Little Children Are Brutally Honest




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  1. These are some of my all time favorite little kid videos. Particularly the first one, that little girl is hilarious.

  2. Children are really something. Each one has their own imagination and opinions towards subjects. I think it is important to spend time and speak to children for it expands their thinking and brings out the best in them.

  3. Children will always be the first to say something about someones flaws that just the way thy are, and its always funny until it happens to you.

  4. Children are awesome because they are so genuine and real. Although the first video was a little striking to see how a mother teaches her taught such bad word and let her say them is quite striking. Although it is funny I would never let any of my nieces or nephews cuss in that way. Overall, I have had many experiences being in a large family seen how funny children can be, and this reminded me of those moments.

  5. Children have to be the most honest people on this planet. I have seen all these videos but it has been a while since I have; they really did put a smile on my face. I really like the one where the little boy tells his mom he only likes her when she gives him cookies.

  6. Children are truly the greastest commedians ever. There funny just by being themselves. I love eacth and everyone of these videos.

  7. I thought all the videos were cute. I didn’t really like the first video because the little girls parents are already teaching her profanity. The video with the cookies is so funny because the kid was straight up honest with the mom.

  8. i loved all the vids and its true kids are very honest cant even ask my little brother to cover for me a times.

  9. Katarina Ponomaroff

    Children these days seem to learn a lot of what they say from what they hear from their parents. The first video is funny because the little girl uses a bad word, however what she is saying is very true! Also, the little girl who insists on having a job before marrying someone completely has the right idea. Thinking long term, a job is more important that a husband. A job is reliable and anything can happen she you chose to marry someone. Children are brutally honest, and they don’t even realize it. It’s funny.

  10. Christopher Rodriguez

    Children are so carefree there’s never any need to penalize them on their honesty. It may be brutal but their cuteness makes up for it.

  11. The first little girl is so darn cute!! They’re all adorable.

  12. aww how cute, its funny the things little kids do or say when there a kid. They can really surprise you at times.

  13. I loved all these videos, children can be very honest. Every child is different and it’s amazing to see all their different personalities. I work with children often and have one of my own and not one is the same. Adults have to be careful as to what they say and do because children pick up on everything. They are all special in their own way.

  14. All these videos I loved made me laugh so hard. My little cousin is the same way kids are just funny because they will say anything. The little girl in “I’m Gonna Kick His Ask” is so cute and she’s funny at the end “ooohhhhhh” but it also reminds you that they do really have a sponge for a mind, they will pick up everything and anything they hear from others.

  15. Alexandria A. Precie

    All of these kids remind me of my little cousins. They say the funniest things and they say them so seriously that they get upset when we laugh.
    Also, if you look up “#Kimmel YouTube Film — Bitman Begins” actors Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep did a dramatic comedy skit about Charlie Bit My Finger. So hilarious.

  16. Children are my absolute favorite. I think i like them so much cause they are so honest and funny!

  17. Children brighten the day and are completely honest when they have nothing to lose, for the most part. The fact that children have such a sense when it comes to details is amazing to me, and that they are not afraid to ask questions is a good habit that should be kept through life.

  18. The first video made me laugh so hard its sad to say some people find this adorable kids are innocent.

  19. This was hilarious kids are so funny and crazy now in days.

  20. I love kids around these ages. They aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds. They haven’t learned that other kids can be hurtful because of what they say in response. I wish kids could stay this cute and innocent forever.

  21. I can attest as being a parent myself that kids say the darndest thisngs! I especially got a kick out of the little girl who was adamant that she needed a job for herself first before she got married and that if that man didn’t like it she would find another one who supported her plan! Good for her! lol

  22. These are so funny to me. I’ve seen them on YouTube before and got a great laugh out of them. Sometimes kids are smarter than they seem, for example the girl who said she wants a job before she gets married. It’s good that she already knows what she wants and has such high standards for her future. While other children and even grown ups aren’t even thinking those thoughts for themselves.

  23. Ha ha these videos are great. Kids are just so funny and will say and do the weirdest things.

  24. The little boy who says he doesn’t like his Mommy but he does when she gives him cookies was the cutest! All these kids are still young, they’re all innocent and they’ll learn what to say and what not to say one day, but for now we can all laugh at their blatant honesty, because that’s what kids do! I definitely loved my Mommy when I was that age but I didn’t necessarily like her. 😉 I kid I love my Mom.

  25. Kids are the best, I just love them! They don’t care what anybody thinks of them, they just say it how it is ! If only it stayed that way forever…

  26. I think a main reason why children are so expressive of their thoughts and feelings is because they don’t really have fear of judgement from others yet so children kind of just tell it how it is which can be very entertaining these videos are good examples of this.

