely repulsing ! How is there no law about this? Children’s lives are in danger and many people are not even aware of such conditions. They should at least have signs around the play areas warning them of the harm children can get. This just makes me wonder how much stuff I was exposed to as a child. I used to play in those McDonalds’ play pens unaware of the disgusting surroundings, not that I would’ve cared at the time but at least my parents would have stopped me if they had known such information.

  25. Oh my god, I’m so happy this woman spoke up!! I used to play on these structures when I was a kid, until I had a very traumatic experience when I was around 3, after that I never stepped foot in one of them again. My mother had pushed me down the slide, and as I was going down I noticed my pants becoming increasingly wet, it was like water had got into the slide, but that was impossible because it was extremely sunny and a closed slide. At the end my parents noticed I was completely soaked, my hair, my back, my pants, in nothing other than urine. Someone had pushed a baby down the slide earlier and the baby maybe being too scared or excited peed all the way down the slide. My Mom just about had a fit and screamed at the manager before dragging me out. Since that day I always check for pee before I go down a slide; nevertheless, parents need to become more aware of how filthy these playsets are, but most of all fast food chains need to make some serious changes.

  26. Its no shock that they dont clean their structures, these companies dont care about the health of their customers ( just look at all the stuff they put in the food). The playgrouand structures were a marking ploy to get more customers , so in turn they can get more profit. Though Im not a fan of the government stepping into businesses, I think they should have some sort of regulations for structures and should factor in with their FDA rating that each restaurant receives.

  27. This video was absolutely shocking. Im sure that when i was young my mother never thought to take the same precautions, because who thinks that gonorrhea and feces are contaminated within a child playground. I know understand why new fast food restaurants don’t have playgrounds included because im sure the companies dont want to deal with law suits and customer health problems. I believe this issue is just disgusting. As a mother i will never allow my child to be exposed to such filth.

  28. I never really played in those structures as a kid except when me and my little sister would go to chuck E cheese and I remember the first time I played in one I never wanted to again. No wounder it always smelled and everything always felt sticky. The play structure should be cleaned on a regular basses because it’s part of the restaurant establishment just like the tables and bathrooms.

  29. The fact that they are no real regulations that have been put into place for companies to keep their play areas clean is ridiculous. The dangers from the uncleanliness of the play houses are just as equivalent to the dangers of a child eating contaminated food some sort of regulations need to be put into place before a child suffers.

  30. Disgusting!! all they have to do is just clean the playgrounds once a week and they wouldn’t be so bad. It looks like that one has never been cleaned.

  31. It was very disturbing to see how dirty McDonald’s keeps their restuarants. I have a four year old niece that loves playing on the playsets but I try to not let her because there are so many germs on them and she always ends up sick.

  32. This video is informative and disgusting. I remember playing in these playgrounds when I was little and there was probably just as much gross bacteria inside when I was younger as there is today. It makes sense why they get so horrendous because for the most part, the main vistors of these playlands are children, and they are not going to complain to the McDonalds employees. Instead of taking action, McDonalds should just get rid of these germ hosting plastic gyms because I believe that is the only way they would solve the problem.

  33. This is a surprising video. Why doesn’t mcdonalds clean the playplaces. I totally agree with the lady because thats just ridicously how filty those playhouses are. Its sad to see that they spend so much money on commercials, but they cant keep their playplaces clean.

  34. Playlands at fast foods are just nasty. Now I rarely see kids playing in them anymore. It should never take that many complaint to get things done, they need to wake and realize how nasty this stuff really is.

  35. This video just shines light on how negligent some companies can be and that is comes down to the money. And yes, this is gross if I had kids I couldn’t want them near this place I wouldn’t want any children near that place but it really comes down to how much does a parent or guardian care for the surroundings of their children. The information is here and I’m sure it’s not just this lady that has notice it but, like I said before it comes down to the parent or guardian to be watchful of where their children play and how harmful is that particular environment for them.

  36. Its disgusting to know that big companies like Mcdonals dont care about their resturants with such care. They dont sanitize their resturants and make them clean for the people who walk in and eat in their facility. It truly is disguting to know that some resturants dont take pride in their work.

