Korea’s Got Talent

This video should make you grateful for growing up in America.

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  1. For one thing people underestimate others.
    Another, their are so many hardships us humans face through in a life time. everyone has their own story and its hard to stand up straight sometimes. In the end it is up to us to be successful.

  2. I am in aw! It is very impressive to see how someone with such an unfortunate back ground is such an upright human being. Seeing this for the second time I got the chills because of how these shows can actually help someone and how the Lord still takes care of them.

  3. This video is great. I can’t even imagine what he went through. All he wants to do is sing. I really like how the one female judge saaid that seh will help him no matter how far he goes in this competition.

  4. im speechless. what a y about his life and what hes gone through. such an amazing voice also, such a humble person.

  5. This kid blows my mind!!!! Really puts your life in perspective. Talent can be found anywhere.

  6. Wow this video is heart warming. To hear a story like his makes me be more greatful for the life I have. He has an amazing voice that deserves to go onto the next round. And this video did the opposite of put a simile on my face it made me teary eyed.

  7. This video is truly amazing im not going to even lie i strated crying at one point. You just feel for this guy and it’s crazy that he lived like he did but has this amazing talent that no one probably knew until now. He’s amazing and his story is amazing as well.

  8. this literally had me in tears.
    you never really know what someone else is going or has gone through.
    he has lived a very humbling experience and i am grateful to have been able to hear his story.

  9. Speechless, I am truly speechless. From his story, to his voice the man is amazing. He still pursued his dreams and does what he loves in life, regardless of his situation.

  10. I cant believe what he went through.. it was honestly shocking. I believe God gave him such an amazing voice just to show him how special he really is.

  11. It’s amazing how some people grow up to be incredible people when they’ve had to live such hard lives. I don’t understand how anybody could have abandoned him like that. At least they thought he was going to be taken care of some how by some people…too bad he wasn’t.

  12. This is an remarkable story that goes with a huge voice, coming from such negative circumstances and making something of himself is truly inspiring.

  13. He was amazing . It is incredible what people can do even if they came from nothing.

  14. I could not imagine living on your own since you were 5 years old. I was in a foster home until I was two and then adopted by my mom and family I have today. This just makes me feel so blessed for everything I have and all the people who love me.

    • I have so many former students with stories such as yours, and usually they come out on the very positive side, like you for example. I loved when you wrote about your grandfather–how could a biological grandfather love you more? I talked this morning with a woman and her husband with grown children, who take small children who have no parents, and cares for them until they are adopted–she is a terrific example of true love. She has infant fraternal twins now that she will return to the adoptive parent tomorrow. She is sad to lose the twins, because she became so attached to them and loves them, but she is so grateful these twins are going to a stable home to be loved for the rest of their little young lives with no memory of their birth parents or difficulties and the woman I refer to gets to stay in their lives as a surrogate grandmother and surrogate grandfather.

  15. This story truly touched my heart, it made me incredibly thankful for all the little things. Oh, and his singing voice was absolutely amazing. It’s very sad that countries like Korea, China, India, and all those countries have such problems with foster homes. One of my close friends sister came from a foster home like this young man, and she was on the streets, starving when she was found. Today, she goes to school in Riverside and she’s at the top of her class. I find it amazing when people like this man work hard, and in the end their dreams end up coming true. Truly a beautiful video.

  16. This means so much to me. I am actually a quarter Korean. This boy grew up very similar to the way that my grandmother did…it’s painful to see that other humans are going through such poverty and helplessness. Especially for him, being 5 years old at the time.

    • Join the club Daisy. Most of us who consider ourselves are American. No one can just look at us and say who we are. We need to fight injustice wherever we find it–raciscm is stupid. Discriminating against anyone is stupid. Denying anyone civil rights guaranteed by the constitution is illegal. And yet, we have politicians who are constantly trampling over our rights in the constitution to further their own agendas.

  17. You cant listen to this boys story without feeling a sense of hopelessness and appreciation for having lived much different circumstances. Coming from a family that has loved me, protected me, and provided for me, I can see that i have clearly taken advantage of our relationship. My family means absolutely everything to me. They are what keep me going and I couldnt imagine a life of loneliness and confusion. This boy is an angel. Its unfortunate how bad things happen to us sometimes, but i do believe that it all happens for a reason and their is clearly a bigger plan for him. Something that i found interesting was that he said he wasnt very good at singing, but he liked it and then he ended up being very good in my opinion. It goes to show that hes questioned himself and his abilities his entire life. From his unfortunate circumstances he will be so much stronger then so many other people are capable of being in their life time.

  18. As soon as he told his story tears were brought to my eyes and as soon as he started singing I got goosebumps. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are and take for granted many things. This young man is an example for all because no matter what adversity he went through he overcame it and is pursuing his dreams. This was a very beautiful and touching video.

