Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison

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  1. Drug charges are absolutely ridiculous. For whatever reason, the lawmakers believe that people who sell and/or handle drugs deserve such an extreme sentence and really need to find another way to solve the problem. True, selling and providing a source for drug abusers is a terrible act; however, with the perpetually increasing demand for it, the business side of illegal drugs will only continue to grow. Having more than half of jail sentences be for drug charges doesn’t help solve the issue, it merely creates another one with the overpopulation of prisons.

    Also, the privatization of prison systems is probably the least thought out action that governments can make. Allowing prisons to maintain order of their premises with a meager two officers as a means to “save money” is pretty much asking for the worst possible scenarios for the prisoners. Prisons shouldn’t be seen as a business because that will only rule out the purpose of have having those kind of facilities, which is to help them realize their wrong doings. If people are sentenced to a hellhole for a large portion of their life, it’s unlikely they’ll make any progress in benefiting society and will probably come out of those facilities far worse than they had entered.

  2. I believe these kinds of shows are productive. They talk of world events and terrible acts occurring, but present it in a comedic way to keep people interested. This kind of news is a good way to get more people involved in what is going on in the world today.

  3. I feel the prison system is one of those things that is designed to have a revolving door at its entrance and its unfortunate that people get stuck in them solely because of the design of it. I too as others have said know someone that has been tied up in our societies current prison system and it is quite horrible the way the living conditions these humans are forced to live in. I do not feel that they deserve all their rights as Americans however at what point do we as a society turn our backs negligently to those criminals that are and still human should have human rights?

  4. I view prison as a legal way of slavery. Although many people deserve to be behind bars due to their actions, but the courts take advantage of many others and give them a ridiculous sentence. For instance, I know many people who have been in and out of prison, and the system sets each and every one up for failure. First, people are offered a ridiculous sentence, and they refuse to accept it, so after they hire a lawyer, their sentence is cut by a few years, but still a ridiculous sentence, so the person accepts it in order to avoid spending more time behind bars. Every new prison built in the US is guaranteed to be filled by inmates, and that is nonsense. The job duties these people must do are pretty strenuous, yet they get paid about 20 cents an hour.

    Another issue that I have with the media is that prison is being glamorized on television with all of the popular shows. For instance, “Orange is the new Black” depicts women in a prison with many luxuries, good nights rest, and healthy food served daily with wonderful relationships with other women, and parties! Unfortunately that is not how prison really goes down.

  5. This was such a great video that sarcastically taught me a lot about prisons. I found it disturbing that black people are 10 times more likely to go to prison for drug use than white people. Also, i found it comical how the director of federal prisons didn’t know what the average size of a cell was. Prison is a common thing in society today which is a big problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

  6. How does America end this problem? May be we should get back to living lives with universal rules folllowed by all resonable people. Don’t commit the 7 deadly sins featured in the movie Se7en would help fix the problem. Perhaps, another solution would be to stop persecuting Jews , Christians, and other peaceful religious people who treat others like they want to be treated. Enforce the rule of law guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the US constitution: freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion.

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