  37. Companies that lack hygiene are a danger for civilians and need to be fixed. I have seen some disgusting bathrooms of public places that have A ratings outside their buildings and I have seen a couple of bugs in food that have been served. This has deterred me from eating at several locations.

    • This is nasty. Yes as a kid I remember playing in these a few times but they grossed me out. This is disgusting what would it have took for McDonalds to finally take action? A kid with menagitis ? A kid with ecoli ? Who knows. We need more moms like this.

  38. She has every right to share this video. The way some businesses keep their restaurants clean is disgusting. She is worried about the safety of her children and children across the nation. After a month of complaining about the cleanliness of the playroom and it still looked disgusting, is horrific. Big corporations such as McDonalds should start caring more about the health of their consumers than the profit they are making.

  39. This is disgusting. I always knew that these playgrounds were gross, I just never realized how bad they are. I would never let my kid play in those afters watching this.

  40. This is unacceptable. Knowing that major corporations are aware of this and feel the need to do nothing to help ensure the safety of the children who frequent their establishments is disgusting.

  41. I am not surprised that a million dollar company such as McDonalds does not care about their restaurants. That said, this isn’t true with every restaurant because there are some managers that actually care about their consumers and environment.

  42. This women was correct for going the distance to report such crime. I say crime becuase this is what is making our children sick. The diseases that come out of these playgrounds is much more of a crime then anything. They honetly need to change the health and regulation laws on the playgrounds of these facilities. Nor will I ever take any of my children or famliy/ friends to these places.

  43. I myself, may be an over concerned parent because i have never allowed my son to play in any play area. When we go to the park I like to go when there is a minimal amount of kids so I have the chance the clean what he plays on without looking crazy. (You should see me with shopping carts). I also have a fear of him playing with other random kids just because of all the germs most children carry. Although germs are an important part of kids developing their immune system I like to limit the germs as much as possible.

  44. this is so nasty! i can not believe the type of things that can happen if young kids play in those things. I knew that there was some nasty things in there but there is no way i could have imagined what could come of them.

  45. This is very gross. They really need to stop having these playground just because of how bad they are.

  46. As a child I never thought about how disgusting the conditions were in which I was crawling around in, simply because I am a child and I did not care. Regulations need to be in place to protect the kids who have no idea what it is they are touching and spreading amongst everyone. This was very appauling and also was not very surprising. I just hope that McDonalds and other corporations with play areas takes a step towards protecting the lives of the customers which go there.

  47. This video really digusted me. I have two younger brothers who always whine about going on these playgrounds luckily we usuall say no. But after seeing this video the answer is definite no. The corporations should be stricter and cleaner.

  48. This is so gross! Parents should not let children play in those playgrounds. I often see that they never clean the playgrounds. thank God when I was a kid I did not like to play in there because I thought it smelled like feet!

  49. There have been a lot of complaints about these McDonald’s playgrounds lately, and it bothers me because nothing has been done. It’s disgusting to know that children are playing in that filthy playground.

  50. This is absolutely disgusting! Meningitis and Gonorrhea? All of the kids going into these play areas are being put at risk and no one even knows it! I guarantee if parents knew of the germs and possible diseases their children could catch in these play areas, they would not allow them to play in them. Knowing these facts that were thoroughly investigated, I will never let my kids play somewhere that I know is not sanitary.

  51. I am not surprised about this at all. First of all the food that Mc donalds sells is absurd. There is no nutritional value in the food and they don’t care about health what so ever. In addition, the way they treat the facilities is the same way careless. It doesn’t matter if its healthy or not it’s there to be more of a visual lure. Meaning that if kids see the playground they want to obviously go to that fast food place. It is very sad that corporate or whoever is in charge doesn’t care about the health of individuals.

  52. This is really gross. I heard about this before. I connot believe that a compant would let something get this bad. I believe she did the right thing, something more parents should be aware of.

  53. Playgrounds are really disgusting. If there are playgrounds, there should be workers maintaining the area clean. I have never seen any workers cleaning the children’s area. One time my brother and daughter were about to go in the slide when a kid yelled at his mom that there was throw up inside. My brother and daughter got out. They called an employee and all he did was throw a bucket of water and close the place so it could dry out. I have not taken my daughter to any fast food playground after that. If children don’t get sick from the food they eat, they will from the dirty playgrounds.

