Mass Murder at University of California Santa Barbara


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  1. It’s a shame that people result to taking the lives of innocent others just because of the hardships they’re facing. Can we even say that some of these are hardships? How is not getting enough attention at school a reason to go on a murder spree? Especially when you have a good life and great parents at home, when some kids do not even have a loving family but instead one that neglects them. This should also remind us that everyone may or may not have a private battle going on in their personal life, and we should treat each other all with respect.

  2. This guy was a spoiled brat with an unrealistic perception of women. I think that he believes women do not have individuality. Women don’t always go for good guys, they go for whomever they evaluate as right for them. Women have just as much of a choice as men do and this guy does not see that.

  3. I found it very selfish that this young man would do this. He had his own issues that none of these young innocent victims were guilty of bringing to him. They did nothing to him and he had no right to take their lives. I believe this man had mental problems and had no remorse. Very sad news that shouldn’t happen in our world.

  4. Hearing about this was deviating because I have several friends who go to school at UCSB and their lives were at risk. It is very hard for me to understand why people think it is best to take their frustration or anger out on innocent people. One thing that came out of this event was that many UC school were brought closer together through a candle ceremony students did on campus in respect for the student who died.

  5. It’s tragic to hear about what happened at UCSB. I will never understand how an individual can be so angry and upset to hurt so many innocent people who most likely had nothing to do to why they were upset. I have a friend who currently goes to UCSB but fortunately wasn’t on campus when this incident took place.

  6. What happened at UC Santa Barbara was very tragic. Absolutely nothing justifies an act of hate, especially one like this. It is very unfortunate to see how our youth turns to violence in times of helplessness and sadness. A lot of times people blame the media for crimes like this. Instead if blaming the media we should utilize media sources to teach our society how to cope with undesirable feelings.

  7. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I saw this on the news and couldn’t even bare to watch what this guy did to so many innocent students its scary because it does make you think that it could happen even on our campus? this isn’t this first and its sad that something like this has to happen before people realize “Hey we need to change something”! Why do we have to wait after people are killed, especially innocent people.

  8. I remember hearing this news and being worried about all of my friends that go to Santa Barbra. It was definitely uncalled for what that young man did. Hearing about the different gun shootings that go on is heartbreaking.

  9. I think the reason this guy went on a killing spree is very ignorant. He should not pretend to be something he is not. Pretending to be rich, he should of been honest with himself. Another thing that disturbs me is the fact that this guy had previous psychological problems and students were not warned. I think students should have the right to know who they are attending school with, this could of been avoided.

  10. I have heard alot of this on the news recently. It is so scary that someone can cause so much damage by themselves. This just makes me scared to go to school or to do my everyday routine. It saddens me that this is what society has come to.

  11. These mass school killings are just getting out of hand. We need to be more cautious of people especially in this particular case where the predator should have been watched over. It is sad that someone can go and take innocent lives because they are not happy with theirs. Then he killed himself, so he doesn’t have to face the consequences of killing these innocent people. I personally think the court would have ruled that he was insane, so he wouldn’t serve the time either way. These shootings can happen anywhere, but we need to have more security and I think they need to teach students in classes what they should do if there were to be a shooting on campus. It is sad that we have to take extra care of what is going on around us because shootings are not rare anymore.

  12. William J. Gonzales

    I heard about this shooting on the news about a week ago. And this is just sad how somebody has such a corrupt mind to do such an evil deed. I think that it is a bit disturbing that the parents of the suspect didn’t know of his actions or premeditated actions.

  13. It is sad to see people die for no reason just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I never could understand how people can just snap and go on a killing spree. Most of the victims were young men and women that were in their 20’s a did not get the chance to enjoy a full life. The fact that the suspect posted videos before the attack disgust me. I wish the cops would have responded to the warning signs sooner than later, maybe the seven victims would still be alive.

  14. His reasoning is extremely narcissistic, as well as he was expecting everyone to bow down to him and that he could get whatever he wanted. I could blame a multitude of things, but it’s always best to address the issue as quickly as possible. The police won’t do anything unless the individual concerned has done anything physical. Even though our own protective services are a bit screwy, i do somewhat wish his parents had done something sooner

  15. It is so scary that one person is capable of committing such a horrific crime. Mass murders are so incredibly cruel and it takes someone who is very messed up mentally to commit a crime like this. The police department in this are should be more aware of its surrounding bystanders and from this moment on never let something like this happen again. The only way I’d imagine one could pick up on sketchy behavior is by annual doctor appointments, and increase on special forces, and for the family to keep an eye out on the suspect.

