Marbury v. Madison

This is the court case that is being used to determine if the “Affordable Care Act” (AKA Obamacare) is constitutional or not constitutional.  This Obamacare is still waiting to be judged over the suit about the 2nd Amendment and the case questioning the validity of DOMA and the 10th Amendment about the “gay” marriage controversy.

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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    This was by far the hardest video to understand. I think that is what made it so boring. I still learned a few things from it like this is how they separated the powers between the executive and he judicial branches of government. It was also very interesting English they were all using.

  2. This video shows me the profound importance of the selection and confirmation of supreme court justices. Towards the beginning of the video one of the justices says something to the effect that they must rise above their individual political preferences and uphold the law. I wonder if in present day the justices have that same objectivity or do they feel bound to rule in favor of those who appointed them. Though I hope for the former, I fear the latter.

  3. This video was very interesting. However, I think the two men agreed without even realizing it. Madison said ” We should let the people decied.” and Marbury’s argument was that we should allow the men who were eleceted to decied. If you think about it, they wanted the same thing. The people are given the power to vote. So if the people elect who they want then the people are in charge.

  4. Marbury took Madison to court and won with the decision that Chief Justice John Marshall made, demanding Madison to deliver documents to Marbury. This case distinguished the basis and exercise for Judicial Review. This was a great film showing the case and what went. Very educational, I was informed of this case from Administration of Justice class with Oliver Thompson.

  5. I remember reading about Marbury vs. Madison in my high school text books. I never fully understood this is a case that many people are familiar of and this video greatly expanded my knowledge of this case. Watching informing videos like this one makes me eager to do more research on the topic at hand.

  6. I believe that the video is very informative because it went into depth and they developed the Marbury vs Madison case excellently. The video explains the boundary that was set between the judicial and executive branches. In my high school, my teacher went to extreme depth with almost every court case that severely impacted the U.S..

  7. A case that pretty much told the other branches that they are no the only ones with power. This gave the judicial branch gave it the power of judicial review telling everyone what is constitutional or not. I think its unconstitutional to froce the people to do something, like get insurance.

  8. I just took history 6 in the winter and this case was a very important milestone in America History. It set the principal for what the Judicial Branch had the power to do and that was reviewing the Constitution as they interpreted it. I like how each branch of government has their own set of powers and one branch does not over power the others. This was a very smart set up made by our Founding Fathers.

  9. This was a pretty good video. I am an avid movie watcher which made this case explained in simpler terms for me. I think the actor portraying Marbury really captured his stingy personality. As for the Obamacare issue, I believe it is unconstitutional because they are being forced in to it.

  10. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    When i first learned about Marbury and Madison in History class at my high school I was confused, never really got it. When i actually watched this video it made more sense to me and a clearer understanding ; however, forcing someone to get healthcare is unconstitutional.

  11. I do remember reading about this case in my history text book in high school. This video though expands on what I read in the text book. I enjoyed how they acted out what happen in this case. They make sure to explain everything very carefully.

  12. I’ll admit that because I had very little knowledge of the events leading up to this lawsuit, this video made it difficult for me to understand exactly what was happening and the muffled sound made it hard to follow. After doing my own research I understand the importance of this event and it’s subsequent impact on our judicial branch. But I found another video that explained it all a little better.

  13. This video goes further into depth the Maybury vs Madison (1803). The dispute was over secrtary of state James Madison not sending commission to the Justice of Peace of District of Columbia(maybury). Although the decison was 4-0 that maybury had right to his commission , however Congress could not give the Supreme Court the power to issue an order granting Marbury his commission. So therefore Maybury never became the justice of peace of the district of Columbia.

  14. I do remember going over this case (Marbury v. Madison) in High school, but this video provided a little more detail. As for the Affordable Care Act, I strongly believe that the act is unconstitutional because it FORCES the people to get Obamacare. No American should be forced to get it UNLESS the government paid for it. Until then, it is unconstitutional.

  15. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I thought this video was good because it went into detail and acted out how the Marbury vs Madison case developed the boundary between the judicial and executive branches. In high school, the teachers never went into depth about Marbury vs Madison, they just always explained the outcome of the case and moved on.

  16. This video was nice to watch it explains the overview of the judicial branches of government and how they were developed. Providing a well understanding of how marbury vs. madison developed this case of equality with in the branches.