  54. I am not surprised by this at all. I even remember crawling through the play ground at Chuck E Cheese when I was a child and having my pathway blocked by a puddle of piss while the other children behind me blocked the only other way out. I was able to learn how to wall climb in a tunnel to avoid that disaster but sometimes these situations are unavoidable on a playground.

  55. Well I’ve always noticed the dirtiness on any playground set. If it is at a fast food restaurant or the park; it is dirty where ever you go. Even the little play set parents set up in their backyard for their kids gets dirty. I’m sure it doesn’t get as dirty as what was showed here but those are thing that have to be maintained. McDonald’s is trying sell food that ruins your child health. I’m not surprise that they won’t clean their play set.

  56. This is just gross! growing up as a kid i never realized how dirty the play sets were untill now, and im just glad that i wasnt one of those kids that had gotten sick from the pathogens located within the play sets.

  57. Okay so this parent is half and half shes a concerned parent but also went borderline crazy too do all of this. Everyone knows that those places are dirty she can just not let her kids play in their that simple or she can clean it herself if it bothers her so much. And i know its super gross and unhealthy but the only person who can fix it is the McDonald’s corporation.

  58. This is completely disgusting. I knew Mc Donalds playgrounds were disgusting, but I did not know they were this horrible. Now I am going to make sure to warn my family members not to let there kids in these filthy playgrounds. Something needs to be done about this. As a kid I really didn’t like playing in them because of this reason, but visualizing this made me realize truly how gross it is.

  59. Gross. I can not even say much. Carry Germ-X at all times!

  60. Wow that is disgusting and very dangerous. Corporations need to establish cleaning rules so that kids can stay safe and not get ideas that gangs are cool. It should be a law for these things to be clean. These big food chain are just being cheap and putting the public in danger. Something needs to be done, I’ll sign a petition.

  61. This is disgusting. I remember I use to play in this but I will never let my kids in one of these. They need to clean these things because one day a child will become very ill and maybe even die from sever disease.

  62. Wow, that was very disgusting I would not let my grandkids to playground unless they are clean. I understand kids too exciting to go playground. I do not want to kids whining want to go. This is very big concern about kids to get sick

  63. I think people should stop complaining about the play areas being so dirty. Everyone knows that thoses things are filthy, and the workers are well under paid with what they have to deal with already; whatmakes anyone think they would clean those play areas. Mcdonalds is a fast food restaurants(barley) not a babysitter while you eat.

  64. This is so unsanitary, and to think about all the money they make with their greasy foods and still don’t clean the playgrounds after ever night. Many children play in the fast food playgrounds and parents aren’t even aware of the diseases that their children are opposed to. Never again will i let my little sisters play in the playgrounds again!

  65. These results are very disturbing! These places have issues when people dont follow there rules such as taking off your shoes and those that dont meet the height and weight requirements being in there. i think the only reason they have these rules is so that these playplaces dont get more ruined than they already are. With all the money that they make this is definetly one of the issues that they need to fix!

  66. McDonalds is not even known as having healthy food in the first place, so if I had kids I would not want to be there daily. Now looking at this I definitely would not want a kid to go into these filthy playground structures. This should be taken care of and sanitized!

  67. That is so sad and gross, I would not want my kids or others being in that type of environment. For a place that is claiming to be family friendly and healthy, it sure as heck is not living up to that. No parent wants their child being exposed to profanity, or possible diseases. It sickens me to know these playgrounds are not cleaned, and small children are being exposed to all sorts of filthiness.

  68. This is very disturbing. I was aware that these facilities were probably not the cleanest, but I never imagined it was this bad. I am appalled that there are no mandatory regulations by corporate to clean the play areas. Children play in there and the area will get dirty. It is only common sense to clean the play areas at least once a day. Something should be done about this.

  69. Everything children touch is bacteria filled. As parents we just need to make sure our kids aren’t going to die from these germs. Kids need to be exposed to germs, but cautiously this is why my kids wash their hands, eat, then play on the play ground, then wash their hands.