  16. This is sick and i blame the police department they were notified of his manifesto video by the 22yr olds parents! Police officers went to the house and apparently had no training with the mentally ill and let him pass by their finger tips when he even had a gun in his room during the interview! One a search warrant should have been implemented and now police definitely need better mentally ill training because they’ll teach officer to kill but not handle the ill!!

  17. daannnnng this is ridicoulous.

  18. Very unfortunate event and for these to happen more often is not a good sign. This guy was not mentally stable and clearly needed some help. Something has to be done about these mass murders.

  19. The crazy thong about this is that it came out of nowhere. I can see how his family was helpless because to them he was normal and it appeared like he lost his mind before anyone was even aware he was going through. So Sad.

  20. This guy was young, just starting out his life and he thought it was a living hell just because he didn’t have a girlfriend or have lost his virginity?! He lived in a rich neighborhood, had a BMW, designer glasses, didn’t have to work because his parents paid for his rent but life was unfair for him??! I get that he had asperger syndrome, but he took people’s lives. His own life. Something could have been done to prevent this. Guns are not the blame. This guy needed treatment. We should be worried about fixing and increasing services for the mental health department. There were police officers that responded to a welfare check on Elliot Roger three weeks before the mass shooting, but cops aren’t mental health workers. I believe maybe mental health workers should accompany police officers when they respond to these types of calls. There have been too many mass killings lately, too many innocent victims have died, we need to take preventive measures.

  21. I can rant about this for hours because it makes me so horrendously angry. I’ve read quite a bit about this mass murder and I was filled with shock and disgust every single time I found out something new. This murderer made his manifesto for over a year and planned on killing women. He planned this and there are people out there who dare to say, “Oh, he had autism, he was sick.” No. I know people with autism and not one of them ever had the urge to kill. He was a horrible, spoiled, pathetic boy. What sickens me is the fact that there are people out there who applaud him because they say, “Well, hey, women should go for the nice guys, it’s their fault he went killing, he did what we all wish we could do.” It is sickening how much evil there is in the world.

    The media won’t stop saying his name but I refuse to remember it. They go on and on about him but just keep saying, “Six victims. Six victims. Six victims.”

    If they won’t say it, I will.
    Rest in peace, Cheng Yuan Hong. George Chen. Weihan Wang. Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez. Veronica Elizabeth Weiss. Katherine Breann Cooper.

  22. It’s always sad for young peoples life to be cut short. Some people are just evil. This guy is a coward, he killed these people and instead of facing the consequences of his actions he killed himself instead. He wasn’t a real man.

  23. This scene is horrible. You would think that after so many gun attacks in school taking innocent lives we would have some type cure to prevent this from happening all the time. It’s so said that everyone is against religion that it has been banned from our schools. Back in the day, there was no such thing as mass shootings occurring. But, that’s just proud how the world countries to change for the worst.

  24. Christopher Rodriguez

    It’s so sad that the selfish rage of someone was taken out on innocent people. What a shame that the gunman was too worried about himself to realize that he would ruin others lives.

  25. I wounder what drove these killers to do such an act? Was it bad parenting? Video-games? Eminem…? It’s scary how spontaneous this incident was for the victims, Thinking that they are safe on school grounds and have this happened. Iv’e looked up other murderers that occurred in the school and what came up was rapes, stabbings, and other graphic events. I wounder how the school will react after this event considering this is one of the more nightmarish then what I have seen for the past couple of years.

  26. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    It is such a shame people feel the need to kill innocent people. It’s so sickening to know there are people out there with sick minds like this.

  27. This is so unfortunate that students can not attend a school for higher learning without fearing for their lives. This world is definitely in its last days.

  28. This story is truly chilling. It seems like mass shootings are becoming the norm in America and that is not okay. What will it take for real change to occur?

  29. What is so terribly wrong with society today? Why are we hearing more and more of these mass killings of innocent people because the person who does the killing is so messed up. Hearing this also on the news it sounds like there were cries for help from the suspect. His own mother was even concerned yet the police did not view the videos, which would have been a definite red flag that the suspect was some what deranged. Why do people feel that if the world is falling apart all around them that they have the right to get a gun and open fire. What message is this also giving to those people out there that may also feel depressed or their world is crumbling. How many more of these types of shootings are we going to hear about. Is nowhere safe anymore?

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