  17. This video is very informative and very very long. I’ve read about this case before many times in history classes in high school but I never really understood it throughly until after I watched this video. Although I found it to be very boring to watch, it had a lot of important information.

  18. I learned about this case in high school, but forget what it was. This video reminded me about how important is was, and how judicial review was introduced. It is interesting to see the balance of powers, and who is allowed to make decisions and who is not. It seemed like the political parties were all against each other in this video.

  19. This was a very informative video and it a very interesting and important case. I can’t recall learning about this case when I was a teen, but I’m glad I am now learning about this case and how it helped define the boundaries between the separate branches of the government.

  20. This was a good informative video about Marbury vs. Madison. I never really knew what this case was about or it’s importance to Americas history. This goes to show how the branches have conflict with each other and how no man is above the law.

  21. I have always heard about the Marbury vs. Madison case but haven’t learned much about it except that it was an important case in American history. After watching this lengthy video I understand a bit more, but still feel like I have to my own research to fully understand this case.

  22. I find it very soothing that the branches of our government system are equal. from watching this (monotoned) video I can see it took a lot of struggles and conflict for our government in the early years to work out this system. When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, this video has shown that it is unconstitutional. Our governement will soon have another Marbury vs Madison case on its hands if it does not fix this unconstitutional act.

  23. Obama can’t just force people to have Obamacare. It;s unconstitutional and I believe people need to go to work and pay for their own care. Obamacare sucks. I feel like he is stripping my constitutional rights from me. WE call our country a free country but we don’t have freedom.

  24. I did not know alot about this case . I researched it and watched this video, now I understand that this case was what created the judicial review under article 3 and it helped define the boundaries between the separate executive and judicial branches. I like what I saw and this video was very informative.

  25. I was taught about this case in Junior high and I can still remember how big of an impact this was on defining judicial review. It also helped state how the three branches of government needs to stay separate yet equal in power.

  26. I didn’t know much about this case until I researched it and watched this video and now I know that this case created the judicial review under article 3 and helped define the boundary between the separate executive and judicial branches.

  27. Obama care the way I see it is unconstitutional. The Declaration of Independence was created so that people could be free to have a choice. It is the peoples choice if they want to pay for there own health care. I understand that Obama is trying to do a good thing by giving everyone free health care but he is forcing it on everyone whether they want it or not which is Unconstitutional!

  28. The reoccurrence of this case throughout my years of education shows the importance of it to the development of American government as it defined the basis for the exercise of judicial review (the ability of the Supreme Court to limit Congressional power by declaring legislation unconstitutional) in the U.S. In relation to the present issue of the constitutionality of Obama Care, it is believed to be unconstitutional because it either violates the Commerce Clause, or, it’s a tax. In my opinion, the sole purpose of the constitution’s taxing clause is to provide financial support for the federal government to fund it’s duties defined with in the Constitution. For example, the constitution makes the federal government responsible for national defense so raising money for this duty is within the taxing clause.However, the federal government is not empowered to create an Obama care so it really can’t raise taxes to fund it.

    • The major outcome of this case is the establishing of “checks and balances” as well as the three branch system of government. The legislative branch creates the laws through voting and committees. The judicial branch reviews these laws to see if they fall within the guidelines of the Constitution. The executive branch enforces the laws in accordance with the other two branches. All three are separate and none over powers the other.

  29. This case was the fundamental background for the branches of the US. If this case never happened then the Supreme Court and all other branches would not be able to tell their jobs. This allowed the Supreme Court to tell if and when the other branches exceed their boundries.

  30. The basis of equal power within three branches of government was to restrict the abilities of one man to in essence rule, power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. This video illustrates the conflict of man to rise above his station, to gain influence upon his surroundings. I do not view this as an altruistic case to preserve the constitution, but as power play on all sides to gain more political strength. Now in the case of Obamacare the factor for corruption isn’t political power. Somewhere in the massive legislation of Obamacare, which is a book, some specific entity is making money and that is why it should be declared unconstitutional.

  31. I have learned about this case time and again, but have never fully understood it, this video was a major help. People tend to think that the legislative branch makes the law, the executive branch enforces (executes) the law, and the judicial branch interprets the law. But the Constitution never gave the judicial branch that power of Judicial Review. The power of Judicial Review came after this case and in a way was given to the judicial review by John Marshall, who in my opinion is an extremely intelligent man who was mainly trying to keep himself in the job.