  70. I had no idea that the playgrounds inside of fastfood places were not cleaned on a regular bassis. This is really gross how dirty these playgrounds get from little kids touching it. I would not let my kids go in there if i had any. I would make sure the playground is clean before i let my kids play in it.

  71. This is just so disgusting, i am surprised that the cooperation do not make it mandatory to clean the playground. This is very important, since the kids are little they can easily get sick. These conditions, definitely need to be recognized by a leader, that way they can make a change, so the children wont get those horrible diseases she explained.

  72. Mcdonalds is a disgusting place to eat with mediocre food being served. And now I learn that the playgrounds are super unsanitary. If these fast food places truly care about the individual and the people they serve, they should take better care of their equipment. It isn’t that hard. That’s what employees are paid to do.

  73. All the gross and unsanitary things always seem to be rooted at McDonalds, and this does not surprise me. If you think about it, play areas at fast food restaurants are probably not the most sanitary of places. I highly doubt they get cleaned everyday and this is proof

  74. I don’t think I would want my kid in such a dirty place. I’m glad she said something, but I am really surprised that they did not even try to make any changes about how dirty it was. They should look into doing something about that.

  75. I always loved playing in the playgrounds when i was a young kid and now i see the filth and disgust that i was a part of. I never really put much thought into how unsanitary those play places are and when i have children of my own i will think twice about letting them play in them.

  76. I just remember that as a kid, I was always too scared to play on those things at restaurants for no reason and now I am extremely grateful! This just grosses me out. I also agree with many others that it should be the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their kid doesn’t do this.

  77. McDonalds has never been a favorite and never will be after this. Growing up my parents would rarely let me play in the playgrounds because of all the nasty things, I’ve been to one that had urine in it. blllaaaahhhh!

  78. Childhood is ruined. That is so gross. I remember as a kid one of my favorite places to play was the ball pit… If just the slides look like that and contain that much bacteria, imagine the ball pit.

  79. Who would have ever thought that the playgrounds in the fast food corporations were in such horrible conditions! When i first heard of this I thought to myself, I used to play in those playgrounds. Initiative definitly needs to be taken and have all those playgrounds safe for the kids.

  80. I don’t think that I have ever seen a clean playplace unless it was just built. i have been arcoss America and I can say for a doubt that everyone one of these by a freeway is just nasty. Thats why there starting to take them out.

  81. I am not sure how I feel about this. Yes I know it is a big deal and simply dusguisting but what oher nasty stuff do kids play in and with. It is ulimately up to the parents who will let their children play in this and I remember when I was younger yes I seen how nasty it was but my mother always made sure to wash my hands afterwards. I just don’t think I find it as serious as the lady did.

  82. this is crazy i remember playing in these play areas and enjoying myself knowing now that it was so dirty and nasty i doubt id play in it again.

  83. That is just disgusting. Kids can get sick from that. This play places are what kids love to do and play in when they go to McDonalds. Someone needs to do something about this because kids can be hurt and some can die because of something like this. It’s so nasty. I would complain too! And make this a big deal!

  84. Kids can get disease easily, so the environment is very important. Not all of parents are aware of these poor situation, so they just left their kids in this play room and don’t know about it! It is so wrong and makes me so upset that government do not care about it.

  85. This is disgusting, the sad part about it is that as a corporation what does that say about how they view their customers!I’m glad I never allowed my kids to play in their playgrounds some just look nasty!

  86. I get disgusted every time i see this video. After learning more about diseases and microbes in pre-requisites for the RN program, i am more aware of how easily disease is spread especially in conditions like this. I am not a germophobe but because over 95% of germs are beneficial/harmless to you but i would never expose my kids to this.

  87. Its disquisition to know how unsanitary these places are. I believe the reason i am really upset is because i once use to play in places like these. As a kid we are unaware of the dangers of such unsanitary places. Knowing what i know now about play places such as McDonald my kids will be banned from playing in them.

