Langston Hughes’ Theme for English B

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  1. Langston Hughes is a mixture of white and black, and this paper points out how daily life is for him. For me at first, I found this poem to be too simple, but as I heard this poem several times, I then concluded that the simplicity was its greatest attribute.

  2. This is actually one of the first times hearing or even reading a Langston Hughes poem and it was great. Now that I have it makes me want to look into more of his work.

  3. I have always been jealous of anyone who can write great essays without a struggle. I liked how Hughes wasn’t afraid to write down what he really thought, but was able to make the words flow with ease.

  4. Langston Hughes definitely has a good understanding of the English language. He always has a good flow, and is very descriptive in his poems. Hughes poem illuminates the ideas of Equality and Comprehension, and he expresses those ideas with such clarity and vividness. He is truly a gifted individual.

  5. This just shows that there are so many things that join human kind together. I find Langston Hughes to be a quirky, enjoyable poet. In my Humanities class my first semester, I did a whole presentation about him. I found out that he struggles a s a poet because he was both black and white, and therefore he was always in strife with both communities. The black community scorned him for not being black enough and the white community scorned him for pretending to be white. Many of Hughes memoirs showed that he did not feel accepted by either community. Sometimes I find that interesting that people of one race only consider others a part of their culture if they have a certain percentage of the blood. It’s as if there is an invisible measuring cup to decipher and categorize a person. Why couldn’t everyone embrace every race they are? Or how about not focus on it? I wonder what people would do if everyone took a DNA test and realized that they have so much more diversity in them then they realize.

  6. I liked the way the poem uses the task of completing an specific English assignment as the theme. It reflects that even though there are people of different races in America, they are all part of an inseparable identity of what’s called America today. One group should be able to learn from, co-exist and form a corporative, harmonious community with the other.

  7. This poem is very descriptive and well put together, that it gives you a visual of all his words.

  8. It is comforting to see/hear that of course if not most students but a lot of students have the same thought about writing papers. I know I freak out about writing them.

  9. I see a lot of people read this poem at a younger age. This is the first time I read/hear it. Its quite a gripping ability with such a great detail to descriptive and carefully chosen words. Very good poetry!

  10. Interesting poem. The beginning was unusual but as it kept going, i was able to identify that this was a student with a particular task. The student was blunt in his poem in which described his likes and dislikes.Giving this task to just write a page, gave forth an open mind and allowed him to be creative.

  11. In my opinion, this poem is an example of how art breaks through barriers. It seems that throughout history art has been a prominent channel for which the oppressed can have a voice. Humans have this incredible ability to recognize greatness in spite of misconstrued beliefs. Although I don’t think this poem is Langston Hughes’ best, it is definitely an early indicator of his talent.

  12. i love how this poem tells the story that everyone wants the same thing and it doesn’t matter what color, gender, etc you are

  13. This poem show a lot of people thee the daily things we do the stuff we like the food we eat the planet we live on are the same. You don’t have to a certain color to like this or that. Very well implied meaning for this poem.

  14. this was a really good poem I loved the flow and tone of it. the message was clear about equality, it was so descriptive for being such a short video. I really liked it.

  15. I love this poem, wrote a story on it when I was younger. Didn’t really know who he was, that didn’t really matter to me much what stuck with me was the message I got. The bluntness in his tone about life, was what I loved. Race doesn’t matter equality does.

  16. One of my all time favorite poets; Langston Hughes. I really liked the flow of the poem and how Hughes speaks from an African American prospective. I think this poem is about being creative and speaking your mind. Also I think this poem is about equality among the races because at the end of the day we are all just people.

  17. I remember reading this poem when I was a lot younger
    I didn’t understand it then
    Langston Hughes was a great poet
    I personally think this poem is quite powerful
    We are all one
    However, we are categorized by our skin color as if it makes us any more or less human
    I love that although he was considered “colored” he still became famous
    To me that says that regardless of what battles we face we can prevail under any circumstance we just have to stay strong

  18. A black inked pen written on white paper is the only way the words written can be seen. Now, replace the pen and the paper with people. Do you get what im saying?

  19. This story represents a lot of us. We may not be linked together by color, but we are linked together by our everyday lives. It does not matter what our ethnic background, we have so many things in common, our music, friends, food, ideas, family values, etc. Let us think about our friends that we have, why is it that we have friends that are closer than family. They understand us as a person, our ideas, our goals, our music, and also just have so many things in common with us.

  20. After so many years of writing essays you’d think that we would be able to just sit and write with no hesitations or problems. But I think taking so many English classes makes us more critical about our writing. Maybe it could be because we expect more from ourselves, after passing one class and moving on to a higher level. I still to this day struggle a bit, just with getting started. I feel like we know what we want to write but once it gets to getting down on paper we over think and that makes it a longer process.

  21. I am envious of anyone that can just write beautiful thoughts without a struggle. This has to be one of the most simple assignments, yet as a student I know we tend to over analyze any given assignment. It does not matter if the instructor said it can be about anything we still try to write what we think they want us to write. This kind of helps me see the connection in that one video we saw in class about the girl who had the job interview and kept choosing C because that was what she knew was expected of her.

  22. That was beautiful. And to think the last time I had to do an assignment that was just write something down and it does not matter what you write I wrote about not being able to write or think of anything to write.

  23. I believe he did make that english assignment his own. I am very impressed how he was able to identify racism without being racist. He refused to let his race define him, but acknowledged that others may try.