  19. What an inspiring young man. His perseverance has proven that he does not plan on giving up anytime soon. Really does make me thankful for my loving parents and all that I have.

  20. This is just a heart-wrenching story. And that voice. It almost made me cry! I sincerely hope he won.

  21. I am speechless. His story was so hard to listen to because I never have been through that so to hear it was breath taking, but his voice was remarkable. I was not expecting that from an Asian. I hope he won the American Idol so that he can get off the streets.

  22. I have seen this video a while back and it still gives me goosebumps. This young mans vocal range is remarkable. The song he chose is a very difficult song to master that requires a large voice. This man did the song justice and was a pleasure to listen to.

    • His story is amazing . What is more amazing is the fact that he showed no emotion. No sadness when he was talking to the public about his difficulties and no happiness either. It shows the culture of the Koreans . This story brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

  23. Amazing video. It was depressing to hear his life story.

  24. Hearing his story is something that is unbelievable, I couldn’t imagine my life in his shoes for a day and he lived that way for 5 years. Despite his living situation he still went to school and made something of himself.

  25. Wow, this guy is amazing singer. The fact that he has overcome so much in his life should make everyone grateful for what they have. He could have let life and his circumstances take hold of him but he rose above to earn everything he has and that no one can take it away.

  26. This video was very cute and emotional. It had me teary-eyed. It was a great video of how someone with nothing has gotten this far. An inspriartional video for tose who think they have it hard, well look at this young man he has made it. This video gave me the goosebumps.

  27. Being a mother myself, I could never imagine putting a child through this. To know that my son is out there suffering every day would ruin me, but you hear these kinds of things quite often. Parents unable to parent, all around the world and even here in America.The difference with this boy and other kids is that he is part of the very few who have the chance to make something of themselves and he should cherish every moment and never forget what he endured to get to this point in his life. He has a natural talent and should embrace it and push forward.

  28. This is such a sad story. He has been on his own for such a long time and for him to make a decision to go to high school and take a test for his elementary and middle school education just shows what type of person he is.

  29. This girl is talented. It is also sad that this girl is living on the street at such a young age. This is a real eye opener

  30. Wow this was a really touching video. Not just because of the hard way he lived, but because the talent he demonstrated. He has a gift and even thou he went through a tuff childhood he still tries to make a change in his life by using that gift.

  31. Wow this poor guy can sing. It’s amazing how he probably had a rough life but has such an amazing talent. Great voice!

  32. That guy is incredible. It is really cool how even though I don’t know what he is saying, I don’t know his culture but when he sings I can feel where he is coming from. Not just as a singer but as a man. This man is inspiring and I love his modest attitude. Some people could really take a lesson in humility from this guy. I have been blessed with a family that loves me and it’s sad to see the core of family disappearing. I suppose it’s up to our generation to get things back on track.

  33. I don’t get this sort of feeling when I see modern artists sing. This style is derivative of opera, which really touches me. Unfortunately, his story is not unique, and it pains me that the family unit is becoming rare in society. I consider myself lucky for having a loving mother and father.

  34. I have seen this video before…it gives me the goosebumps! He has crazy talent and a crazy background. It only made him a stronger person and added passion to the sound of his voice.

  35. The emotion from this mans voice was just… it left me speechless. He was alone all his life and went through so much to get where he is today. The power of music and song is a wonderful thing.

  36. i love things like this . the stories to be told on these shows is the reason why they are around . i hope that guy had great success . he deserved to have a happy life

  37. This was beautiful. I did not expect such a big voice out of such a small boy. This just shows up how there are things in life we go through that inspire us to be a better us.

  38. The boys story of his life was touching. I wasn’t expecting for him to sound like that. And for him to say “I don’t have a great voice but I love to sing” was a good set up. I was expecting an ok voice but what I just heard was beautiful.

  39. I enjoyed watching the reactions as the audience listened in disbelief as if some of them could not compute such an unexpected performance.

  40. Woah! This guy is just amazing how can he say his not that good at singing his making people tear up. And he lived a hard life on top of that that’s pure heart right there.

  41. Talented young man I hope that he made it through and won what an amazing true story. He never gave up and was gifted with such great talent.

  42. This guy sings incredible. I feel so sad for what he has gone through, I hope he finds people that start to appreciate him and fill him with loved. With such great talent, I am sure he will go far in his singing career, or at least hope the best for him!

  43. I had previously watched this video, and when I first witnessed it I was flabbergasted. I love seeing individuals who have had tough times in there life be able to shine. He is such a talented human-being, and his story saddened me as it did to the judge. Such a powerful story.

  44. This boys life just broke my heart. I could not imagine being left alone on the street at 5 years old. He has an amazing voice and he deservs to win the money because he needs it. I hope this boy has a bright future because I know he can acommplish a lot.