  88. I absolutely hate McDonald’s. First, their food is disgusting and terribly unhealthy. Secondly, I come to find out that their play lands are unsanitary for child to step foot in, which appalls me. Lastly, the corporation refuses to do anything about it. I work with kids and i know they love their fast food, but kids are vulnerable to situations like this. If u put this huge play land into their favorite fast food restaurant,of course they are going to want to go in it. Fortunately, we had a mother that was concerned about her child safety which led her to discover these disgusting play pins. It’s important that we discuss with our children the importance of cleanliness in public places.

  89. While I agree this is distugusting I am not sure if regulations are the answer. I am amazed that these businesses have not responded or taken up some type of effort to clear this up.

  90. McDonalds should be ashamed of this. I have a little nice and i have never liked her playing in those things, this is exactly why. Its sad to see that they spend so much money on commercials, but they cant keep their playlands clean.

  91. I never like McDonalds which im grateful because its not healthy anyways but to not realize what our children are playing in and with is just horrible. How can they allow so much filth to collect in one place. It makes me wonder if any fast food place cleans their table really good or just kind of wipe a little. I feel bad for my kids they wont be playing in places like that anymore.

  92. I think this is really gross. I don’t have children, but if I did I would never let them play in thoes conditions. The McDonalds franchise should be ashamed to have that in their restuarant and If I seen that i would make it known to the management also.

  93. It irks me that I work near a McDonald’s and even though I have seen from my own eyes that nothing is fresh, I still eat there… That’s it, I can’t eat here anymore…too disgusting.

  94. i will try my hardest not to eat mcdonalds anymore.

  95. Dude, this is gross, nasty and ewwww. I hope they were not like that when i was younger.

  96. this is one of the reasons why you dont see many play lands in fast food resurants. this is just unsanitary.

  97. I was shocked after I watched this and then i realized i wasn’t shocked enough. It was very believable even if I had not seen it and just heard it. The sad part is my son loves playing in places like that and I don’t think i will be letting him any more after finding out to what extent the filth is collecting at such places.

  98. Personally, fast food is disgusting. I have a friend who works at Charles Jr. and she told me about rats that get into their food… It really does happen, we’re just so stuck on the convenient side of it all that we dont want to believe it.

  99. That is disgusting, especially a place where people get their food from!

  100. Wow thats crazy how a place that make food can allow such filth to exist and their facilities.

  101. This does not surprise me one bit! I mean if Mcdonald’s or any fast food restaurant does not care for the food they feed the people then why would you think they would care about being clean? It is a simple fact of supply and demand. You keep on going there and givinig your money to them and it gives them the power of doing this because they know you and your kids will be back regardless. If you want to complain, consider stop going there in the first place.

  102. After watching this video I’am never letting my little sister get near theses playgrounds ever again. I do not understand why these fast food restaurant cannot hire cleaning to be done weekly for these playgrounds. All that bacteria is disgusting and are deadly.

  103. It true these places have been around for many years they are most likely the same one you played on growing up with the same mess that you made. These playplaces need to be cleaned properly. But cleaning them is a challenge do to the tight space inside. But still something should be done they should never get that bad and if they do someone needs to be fired.

  104. wow, thats really surprising!! why doesnt mcdonalds clean the playplaces. The i totally agree with the lady because thats just ridicously how filty those playhouses are. when a typical kid goes to mcdonalds they go straight to the playhouse while they wait for their food. Then they eat. Imagine all the bacteria and stuff they must have on their hands!!!!!! And they are using those same hands to eat their food!!!!!

  105. Wow, I am shocked, that is such a health hazard. I am glad that lady took action and brought it up to corporate, most people would just see it and move on, but I am glad that lady actually did something. Not only can children get sick, but they can also catch diseases from the bacterias and spread them around.

  106. Well I agree that places like this where children play often should be cleaned once in a while but I think this lady took it way too far. Children are supposed to be exposed to these kind of things because it helps build up their immune system. I can’t even believe she had labs run on the playground does she think she is going to go around the world and change every playground in favor of her children? If she were to go in a class room and run the same test she would probably get the same results. Children are dirty and there are germs everywhere. People can not expect that everything must be 100% sanitized otherwise we might as well put are self in plastic bubbles. I remember growing up and playing in the mud and on the old playground set with all the germs and what not yet I turned out completely normal and healthy.

