If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period.

John Stewart at his best …

What is the significance of the empty bed behind the “good doctor” in this next photo?  Could it mean that nobody can afford to occupy it any more?  Maybe it means the previous occupant died.



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  1. I like the way John Stewart approached this with a sense of humor. For a few years Obama had said “if you like your doctor you can keep it, period.” Funny thing is many people have had to change their doctors and health care plans. The picture clearly says that people will not be able to afford health care and that it is why the bed is empty. The last video is kind of funny because it shows how Obama did not just mention it once, but more like numerous times and yet changes were still made because there was a blur and a lie to what was said prior to the changes made.

  2. He said that to ease everyone in to his plan. The when they were trapped he came out with the truth.

  3. Christopher Rodriguez

    Obama really shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep. Especially repetitive promises because once you change your statement, people will be quick to realize it.

  4. Obama is a failure. I wish he never touched anything. If he just sat in his office with duck tape over his mouth the country would be way better off. He’s so stupid how did he become the president of the United States. Are you kidding me?!

  5. Its hard to talk about Obamacare because it is so maddening. There has to be a change.

  6. Blatantly lying to the masses, even if he did not know that would happen, I know that I would not put my name on anything that I did not know 100% about.

  7. Obama is dictating the health care field. Since he is the president he thinks he can do what ever he wants regardless the consequences they won’t affect him, but only the people in the US. This president is full of lies and out to get those who are not educated enough.

  8. “If you like your health care you can keep it”…….but pay more money for it! Only because everyone is forced to cover medical costs for others. This is ridiculous. This is not offering America a healthcare that works for them as individuals. There is no freedom of choice here. How is this serving our constitutional rights?

  9. I’m kind of confused, the other day in class we talked about how Californian teachers were loosing there health care plan due to this whole Obamacare scandal; however, my Dad is a California public school teacher and we haven’t heard anything about our healthcare changing. I might be wrong and my Dad just hasn’t been informed of these changes yet, but so far we haven’t heard anything.

    • Obama gave special privileges to members of the NEA–me included. However that exemption ends in November of 2014, unless congress changes the plan–this is mandatory in the law. California teachers are luckier than others because we have STRS which is in a separate fund. We can’t lose what we paid in. However, cities that are going bankrupt are demanding that they be allowed to go bankrupt on funds they haven’t paid. It’s a mess. Teachers from other states have lost their exemptions. I’ve been following this closely. I think the likely solution will be to change the law, so that people with insurance can keep it. However, this idea is in trouble with people your age who are not willing to pay ridiculous fees for insurance they don’t need forever, just to support others–it is a complicated issue.

  10. It is pretty evident to me that our “democratically elected” leader takes this nation for a bunch of fools. What else could he think, when he tells blatant lies on national television? It’s one thing to admit when you are wrong, but it’s another when you try to change what you said in the past.

  11. Obama never mentioned anything about keeping your plans if they met the guidelines during all of his speeches. This was very misleading on his part and should have never made that claim.

  12. I agree with Keenan, but I don’t see how he could step up his game.

  13. your right i can keep my healthcare plan! and i am going to enjoy the process of getting sick to having to go the store and get medicine so stay in my bed and sleep! If i get injured i will look on the internet to figure out the issue and fix it because im not paying! i am talking sarcastically. People need healthcare that works for them but obama needs to step his game up because his proposal is in the gutter right now.

  14. “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” he says. It turns out he was wrong. Maybe it wasn’t Obama’s fault. Maybe he feels as ripped off as the American. There was some fine print that somebody missed and it led to this nationwide disaster.

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