Liberation Theology/Freedom of Religion?

In discussion with different students about our 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion and the practice thereof, the topic of liberation theology has come to my attention–this is something I know almost nothibng concrete and factual.  Instead of answering questions that I haven’t researched, I decided to find out what the liberation theologists say about themselves.  What I see here is some very angry people looking for a scapegoat for their own failures.  I’d really like someone to explain this movement–this is certainly contrary to the principles the United States Constitution was formed around and contrary to what most Americans understand as Christian theology.  What do you think?  People need to understand both sides of an argument to make a decision.  Can anyone find a better representation that might show a better argument?

Liberation Theology:

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  1. An afterthought to my previous comment, I reject the myth about Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church. I have many Roman Catholic friends and relatives–none of whom think like this. Every word I’ve heard from the new pope does not encourage this kind of heresy and I do not believe this fallacious thinking. go to 44 foul ways to make an argument and you will understand the fallacy.

  2. After you have viewed this video, consider President Obama’s speech on 9/11/14. Obama said innocent Mulims were being killed and only side tracked the murder of thousands and thousands of Christians by ISIS, which he mistakenly calls ISIL. He didn’t make reference to the 2 American reporters who were beheaded and the heinous act posted on line. He didn’t reference the Jews being murdered by Hamas. What Hyprocricy!!! He said “God Bless America,” but I wonder if he had his fingers crossed behind his back. I have been told, but I can’t remember the source so this may be an urban myth that he swore in as President on the Koran, not the Bible. So I wonder, who is he calling God? He doesn’t appear to be on the side of Christians, but claims to be one.

  3. These men are not teaching Christian values. They are putting Black Theology before the teachings of Jesus Christ. The teachings of James Cone are that of hatred, poisoning his followers.

  4. Really, in order to repentance is to give back what was taken. Then he goes on and said, “white people take a lot from black people.” It sounded to me like he is racist. Why do people hold on to hate? It is best to learn to forgive and ease your soul than holding on grudges.

  5. “Black Theology will only accept the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy”?? Wow Yes this is hate speech. I cannot believe that people actually follow this belief. I can’t believe the President of the United States attends these masses!! I grew up in a Catholic household. I attended catechism as a kid and I never heard this type of speech in the masses I attended. I rarely attend anymore, but I don’t believe that a God…God…is a God of hate. This is wrong. Sooo wrong! There is too much hate in this world, it’s sad. Why can’t we just treat each other with respect and do good acts? White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay, Straight etc. I don’t care. We’re HUMAN.

  6. This video was very shocking and confusing because of how they were discussing everything with so much disgust and hate. I agree with professor Kollitz that i have never attended a church where there was so much anger and hate in their speeches, it’s shameful.

  7. Watching this video at first, I was extremely confused. Seeing a video with vengeful words from African Americans, President Barack Obama, and the church is not a good equation. After reading Esteban’s comment, it made more sense to me. What I took from the movement is that for one to fulfill this theology, one must be available to the needs of others. Seeing the quote by James Cone surprised me. “Black Theology will only accept the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.” Hearing this viewpoint sickens me ultimately because Blacks have understood what it feels like to be oppressed in a society but yet they’re wanting to destroy the whites now. It’s sickening.

  8. Liberation Theology is a political movement put forth by some very influential thinkers of the Roman Catholic Church and embraced by the papacy. It references some teachings of Jesus where he makes statements like “if you have two coats, give one to your neighbor.” They are quick to run with these ideas, and many are trying to create a law system where wealth is equally distributed to everyone. Uniting church with state, and using force to make people obey the “teachings of Jesus”. If you have a big house but are not using all of it, it would be considered unjust and you would be forced to share it with the needy. Imagine a world where people have the right to take something from you – anything they want – because supposedly they need it more than you. And if you did anything to stop them you would be breaking the law…

    Current events/movements:
    “On January 18, 2014, Pope Francis met with Fr. Arturo Paoli, an Italian priest whom the Pope knew from Paoli’s long service in Argentina. Paoli is recognized as an exponent of liberation theology avant la lettre and the meeting was seen as a sign of ‘reconciliation’ between the Vatican and the liberationists”
    There are many more quotes you can research and read for yourself, suggesting what the papacy has in store for the whole world. I will research more when I have the time.

  9. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea I agree with professor I’ve grew up in a christian based home because of my nana and I feel no relation at all in this video this is beyond crazy. Kind of lost for words.

  10. This sounds like fa schism and no relation to Orthodox Christianity. I have never heard this kind of hate speech in any church I hve ever attended.

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