  107. if they only showed this video after labor of every child, i think we would have a whole other idea of mcdonalds. Imagine, how many other places have the same exact germs as mcdonalds play grounds?
    – Cramirez

  108. This is disgusting! I really thought this was going to be a funny video that’s why i watched it. I was wrong! They really need to take care of the playgrounds for the kids, thats is such a health risk!

  109. so this video surprised me cause i thought it was gonna be funny but this just blew my mind because i have little cousins who love to be in those playgrounds and this worries me because the woman in the video expresses many bad bacterias that are harmful to kids and regular people.

  110. Wow, I was drawn to this post because the title made me laugh, so I thought it was going to be something funny, I think not. This video was extremely shocking, the fact that children could be playing around all the time, and the parents would have no idea how unsanitary the area that their children are spending time in could be. I’m not much of a mcdonald’s eater, and now I’m even more disgusted.

  111. This was very surprising at a very young age i remember playing and did not think much about all the dirt. Now that i see how much thing can be in this. I do not think i would ever let my kids play in this. It is very surprising how disgusting a place can be and I thought they clean those areas at least once a day. I guess I wrong and in doing so i just i should ask and see what is really my kids playing on. There should be something in place for the little kid can be safe when playing. This showed me something new about play ground in fast food place and I will certainly tell other people about this.

  112. solo.sing2010 writes, “THIS IS CRAZY! There is no way in the world that I will ever let my children run and roam free at a play structure like the ones in this video.”

    I agree.

    BUT, I DO NOT think we need more Poop Police; we need more intelligent parents, such as solo.sing2010, who will take responsibility for their own kids’ safety and not push this responsibility off to the government to handle every safety concern.

    This woman claims to be a college professor. It is likely that she is. Although my mom is an English professor at RCC, and I respect her and many of her peers, I am appalled at the “Nanny State” mentality of many college professors. They think the government is the solution to everything. Which government agency has ever done a better job keeping our children safe than smart parents?

  113. There should definitely be more concerned parents like her about bacteria and cuss words in playgrounds for children. If more parents were aware of their children’s safety like this lady is, then maybe they would actually regulate on it. Regardless of the child’s age, there shouldn’t be any type of bacteria like that or swear words and gang signs. I never realized how filthy Mcdonald’s playground’s really are.

  114. This is MIND BLOWING!!!! I can’t believe that these Child playgrounds could be this dirty. I didn’t even have to finish watching this video to know that I will never EVER let my kids go on playgrounds. I totally agree with what this video says and is trying to accomplish.

  115. I’ve never seen playlands that were so dirty. It must depend on the location and the management. I always wondered why no shoes were allowed; now it makes sense because we have to enter public restrooms with shoes on. Shoes would naturally be spreaders of fecal germs. So I’m glad that they have these regulations, but the no shoes and must wear socks rule is not always enforced. The age limit is not enforced either, scary for younger children to be with ones that are way too big. I know that my older kids would have complained if it had been dirty. The main reason that these playlands are constructed is to attract families with little children. They really ought to be kept up or ripped out!

  116. Wow! I am so disgusted! As a child I recall always wanting to play in those playpens with the balls but then there were syringes being found in them and that is why they were taken out. It is really repulsive to see how unsanitary public places are!

  117. This woman is definitely a concerned parent and it is actually surprising to me that we don’t hear of more parents like her making the effort to have this problem looked at. It’s clearly a very serious problem as it can possibly lead to a child’s death. I’m absolutely blown away and disturbed at the health standards of these restaurants, especially because they are supposed to be inspected under law.

  118. THIS IS CRAZY! There is no way in the world that i will ever let my children run and roam free at a play structure like the ones in this video. I wonder in the structures at my local park are just as bad or worse than the ones at these restaurants, because if this is true you will never see my kids there. it should go without saying that if something like this is going to built then it should be taken care maintained and remain at the passing level of various heath codes.