  27. I am going to be one of those parents who will record everything my children do , just so I can happen to record something so hilarious. I remember when that Charlie Bit my finger video came out , everyone was talking about it and I had to check it out myself and I found it to be the most adorable video ever.

  28. It’s hilarious to see what kids are really thinking and how they can imitate exactly what they see and hear on TV, even if they don’t really know what it means!

  29. The little girl who talks about the job is so cute! they all are, this was great (:

  30. I love these videos so much, they crack me up every time I watch them

  31. This really did put a smile on my face. I love these videos so much

  32. All of these videos made my day. I wish I new a little kid like these that would make me laugh 🙂

  33. Kids are honestly the most entertaining things in the world. Its amazing to me that a little girl has more independence then most woman do. Its so funny to me. These videos always give me a good laugh and i hope i can capture moments like these whenever I am a mother.

  34. I think it’s great how kids can be themselves whether they like there mommy sometimes or if they love to sing Katy Parry songs. They express themselves without thinking what people are going to say about them or if its a good or bad way of expression. Kids are also very cute and lovable and so easy to talk to because they tell you whats on there mind.

  35. These three videos crack me up everytime I see them! Children are so innocent and brutally honest at times which is always funny to watch!

  36. Haha. Watching these videos always gives me a chuckle.

  37. well there is one thing I can completely understand after watching these videos and that is that children are fricken cute! They are so funny and so innocent when they speak the truth and often times it is hilarious.

  38. Young children are naturally honest, until they learn how to censor their words. They eventually learn what words hurt other peoples feelings, and what words not to say. But these children were absoultely adorable and made my day a little bit better!

  39. Children are just naturally innocent because of their young age. They see the world at it is presented to them and nothing more. Once they grow older, they will be able to think, interpret, and see the other side of the world.

  40. All of these videos made me crack up and I can always appreciate a child with a sense of humor. While babysitting, I’ve heard kids say some weirdest things and wish I would have recorded some of those funny moments. I absolutely loved the video of the little girl who does NOT want to get married before she has a job. I’m sure she will grow up to be very driven and independent!

  41. I thought it was just my sisters who are very opinionated.It looks like kids are just honest because they dont have a filter nor do they understand the reaction of their words.

  42. Kids are the only ones that are going to be brutally honest. I love the girl that said she wouldn’t marry you until she has a job. That’s the motives we need to instill in every woman in America today. Most women are living for the glitz and glamour of being a “housewife” because television has changed our entire views. We believe that being a housewife is the best thing you can do and to marry rich is “winning”. The morals of some people today is a disgrace to our country I think.

  43. Children are honest because they haven’t learned the value of censoring their words yet. Society norms become apparent throughout adolescence by authoritative reinforcement. Its intriguing to recollect on my childhood where I was always told to be honest with everyone and now that I am older I know sometimes its not always wise to be honest. This is especially true in situations that will lead to altercations. Sometimes benevolent lies are necessary for our interpersonal relations.

  44. This clearly shows kids really say how they truly feel no matter what is being said. I really loved the 2nd video with the little girl saying that she will not marry a man without a job.

    • Children are honest . It is what makes them so innocent and adorable. Growing up my friends and I would watch these videos because they were absolutely hilarious. I believe their honesty also shows their intelligence. I stopped looking at these videos when my little brother was born. There were moments of brutal honesty internet worthy.

  45. Little kids are the best because they have no filter, they will say anything. But that does have a down side since they will repeat anything that is said around them since they think its ok to say it.

  46. Little kids are the best. They say thee funniest things. Children really don’t have a filter what so ever and always like to speak the truth, its what I like the most about kids. The kid in the third video is my favorite hahaha he’s adorable.

  47. i love little kids! you always know that they are being honest. I loved when the little boy told his mom he loved her but doesnt like her all the time, that is so true. The little girl who said she didnt wanna marry anyone until she got a job is smart. i really liked all of these videos; they were all really cute.

  48. I like how kids are so honest. I wish people stayed like that it would make things a lot easier in life instead of lying about dumb things.

  49. Kids say the funniest things all the time! It’s funny because they are the most honest people out of everyone in the world. The cookie video and the charlie bit me video are my favorites! I’ve seen the Charlie one so many times and it really never gets old! Kids are a lot smarter then everyone thinks they are.

  50. My little brother is 10 years old and he says some very funny things. He really is a little character! I love and miss the innocence of childhood where if we did say something bad like that we don’t know its bad.