  45. I am awe-struck by this man’s ability to sing. Even without understanding the words, I could feel the emotion being portayed in his voice. Truly a fascinating story.

  46. This video makes realized how thankful I am to live in America. Also to have a family that loves me and be there for me when ever I need help with something. His voice was amazing, it sounded like he was born with that voice! I wish I could have a voice like that.

  47. It’s crazy how good this guy can sing.
    It’s also crazy how he struggled through his life.
    Good on him for persevering!

  48. When I watched this video, I started cried and it is very emotional for me! Wow! When he was five years old walking around on the street. He is alone on the street and he is very starving & starved really desire to eat the foods. He is selling gums and to make money for himself to eat. That really sad! I am feeling that his parent is responsibility to take care of him. Even he is lost where he does belong to his parents. I wonder what happen with his parents. Seems the parent is not even looking for him. Somehow he handle it himself to take care of him. He is very strong a person. It is amazing that he is surviving alive! He is good singer and should Korean Version of American Idol take him to the place for training to be a singer and once he will be successful and he will be very happy to live better life! It is really very touching in my heart!

  49. This is so beautiful! This is such a talent that he was gifted with. Despite everything that he has been through he didn’t give up. I hope his life changed after this.

  50. I think the people, despite their hardships, that carry on to fulfill their passions are an inspiration to everyone.

  51. This was a very emotional story for me to hear. This young man endured some horrible things and yet has come out to be such a positive and talented person.

  52. Wow! After all the challenges in life he had to overcome he still not gave up in life. Its really impressing to see people like this who pursue their dreams despite it all. He is also a very good singer. Loved it!!!

  53. After watching this, I see how great we have it here in America. He wasn’t offered a lot of help, or not any at all. Despite that, he still worked hard to survive and for his goals. His singing is amazing.

  54. He kept saying he wasn’t a good singer but he was. I think he knew he sang well but didn’t want to seem arrogant and he just wanted a chance. Even through a tough life he’s managed to be a good person and not bitter when he has very right to be. Really makes you step back and think of your own “problems”.

  55. He overcame so many things at such a young age, and he is still motivated to do what he loves. People like him amaze me, I love seeing dedication

  56. This video was truly touching to see that after all he has been through he still strives to accomplish his goals. Amazing.

  57. I could never imagine trying to live on my own when i was five years old. This guy must have been one strong kid because it takes a lot to keep going everyday when you are by yourself. He is not a bad singer either.

  58. This guy had no one growing up since he was 5 years old and he did it all himself that is an amazing person. For him to have such a good demeanor is even more amazing since most people that grow up like that have a negative outlook on life and do nothing with themselves. It goes to show you that its doesn’t matter where you come from it matters on the type of person you are if you want to succeed.

  59. Just alone his troubles he had in his life touched my heart! He is truly a sucess story of how bad things can be turned around for the positve! He is amazing, I hope everything goes well with him in his life!

  60. Oh my goodness!! That was such a sad story and for him to do all that he has done pretty much on his own is amazing by itself. Along with that, I did not expect his voice to sound like that! I was in shock. That voice does not sound like it was coming from him! Just amazing.

  61. What an inspiration! Those are some odds to defy and he made the absolute most of it! He has an amzing voice and i hope he makes something of it. I would also say thank god for America where five year olds would not be left on the street to sell gum and energy drinks!

  62. He seemed as if because of his past life he didn’t know how to take the affection others where trying to give him. Everyone felt bad for him and honored him in some way for coming out to sing but the vibe of him you could clearly tell he was not use to the affection or attention. I really do appreciate living and growing up in the U.S. but I also dislike how other poeple have to live their lifes because of another ones decision.

  63. I cried. I was amazed by his story. He has made a life for himself when he had nothing. It maybe wasn’t the best life he could ask for, but he’s alive, and has made an amazing life and now with his beautiful voice he will go far.

  64. This is very inspirational. It shows that anyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams no matter how many obstacles are in front of them. Makes me want to keep on fighting harder and harder for success.

  65. This was such a great video to see. This really does make me happy that I do live in America where no kid will ever grow up on the street and have to fend for himself like this kid did. he is extremely strong because of that and his passion for singing will take him far because he knows how to work hard and how to reach his goals. Very inspring to see.

  66. Everyone who is talented has to have opportunities! I wonder how many people are talented and don’t use it because of their poor situation. This is so moving that he expressed his talent. Some people say some of words of what he said are lies.. I think they are just jealous of him though.

  67. Out of trials and tribulations comes triumph….the underdog story….

  68. Don’t judge a book on its cover, i would have never expected a voice like this out of a young man like this.

  69. Wow, that was very interesting to watch. It’s amazing that after the hard life he lived without a childhood, he still has that drive and will power to do what he really enjoys in life. Hopefully he won that show and is now doing great things with his life!