  24. It seems a lot of the time students who struggle while doing their work think that they are the only ones having a hard time. But that’s not so there’s always other people dealing with the same problem. I loved the poem, i loved the rhythm and flow of it. It truly embodies your typical college student.

  25. “What to write about?” is always the million dollar question. English isn’t a particularly challenging subject but it is very time consuming. It takes time to analyze and think critically of what a person wants to write about. It also takes a lot of time to gather thoughts, facts and ideas. Once a person has a clear vision for a paper, the process of actually putting it into words becomes yet, another challenge. Comforting to know I’m not the only person who goes through this process.

  26. We all know that we have to do essays in any English class we take. Nevertheless, it always caught us off guard when the teacher tells us to start writing one. Many thoughts are going through the students mind. Thought about what, why and how are they going to write it. Inspiration reaches students most likely through the body paragraphs. This poem can be applied to most of the students how have experience hard time starting a paper but later on have a storm of great ideas for it.

  27. This poem is a great representation of what it is like to write papers in college. I feel the same way when i sit down to write. It starts off slow as i try to find myself in what i am writing about, then once a connection is made i feel like my hand can’t keep up with my mind as it races at the the new connections i am making with the subject. When is happens i feel like i write my best papers, because it is no longer a assignment with a word limit but a drive to express what i have learn about myself through the assigned work.

  28. It’s humorous to know that other college students are just as indecisive and allow themselves to question what’s around them. It’s a time in people’s lives where they start figuring out how to live, but how can they live the right way when there’s so many ways to do so? We enter this phase in our life blinded and with the choices given we become the person we truly are.

  29. I loved loved loved this!! He was such a great poet. This poem is so descriptive you could feel like you’re there. This poem is real talk, he just writes what he sees, what he feels, what moves him. I love the music in the background, I often play this when I’m home in deep cleaning mode lol! Or whenever I need a change from this repetitive music on the radio. The first poem that I read by Langston Hughes was “Dreams” and I think I was like in the 3rd or 4th grade. It’s poems like this that inspire me.

  30. the page that the professor asked him to wire is an endless list of what a college student thinks they are. they don’t know if they are successful, anxious, apprehensive, dismissive or anything! they don’t know! we are just young pups in this world trying to figure things out.

  31. Exploring himself. What is he? Is he a collection of the things he experiences? His interests? Bessie Smith, bebop jazz, Bach, the sounds of the city. He comes to the conclusion “aren’t you me”, perhaps because we all share experience. I like how he isn’t afraid to dive into his imagination and channel the simplest of experiences into his voice, and as he is active in that, he finds a little more about his identity. Today an older man asked me “What is it with you? Do you even know who you are?” I think he was having a mid-life crisis.

  32. Often we may go through life blinded by the comfort of repetitive tasks performed throughout the day. Langston finds himself in this sort of situation not knowing what to write on his page. As he sits back and observes what is around him, what is true. The haze is lifted and he becomes clear. Talking directly to his teacher he explains how it is to be colored in Harlem while 22. He doesn’t understand racism because they are all apart of each other, after all they are all American. This is a call unto sanity, what is race when we are all people. More so we are all Americans.

  33. At first he doesn’t know what to write about and then he starts talking about his life, his reality that is formed by what he feels, hears, and sees. A life in which different colored people do have their differences, but they also have their similarities, despite the fact they wished to be separate entities in the end for every person the people they meet becomes a part of them regardless of their color of skin.

  34. This poem was very easy to understand. I like how he started the poem by saying, “Let the page come out of you”. That sounds easy to do but we all know papers aren’t that easy to do.

  35. I love this poem! I interpret this poem as a young man discovering his voice speaking his emotions, a young man of twenty two, very in touch with his surroundings (describing Harlem). Given the date of the poem and the references to being colored in an all white school this man comes to grips with race as given the last half of the poem,

    “…So will my page be colored that I write?
    Being me, it will not be white.
    But it will be
    a part of you, instructor.
    You are white— ”

    This may be both inner conflict externalized or perhaps more so an expression of individuality and beauty of being diverse at a time when diversity was not as celebrated.

  36. Hahah. This poem is funny to me. Typical college student writing a “page” for english. This student didn’t have a clue as to what to write, but the instructor said ” Go home and write a page tonight and let the page come out of you, then it will be true.” This student is funny, but truthful… typical college student.

  37. This is a very well out poem! Langston Hughes really puts his poems into perspective. They’re very one of a kind poems.

  38. WOw this is truly a beautiful poem really speaks to me and really make me paint an imagine in my head. How I love reading poem that i understand.

  39. This was a very beautiful poem, what excite me was they originality of this poem. It was a very understandable poem.

  40. This was a very beautiful poem, what excite me was they originality of this poem.

  41. This poem is just so beautiful! It excites me to understand how this person is very original with the idea of the equality that we all have. We should be equal and understanding of each other.

  42. All of the images and thought going through my mind as i was watching this were amazing to me. really great use of everything.

  43. I can’t get past the beautiful mental imagery Hughes displays in his poetry. I really really liked this poem.

  44. The thoughts that come to my mind when listening to this poem are creative, unique, original, spontaneous, and fresh.

  45. He is truly a genius in painting a picture in peoples mind so that they truly understand what he is saying to everybody.

  46. langston hughes is such a great poet how he put things together and just gives you a visual when he throws his words your way.

  47. Hughes did such an amazing job. He is so descriptive in everything he speaks about and it made me realize how he really felt!

  48. I love all of his poems they have their own flow and language behind the words….and they are so real to the times…they are truly timeless!

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