RCC Grad Mara Stepe Playing “Maids” Live at Kulak’s Woodshed

A graduate of RCC, Mara Stepe now works in New York City as a professional musician, playing and singing her original compositions.

After leaving RCC graduated from Hunter College in New York City and continued with her graduate work.  While at RCC, she went to Florence Italy twice with RCC’s Study Abroad Program, had a classical piano recital in the Digital Library playing Chopin, became interested in jazz, and majored in comparative literature and German language.

15 responses to “RCC Grad Mara Stepe Playing “Maids” Live at Kulak’s Woodshed

  1. Mara is so talented! It is thrilling knowing that fellow RCC students are becoming successful. She took advantage of our study abroad program, which something I want to do in the near future.

  2. It is pretty inspiring to know that people can succeed with anything they set their mind to. She certainly has such an incredible talent, and it makes me a little jealous. Nonetheless, the fact that she started at RCC and succeeded with her career is fascinating. Getting an education at a community college does not define ones intelligence and ambition.

  3. She is a great talent! Good for her.

  4. Well done, its always nice to see a fellow RCC alumni be successful in their particular fields. Hop[e there is more to come in the future.

  5. Wow! She has such an amazing voice and its crazy to think she started out as a student at Riverside Community College.

  6. I can’t believe she started at rcc. Goes to show how you can still be really successful by starting off at community college

  7. Seeing this is an inspiration and drives me to do something as a career that I enjoy not only because of the financial benefits, but also because I am passionate about it.

  8. This is pretty cool. I am glad that she got the chance to major in what she is good at, because most people major in things that they don’t love. As I can see she has true passion towards what she is doing with her voice and piano skills. Is is even better since she went to RCC making a good impression and role model to other students.

  9. She did a very fine job! I’m sure she was an amazing student here at RCC. I’m glad to see that rcc has rising star graduates. Superb!

  10. Beautiful voice. I’m really happy you posted this Professor Kollitz, it’s inspiring to see people go off and do big things after finishing at RCC.

  11. I wish we were all multi talented like this woman, this was wonderful!

  12. Wow she’s pretty good! Riverside’s own female Little Richard! I’d love to hear her playing Long Tall Sally. She certainly has the virtuoso to do so. I’m sure she plays it at night when she’s feeling wild. I know I would if I could play a piana.

  13. I love seeing so much talent and artistry from someone who comes from here. You always assume that anyone with a drive for the music business i=comes from LA. Its very interesting and inspiring really. I love the piano as well.

  14. The Piano is the most fascinating instrument to me I want to learn how to play it someday. This is great to see that someone from RCC has created a great opportunities for herself, and taken advantage of those opportunities.

  15. Awesome, beautiful voice.

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