From Disney’s “White Wilderness”

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  1. Totally enjoyed this video about these cute little animals. This video makes us realize that not everything well edited is true. We usually go in our daily lives believe in lies people, on fake documents and fake videos. The fact that the professor Kollitz told the class that this video is not true. The message that conveys is that it is not always smart to be a follower but rather to be the leader so you can be followed.

  2. This short film greatly depicts how much of America is now mostly reliant on the news and what they are fed through television. It’s important for us as individuals to do our own research and not just follow ‘public opinion’ but instead develop our own unique opinion. This video makes me realize too that I should never just contemplate word to mouth but instead always do my own in depth research because there is a lot more going on than what you just see on the news.

  3. These lemmings show the importance of individual thought. It’s like the common back-and-forth of “Well everyone else is doing it.” and “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” People need to be more individual with their thoughts. That’s the only way that society can come up with more options about how we go about doing things. If we all thought alike, then we would have a limit on what solutions we would have for problems that we would encounter. More options equal more specific answers. If the answer is more specific, then it also becomes better suited for the question.

  4. Even though this video is so short and simple it has to be my favorite. It’s really just about these little animals all moving toward the ocean for no reason, just because others are going. I feel this is really how our society is, people just follow the crowd and don’t really stop and ask “why are we doing this again?” It’s tragic that these little animals literally jump off this cliff to swim to their deaths just because they aren’t smart enough to know otherwise. They’re lemmings and that’s what they do, they follow.

  5. Its crazy to think that we as an audience believe everything we see on television or advertised to us. I am glad professor Kollitz let us know that this video is not genuine. I liked the message behind it though and that is too never be a follower, but follow just yourself.

  6. While this video is based on an urban legend, I still find that it has much to be taken from it. The lemmings show the possible consequences of just blindly following the crowd. It is important to be unique, and do what you want to do. Everyone should create their own identity and be proud of who they are.

  7. It’s better to a unique individual rather than following a crowd and not having suffiecent knowledge to survive for themselves. Knowledge is key for survival.

  8. I’ve seen this video a couple times now and it still doesn’t fail to entertain me. I’ve never seen any animal jump off a cliff like lemmings do. They’re interesting little mammals.

  9. This video made me giggle some what. The overall message to this this video is that it represents many people who are blind to where they want to walk and follow others foot steps instead!

  10. A great propaganda piece, people will believe anything that is spoon fed to them as truth. This is a good example of why you must not believe everything you hear or read. Approach everything with a healthy skepticism, yet be open minded.

  11. Although this video is an urban legend I think the message is very accurate. A lot of times we become Leemers and we end up following people or ideas that we shouldn’t. It is so easy to lose your identity that is why it is so important to take some time to reflect and become aware of what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them.

  12. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I loved this video not only were these things so cute the message behind it is even greater! Don’t follow anyone, be a leader yourself not a follower!

  13. This definitely has a subliminal message attached to it. We should not go throughout life following other people because sometimes that could lead to trouble as it does for these little creatures. To be independent and make smart choices is what everyone should strive for.

  14. A small rodent. Mass suicide occurred. A lemming followed another one and so on then they all jumped off a cliff into Arctic ocean. They eventually all died, but luckily a few survived and it is said that the same thing will happen again when there is an overpopulation of them the same story will be retold. I can somewhat compare this to our society, we follow each other or believe those when we have not ourselves checked if it is true or found facts.

    • The story is a sham, an urban legend. Walt Disney made a phony documentary in the 1950s called White Wilderness and sent these voracious little rodents into the freezing artic ocean, which was not their natural habitat. Liana Romo wrote that this was a “metaphor” for blindly following–se her comment.

  15. William J. Gonzales

    This kind of reminds of the people in out society who follow other individual blindly. And from that they will not survive! you want to be a part of the select group that is self reliant, strong, and has some common sense.

  16. Miranda B. Barragan

    We talked about these animals today. However, I believe that this is a metaphor. It is saying that people need to think for themselves. They cannot just be following everyone else and doing what the person in front of them is doing.

  17. Wow, why would these little guys jump off a cliff to death? I guess this could be used as a metaphor to show that people follow their leader no matter what. Be your own person and don’t follow what others do because it can lead you to doom.

  18. i guess this could be a metaphor to how some people behave. They will follow the leader to any extent no matter what the intention is. Then again, animals are peculiar

  19. It is amazing to see these animals jumping from outrageous heights into water to commit an mass suicide attempt even when they had several chances to turn back. This shows a scenario of survival of the fittest as a few did survive the ordeal.

  20. I wonder why they jumped off a cliff to their death. I know I wouldnt be doing that ever. At least they are daring and have the guts to do something as dangerous as that.

  21. Survival of the fittest at its finest haha. I think i saw one of these creatures on the movie Bambi

  22. Christopher Rodriguez

    I wonder why they choose to go off into the ocean like that it’s very strange. As long as they don’t become extinct, these odd little creatures are definitely interesting.

  23. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    Wow this is so insane! These little things are so strange, but so adorable. However if I ever found a whole pack of lemmings swimming in the ocean where I am at, I would potentially freak out because they are such strange little creatures. One thing is for sure, they are braver than I am because I would never jump off a cliff that high!

  24. It was quite a way to die. You wonder what drove them all to go on a frenzy to jump off the cliff thinking there would be more shore. It’s amazing how mother nature controls the population of some species. Nice that some survived to breed and until the next time they will continue to survive.

  25. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    These little things are crazy and I am surprised these have not gone extinct! If I were to be a little creature, I would choose to be one of these because they are daring… Kind of like a honey badger.

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