  32. I actually mentioned this case on my essay. I see that some cases are constitutional and unconstitutional. Since, we are bringing up obama care I can see how people think it goes both way. I can see how it can be constitutional, because obama is talking about health, basically keeping a healthy nation and what not. Then it can be unconstitutional, because we do have the right to decline those actions, but at the same time I think that this is a win win situation for obama, because he is helping the medical field to gain more money as for himself to?

  33. I did vote for Obama and I believe he is a amazing leader, but I believe that Obama-care is unconstitutional because there is no law in the constitution that forces the people to get health care as well as marriage of sex genders. The case of Marbury v. Madison is a great example of these issues because there are some things in this world that government cant control and force upon the people when it is not right.

  34. I believe this case is the most fundamental case there’s ever been in the history of this nation’s questionable senate. Marbury most definitively had a right to the commission.

  35. It’s no question that Marbury v. Madison is one of the most important court cases in Unites State history, because of it’s importance to our system of checks and balances, and the separation of powers. Although I did think this video was quite lengthy and not very interesting.

  36. I never fully understood what was Marbury v. Madison just that it was a important case in American history. I enjoyed how this film acted out the case, it helped showed the premise and importance of this case. The separations of the branches are clearly shown in this video as each branch are in a way are competing with each other. One might wonder how a country can properly function with this type of turmoil that takes place in the government, but what is remarkable is that America’s government was created in such a way to deal with these problems and help bring balance back.

  37. Ahhh the revolutionary case of Marbury vs. Madison! It was interesting to see the case acted out rather then just having the key points prompted by a speaker. I can definitely see how this ground braking case is being used in comparison to Obamacare and Gay Marriage and what is constitutional. The branches were made to not dominate one another and I believe that America has done a good job of separation of powers based on how this case changed history and judicial review.

  38. This was a very informative video but a little to long for my taste. It helped me get a better understanding on how the branches of government work. Obamacare is unconstitutional and this video shows why. If Obamacare forces everyone to get healthcare, the government should pay it for. I don’t thinking Obamacare will last very long

  39. I really didn’t understand the importance? of this case. The video was too long for me to keep up. But I do believe that in this case ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

  40. This clip helped me better understand the judicial system and the branches of government.

  41. I very much enjoy the fact the Judicial Branch has the last say in the laws and if they are unconstitutional or not. Perhaps because they are life long seats, so most presidents don’t get to appoint new ones. I have a great distaste for the executive and legislative branch reaching to further their power and control.

  42. From what I know, Obama care is unconstitutional! I believe it will crumble, and the society following quickly after.

  43. I believe that all three branches of our government should have a say in determining whether or not something is constitutional. I think it is odd that the Judicial branch’s pretty much gets the final say. It seems like a system that is based on checks and balances should give all three branches an equal say in any matter.

  44. Mr. Marbury’s unibrow distracted me throughout the entire length of the video. Anyways, this case was monumental in that it shows that the citizen can take the government to court and win.

  45. From what I understand. Obamacare is unconstitutional. Obamacare exceeds the scope of commerce clause; along with the bailout, banking, and auto business. Obamacare threatens the notion of limited government. Obamacare charges a financial penalty to regulate behavior.
    In Marbury vs Madison the Supreme Court denied Marbury’s commissions and has the final interpretation of the law. One could only hope Obamacare gets denied in the Supreme Court.

  46. This video sure does show a different side of Jefferson. He seems like a harsh man who tried to cause problems. I don’t see much of a similarity between Jefferson and Obama. Sure Obama is forcing obamacare on us but the reason behind his actions seem pure, at least to some extent.

  47. I do believe everyone should have healthcare but if so, it should be at the cost of the government. If people WANT to pay extra taxes so that people will have healthcare then so be it, but forcing someone to do so is unconstitutional. If Obamacare poses it’s own singled out tax for healthcare, then it is wrong. If a portion of our federal taxes is used towards this then I don’t see a big problem and the people that don’t want to pay taxes, although we have no control over where they go, should move elsewhere.