  119. Wow, this really opened my eyes. I would never want my children to play in that kind of disgusting place

  120. McDonalds really needs more regulation not only the paypen but the food has too many preservatives

  121. There are plenty of places that are unsanitary. They did a study that found feces of 70 percent of women’s purses. No matter where you go its going to happen. It is very gross though, but that is why you keep your hands away from your face and wash them when you can.

  122. we all loved playing in these jungle gyms growing up, its sad to see that the grown adults do not clean these play pens knowing that children play in these jungle gyms on the daily.

  123. I find this digusting! I agree with some of the comments my classmates have mentioned; this is just not McDonalds it’s other places aswell. For example, as a kid growing up I recall going to Chuck E. Cheese and the play ground smelling like urin this may sound extreme to some people but as a kid I recall never wanting to go play in there because it just smelled horrible!

  124. I thi nk that this is a little radical mom with nothing else to do, but i cant imagine the fact that there could be such a play ground so filthy, with fecal matter all over. Iam just hopling that this place does not exist here in the United States.

  125. i remember as a kid i used to play in thos playpens. it was very dirty and i think mcdonalds corporation should do something about it, never letting my children play in those places.

  126. I dont think this woman is a fanatic. This type of study could be done at the park, the grocery store or any other place that has an area for children to play. I think she uses McDonalds as an example because its a familiar place to most. Most people can relate or have been there at least once. The fact of the matter is, kids get dirty no matter what they are doing. It is up to the PARENT to keep them clean, wash their hands, wash their faces, pick up the food that they leave lying around and to prevent their children from drawing gang symbols on the walls of a damn playland. It isnt fair to point out McDonalds as being the bad one here. Yeah her results are disgusting, but anywhere that you have kids with lazy disgusting parents, you will have germs and filth!!

  127. wow, it’s like Germs land, it seems like corporations as big as McDonald’s are not concerned. it means that they are the one creating hundreds of new combined diseases for kids. but of course it’s a “playground” only for kids, no adult would have ever know about this. Watch OUT!!
    i wonder if Chuck-e-cheese has this issue?

  128. This video was disgusting. I remember when i was younger i wanted to play in those playgrounds but my parents would always say no. Now i know why they didn’t let me play in there its so nasty.

  129. This is just inappropriate for the biggest fast food chain restaurant to have no regulations for how clean these play areas should be. Lots of kids play in these play areas why would they have not kept it clean and regulated before.

  130. This was really disgusting. I remember when i was little, i would be playing in the McDonald’s playground. If I was a parent I wouldn’t want my child to be playing around in there. Knowing that kids always put their hands in their mouth’s. It could make them very sick!

  131. To think I went to these playpens when I was younger makes me shudder. It’s so disturbing how there are NO regulations to keep these places clean. If they do not wish to deal with the upkeep, why not just tear these places down? It will save a lot of hassle for not only corporations, but caring parents especially.

  132. Wow this video is pretty disturbing. Those slides are unsanitary and i will think twice next time i take my niece to not only McDonalds but to other public playpens like that. Hundreds of children are being exposed to these germs daily.

  133. it seems that she has a good point on the filth, but shes goes way too out of hand! my babies mill never set foot in those places! because they are home fed! and she is way too overprotective, i hate to deal with these weirdos. these people are the ones who sued Mc Donalds because their food ‘made them fat’…..duh!

  134. One of my former students, Betsy Delgadillo, sent me this video to put on the forum. Betsy is a pre-med major and is planning a career as an M.D. I hate all of the bashing that McDonalds gets, but like the psychologist in the film explains, this problem is widespread and not just found at McDonalds. A couple of my former students who were earning their BSN degrees at CSUSB did a research experiment for one of their classes. The female student hung out in the female bathroom and the guy hung out in the men’s room. They took a survey by just watching people’s behavior and took a count of how many washed their hands before leaving the room. Scarry results!!!

  135. Wow that is really disgusting, and I am surprised the cooperation is not concerned. I remember growing up i Found a suringe in the balls; I was young and I really was not interested though, I never understood why my grandmother would not let me play there again.

  136. Wow, straight off the back the title intrigued me. I remember as a child I never wanted to play on those playgrounds because I knew how unsanitary they were. It was the worst when you would actually be playing in the playground and you would step into a wet puddle.

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