  51. Kids really do say the funniest things. My favorite video is the one with the boy who doesn’t like his mommy all of the time, only when she gives him cookies. He says it in the cutest little voice and you can’t take it seriously because it has no meaning behind it and it’s so cute!

  52. Kids are so great they always make me laugh. Its funny how they pick up so easily on vulgar language. My favorite one is when the litter girl is talking about how there going to kick her ass!

  53. Kids are the best! They are so funny and honest.

  54. These videos are very funny. My daughter is about their age. She reminds me of the second video. She says the she really likes me when she wants to go shopping and when she wants candy.Toddlers are very adorable because they say what is on their mind all the time. They sure have freedom of speech.

  55. Those kids were hilarious. The little girl talking about the monster in the closet was priceless. The thing that’s sticks out to me is the fact that kids say exactly what they feel ,precisely when they mean to. There are no politics involved in their decisions. It’s as simple as calling it like you see. This is a concept I actually wrote about for my Self-Reliance essay.

  56. These videos were pretty funny. Although, I have to say the first video shocked me when I heard the little girl say that specific word. I was like ” and her mom lets her say this?” Her mom did end up correcting her, but after she had said it 3 or 4 times. It is cute how these kids are able to express themselves by telling the truth.

  57. This shows the parents that kids are like sponges they hear something and think its okay to repeat. Although it is funny to watch we must all be carful as to what we are saying especiallly around young children.

  58. Imagine if everyone in the world were so brutally honest like these children. Now that would be funny. It reminds me of that movie Liar Liar with Jim Carey and how he can only tell the truth.

  59. Children do not have an understanding of when to speak their mind and when not to. So of course its going to be cute. But as they get older, they will have a clear understanding of how communication works. I’ve always enjoyed a childs blunt attitude. I feel like children and the elderly can get away with that.

  60. we all know kids they dont hold back anything .Kids are like sponges and will repeat anything they hear people say . when they see there parents laughing at these things they thinks its alright

  61. I respect a child’s honesty, even though the truth might be harsh. Brutal honesty is better than a lie, at least that’s how I feel.

  62. Sometimes the blunt words of children can be very sharp as we may have seen a glimpse of what could be said.

  63. Wow ! These kids have no shame hahah. They are terribly honest but i think recording them and giving them more attention makes them say even more nonsense just because they think it’s okay because you are giving them so much attention about it.

  64. I was cracking up on the second and last video. They remind me of my sister who is 16 but has autism so her mind is actually younger than her. She is brutally honest with everyone, for example, she dislikes one of our neighbors kids and when he walks in she screams what is he doing here!? That too I find funny and I envy how she is so open with her feelings.

  65. Man this is so true my daughter says some crucial things sometimes it hurts haha but kind of funny from a 4 year old to say. It is also embarrassing when your out in public and they say honest things in front of others and you suddenly turn red.

  66. These videos are pretty darn funny. Though, regarding the first video i don’t think a little girl at that age should be having foul language, but at least her mother corrected her. I used to love that last video! It is so darling! I love how little kids are brutally honest, yes it can be hurtful, but it is the truth. It also can be found entertaining, like these videos.

  67. It is really cute when children are honest. They are expressing what they think. Even though the first two videos are kind of inappropriate things for little kids to say, they are still been honest. I rather like my kids tell the truth than tell lies. The mom in the first video corrected her child at the end. That is good so the little girl will change her words.

  68. Kids are very opinionated. They say what they want because they don’t feel like there will be any negative repercussion if they have heard it from an elder. Kids always speak the truth, probably more then adults.

  69. these video was so funny i like first one she think it was funny to say that word but it wasn’t i glad that she said oh that was not word. second video was like wow 6 years old little girl very smart to get job before married. third one that most funny i like that little Charles was laugh. these child was normal it was funny when the children saying something. Parents teach children which right or wrong .

  70. i have seen most of these video’s before but the girl than needed a job was one that i haven’t. it is funny that she’s saying that but she’s getting that from her parents.

  71. Kids must be kids but some of those kids did not say some nice things. I thought it was pretty mean what the little boy said to his mom even hough he didnt know thatit was making her feel bad. Also the little girl who kept on saying ass all the time should not have been alloud to keep saying that even though she didnt know what it meant.