  48. Obamacare does force everyone to have health care. But does it change how much healthcare we get? I think it would be a great idea if everyone had free health care but doesn’t mean you have to force everyone to afford something they can’t do so. At least we aren’t some countries that give out healthcare based on the amount you make in a year.

  49. I have been several time to watched this video by Marbury vs. Madison. I did not understand this after; I looked it up in the dictionary constitution which is mean relation to the law. They are tried to discuss about the Marbury vs. Madison to make sure that everyone is get the equal to everyone. The United States are set up on the list of Amendments. There is other word is unconstitutional meaning that unauthorized by or inconsistent with the constitution as of a country. Or not permitted by a constitution. The United States are needed to be controlled by the laws. If does not have by the law it will lead to be abused or corrupted. My point view to understand this.

  50. This case proves that Obamacare is unconsitutional for forcing americans to get healthcare. If it is required then it should be paid for by the government.

  51. I can know understand this case. I can see why the constitution is really important when it comes to political issues.

  52. I think that this video proves that the obama care could be proved unconstitutional.

  53. This explains Marbury vs. Madison to me a little more clearly, although the video was a tad long for me. It establishes the ability of the judiciary branch to declare a law unconstitutional. This made the judiciary branch have as much contribution as the legislative and executive branches.

  54. In the Federalist Papers number ten madison explains that factions need to be controlled. Factions need to be controlled because they are unstable. In the U.S factions are unstable because the groups within the factions vary deeply. These factions can include groups from the Ku Klux Klan, The Black Panthers, and even White Supremacist. If factions are not controlled, power can easily be abused. the representatives come togethr to control these powers to make it constitutional.

  55. After researching this case i can now see how the ruling in Marbury vs Madison is near identical to the Obamacare case that is happening today.

  56. I was kind of shocked and bewildered from watching this. It was interesting to see how they dressed and the conflicts and issue they fought over. I thought the video was long but insightful at the same time.

  57. This case is pretty important in history! I agree that each branch should be equal to one another. Supreme court should be able to be separate from other branch and claim what they want.

  58. Looking past the monotone voice of the narrator, the video provides a lot of information about Marbury V Madison. John Marshall and Thomas Jefferson were both talked about the most. The fact that President Adams made many federal appointments on the last day of his term ticked off Thomas Jefferson. Because of this case, “Judicial review” was presented and is still used today.

  59. This case defined how are judicial system stand today. I got to about 25 min and had to call t because it’s not my cup of joe. I learned so much about our founding fathers just by viewing he way they dress also.

  60. This case kind of always had me a little confused when I first read up on it. But watching the video, I did kind of get a better understanding of what it is and what is was trying to get at. You just shouldn’t be able to establish a law or act that is going to get in the way of someone elses rights.

  61. the case Marbury vs. Madison was very confusing to me even after watching this video i was still confused as to what the case was really about. i have done so extra research on my own about thus case and i have a clear understanding of this now.

  62. I didn’t really follow the video. It was really long and boring. I did get some information out of it though. I knew nothing really about Marbury vs. Madison before watching this video. I had to look more into the trial online. I got more out of the case from my own research.

  63. God I Love this country. It is best that each of the branchs of our government have distictive charters and are equal to one another. I also agree that the Constitution is a living breathing document and allows for necessary change or clarification as our nation evolves and changes.

  64. Marbury V. Madison was the first case to define judicial Review. Determining whether or not a specific case is constitutional or unconstitutional is extremely vital toward preserving our United States constitution with which our nation is based upon. With the controversy of Obamacare for example, if we strictly interpret the constitution, there would be no question to the unconstitutionality of this health plan!

  65. I didn’t understand this case until I researched it thoroughly. and now, I agree with everyone that this ruling is in fact important to the ruling of whether or not Obamacare is unconstitutional. The constitution comes before congress, and it is just ridiculous for Obama to think he can establish such an Act that will violate everyone’s rights as citizens.

  66. When I first sas this video I was surprized. I had always had the idea that the early development of the US had bumbs along the road but not such political conflict. The case of Marbury vs Madison was a bit confusing when I first learned about it but seeing the video care me a better understanding of what was the result and what it meant. Although Madison didn’t have to give the commisions Jefferson did take a blow by the Justices enforcing their power to find a law passed by the senate unconstitutional.

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