This Looks Like Fun–Take a Seat; Make a Friend!

From Chantea Moore:

5 responses to “This Looks Like Fun–Take a Seat; Make a Friend!

  1. I think i have seen this somewhere else before. But I love this! I love meeting new people, strangers.

  2. This video should have been under “put a smile on your face” because that is what it did for me. It was great to see strangers laugh, talk, smile, and hangout together in a ball pit. It was interesting to see how they opened up to each other on touchy subjects when they just meet each other for the first time.

  3. This video makes me smile from ear to ear. It is so sad to realize how rare it is for two complete strangers to actually make a connection like this in todays society. When you walk around anywhere, whether it be school, mall, or libraries you see everyone keeps to themselves on whatever electronic they have on them. This video would have been a little better if I knew what they were talking about to see how it is to talk with a complete stranger.

  4. It’s interesting to see how people who have never met before come together and become friends so quickly and are so willing to learn about each other. It’s very nice to see this in the world today and makes me happy to know that there are people are there that are still willing to make friends without the internet.

  5. This video is beautiful to me.
    I would love to do an activity like this.
    The world we live in today is controlled by electronic devices
    We rarely get a chance to meet someone new
    I wonder how many people are out their that I have things in common with or that I could simply learn from just by having a conversation with them.

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