  72. Oh my goodness! I think the first two videos are very inappropriate. In the first video, the mom laughs at the fact the daughter is trying to say a “cuss” word. In my opinion, when you laugh at a child’s action, it is kind of letting them know it is ok to do it and it is funny, which kids enjoy making people laugh. I don’t think this video should be praised, let alone on the internet. The second video just saddens me because I think little girls should be thinking of other things, rather than thinking of marriage and what kind of man they want. The last two videos on the other hand are very cute and funny. The little boy who loves his mom, yet likes her best when she gives him cookies is priceless.

  73. Kids are acting to much like adults these days. But it is crazy how some kids are up front about everything. It kind of reminds me of myself an how I tell it how I see it.

  74. These videos ate so funny. Kids are indeed brutally honest. I think the five hear old that want to have a job before marriage, is actually a smart idea. Hope that she actually continue to think that way as she gets older.

  75. This is my favorites and it remind me of my beautifully girls. The girls make me laughing so hard because when they sign languages to us make me crack up. Kids are always going to be fun and really honest in how they feel. It is just so funny to see them act this way. Also, favorites is part their face expressions in the funny way of expressions. Kids are just naturally so honest and very blunt. My girls are picking up their deaf parents in the sign languages. I wish they never grew out of it! I missed them when they were little girls. The languages are good to influent know how in the sign languages. My older daughters knew in the three languages.

  76. I love how honest kids are, I wish they never grew out of it! Sometimes the things they say are hurtful, but at least they are telling the truth. And most of the words coming out of their mouth is very funny.

  77. These remind me of my children. To watch children stumble over words in order to gain command of the language is priceless. It is a part of growing up and is the basis to most embarrassing stories parents keep for when their children are older.

  78. I love kids. they always say the funniest things!

  79. kids are just naturally so honest, this definitely made my day. Children are just fun and they pick up from their parents. Every word or thing a parent does in front of the child, its like the example they are setting to them. overall this was just so interesting and very blunt.

  80. I love these video they make me crack up. They seriously made my day. Kids are always going to be fun and really honest in how they feel. It is just so funny to see them act this way.

  81. These videos are almost a celebration of the innocence of youth! These children are still free to speak their minds. As they grow up, they learn how society will conform them to their social rules. Until then, I hope every child can experience childhood in innocence and with adorably cute and funny questions.

  82. These videos reminded me of Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” in how he explains that children are truly individualists because they are not yet exposed to the restrictions of society and parents.

  83. These kids are so cute! And they are really honest. They can say things that adults cannot dare say. I wish I could go back to when I was kids.. so I can be pure and innocent again..! “Charlie bit my finger again” is really cute by the way.

  84. I have seen these videos prior to this web posting. I think the first video is adorable. and the Charlie bit my finger one had me LOL.

  85. Kids are brutally honest and at times it can be funny but not always. Cute videos really made me laugh.

  86. These videos were great! I could not stop laughing. It reminds me so much of work because kids always have something to say. My favorite video was the first one. “Im gonna kick his a** before he kicks my a**” haha priceless.

  87. The first video was my favorite. Little kids are so funny when they curse that way. They like to curse because they try to say everything that they hear someone else saying and most people use those words. It is very hard to keep yourself from saying something bad in front of a little kid because people use a lot of bad language in everyday life.

  88. I absolutely love these videos. I think that one of the most beautiful things about children is their innocence and that they just don’t know any better. It is not only endearing but also very funny, as shown by these videos.

  89. These were too funny!! I have seen a couple of those before, but I never saw the one that only likes his mom when she gives him cookies. It’s so funny to hear what little kids have to say.

  90. Any normal person would see that there is definitely something going on with the mothers and fathers who are accually filming this to put up on you tube. What’s wrong with this world today.

  91. I love little kids!! They are genuinely honest, i have a niece who is very outspoken and boy does she make me crack up all the time!!

  92. This is priceless! I was laughing so hard and I shared these videos with my mother and she was bursting in laughter as well. It is so funny how the child says he loves her but doesn’t like her all the time. Moments like these with you child are priceless because you never know what they are going to say because they cannot proccess things as advanced as an adult and just say what comes to mind and makes sense in their own.

  93. Kids are very honest. Not always when you want them to be, but sometimes it’s good to know. Rule number one about kids, don’t tell them something you dont want anyone else to know.

  94. All three videos are funny and true at the same time. Children are honest and they speak their mind without the fear of being criticized because they obviously don’t know. Problem is as these kids grow up their honesty begins to decrease, now that’s some kind of irony.

  95. It’s funny but also refreshing how little kids are so honest. Now adays more people should be like this because it seems the only truth and honest responses you can get from people are from people under 10 years of age.

  96. It is easy to see why Anna Graceman at age 5 stated that she wanted a job and to do something special, after watching and listening to this very talented young girl. Listen to her sing the National Anthem.
    Charlie bit me reminded me of why a mother stops breast feeding, did you see those teeth. I agreeded with that young boy regarding liking someone for giving you cookies.

  97. Kids are funny and they will say anything. They dont have that buffer yet of what not to say so you get a strait up answer from them somethings. Even if you don’t want at that point in time.

  98. Haha, I love these videos. The first one is freaking hilarious and girl is too funny. She knows she’s funny. The second girl is really smart not to marry a man before she gets a job, a well paid one. I like that. lol And kids are usually the most honest ones around now. They are too funny.

  99. I love all these videos! Kids don’t always know right fro wrong in some situations which is why they say or do things like this, so that they can learn! But at the same time parents do need to watch how they talk around their kids because kids pick up on stuff so easily, and if they hear it enough they’ll assume that its okay to say.

  100. I agree with everyone else. Kids say the truth no matter what. I have seen these videos before and they still make me smile. I also think that we should be careful what we say to our children.

  101. Ahhh! All of these videos are adorable. The little dramatic girl was too cute and the one that doesn’t like his mommy unless she gives him cookies is my favorite. SOOOO adorable! 🙂

  102. Aww I love little kids! They are so innocent and pure. These videos warm my heart and made me laugh.

  103. Little kids are the funniest thing ever. They are so innocent and have no idea what is coming out of their mouth. The Charlie bit my finger bit is a classic. This totally made my day thank you professor!

  104. it is hilarious how some kids have no filter. they completely say what is on there mind and will tell it like it is. they also run off of emotion many times and say how they feel at the moment! it is hilarious because you cannot get mad at the children for they are so young! now if an adult were to do this, completely different story!

  105. omg, I absolutely loved the 5 year old! She’s has goals, you know? Kids say the darnest things! If you want honestly, ask a child!

  106. This video made my day :). Wow, these kids are funny, i loved the little girls face in the first video. The last video was also super funny too. Charlie rocks. Im a true believer that kids do say the truth, thats why whenever i buy new clothes i ask my little nice if it looks good.

  107. Ya, like Mike said these videos can brighten anyones day up. Pretty funny stuff. If I want to know how I am looking I can go and ask a little kid becuase I’m sure a can get an honest answer out of them.

  108. This is the funniest things i have seen! i keep showing it to everyone i know and just crack up laughing!

  109. I love the saying that kids and drunks are brutally honest. That being said, Kids should know manners by the time they reach 6.

  110. After watching the above videos I was not surprised! a child under the age of five have no filter, they say whatever comes to their mind without thinking before hand. I know this because I have a five and four year old! In the first video it just goes to show that responsible adults should watch what they say and do in the presence of children! All these videos shows a reflection of what the child is being exposed to whether it is from home or T.V. or at a friends’ house or relatives’ house. That is why it should be a top priority to all parents what their child is exposed to and what they allow them to witness. The little girl who says she has to have a job first before she gets married, in part yes its wonderful to tell your children to be self reliant and independent, but when teaching your child this you should also tell them that too much independence is not good either. The lesson that should be taken away after viewing these videos is that you are your child’s first model. The way that you act, dress, talk, and present yourself teaches your child more than what you say to them! Just think the model that you display for your son will be the model that he looks for in a wife when he is an adult. The model that you display for your daughter will be the model she will reference when she is an adult and is a woman and wife. Having children is a full time responsibility and a job that should not be taken lightly…we are raising the next generation!

  111. young kids know no better than to be honest. When they are young and being honest we find it to be cute . However with a few more years of age these cute acts will be seen as rude.

  112. I think that first and foremost it is very important to watch what we say around children because we, as adults, have a big influence on them. We also, however, need to be careful in not rewarding or supporting the behavior in any way cause this just lead the child into believing it is okay.

  113. in the very first video this shows that you need to watch what you say around children because they pick up those word and learn too use them then they think its ok because mommy or daddy sad them.

  114. these videos show that they say whats on their mind and how at a very young age kids already know what they want.

  115. These videos are almost a celebration of the innocence of youth! These children are still free to speak their minds. As they grow up, they learn how society will Conform them to their social rules.

  116. Sooooooo funny and adorable! Although, it is true we have to watch what we say and how we act around children, because they really do pick up EVERYTHING!

  117. These videos had me dieing, especially the girl that won’t get married until she has a job. Kids are too funny.

  118. All these videos seriously made my day. Kids are kids, they’re gonna tell you what’s on their mind no matter what. As we grow up we learn that there are certain things that we shouldn’t say or tell people.

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