  70. Even though I didn’t understand a word, the overall emotion put forth made it beautiful. Something can be completely foreign, but the sound of music naturally entices us to listen.

  71. Its a really touching video. You can actually feel it and to see someone to come from nothing and make in through life on your own is an accomplishment. It’s really good to see that. He is pretty good at singing as well. Just a gift and after this video, it makes me grateful for what I have.

  72. Only have one thing to say….I’m proud to be an American..!

  73. after watching this video and hearing his story, i feel so blessed with God for giving me the family i have, and for growing up in a country like ours. I think he has an amazing talent, and many good things will come or at least i hope they come for him, he deserves it, may God bless him and his talent.

  74. After watching this, I see how very well we have it here in America. He wasn’t offered a lot of help, or not any at all. Despite that, he still worked hard to survive and for his goals. His singing is amazing.

  75. It is great to see stories of those who have beaten the odds and are able to accomplish great things!

  76. That was truly beautiful….I didn’t understand a word, but music is a universal language.

  77. It is almost unrealistic to witness the hardships this man has went through and look how far he has come. Who would have thought that in a technologically advanced country like Korea that their would be people facing hardships as hard as his and still being able to make it with hard work.

  78. I have no idea what he was singing but truly breath taking. His singing along with his life story was very touching. Talent is hidden in some of the most unseen areas. is talent has now been exposed

  79. Just simply, WOW. breath taking….!

  80. This was so inspiring and I just wanted to cry when he was singing. It is sad that he was on the street sense five years old but its so great that he looks at the brighter side and wants to do what he likes.

  81. This was a really sad but inspiring story. Everyone has an “outlet” in life and singing happened to be his outlet. I thought it was really awesome that he got to tell everyone his story. It probably made him feel so much better. Plus he has a nice voice!

  82. I thought he did awesome! His courage is very admirable and his story will only make him stronger.

  83. Wow, truly saddening story but his voice was extremely great!

  84. Saddened by the story, mesmerized by his voice, and my spirit uplifted by the responses.

  85. It’s amazing how he overcame such adversity to make it to where he is in life and with such an amzing talent that was hidden for so long.

  86. What an amazing story, i couldnt imagine growing up the way he did. Hopefully this guy accomplishes his dreams, he deserves it.

  87. It just goes to show you that everything happens for a reason. I believe that God has a plan for everyone, and like in this mans case for a long time no one can see why something that bad could be happening to them. But he was meant to be at that night club to hear someone sing so he could have a dream of his own to end up living out.

  88. This definitely touched me! What an inspiring young man he is. This shows that no matter how bad you think you really have it, somebody out there has it even worse. This made me realize how ungrateful some people really are. We should never take even the smallest things for granted! What an amazing story this turned out to be! :’)

  89. WOW this was an amazing video this goes to show that anyone and everyone dreams can come true with a little help and determination anyone dreams will comes true. This really spoke to me that even because one might have a hard life in the beginning it does not determine your future. You determine your future and you will be able to control it and make it better. BEST BEST video everyone should watch it

  90. This video touched me so much! It was so sad. People take things for granted and there is people out there who have it really bad. Hopefully all his dreams come true.

  91. this is an amazing story just because it shows us how we complain about little things in our everyday life but others have a more troubled life and they overcome it just like the boy who had an amazing talent that most people would not have known if he didn’t sing in front of them.

  92. It is so amazing to see someone over come such great feats and continue to push on through all of the adversity. It makes me greatful that I have a supportive family who arealways there for me, and grateful that I live in country where if I didnt have it, they would make provisions for me.

  93. It breaks my heart knowing that people can actually get away with living this lifestyle, without a helping hand from anyone. Although I highly doubt this situation could ever happen in America, I would hope that our fellow citizens would spare some help, if not- a lot of help, to a five year old boy living on the streets selling gum and drinks to survive. This story is incredible and reminds me just how lucky I am to be living in America.

  94. What a great voice. even though i couldn’t understand him (neither did the people who posted this video?) the vocal variety was spot on. I hope he gets a very good deal coming out of that competition.

  95. His unexpected voice reminds me of “Britain’s Got Talent” Susan Boyle, with her, everyone judged her looks thinking that she wasn’t going to be a great singer; however, with Sung-bong, judging by his difficult past, the judges and audience most likely assumed he wouldn’t have been much of a singer.

    Sure enough, he proved them wrong.

    Can’t judge a person by how they look or their experiences, they may come to surprise you.

  96. I have such great respect for this man. He’s a survivor and an amazing person. I wish the best for him and someday I would love to see him on the world stage, performing with other talented vocalists. Even if he hasn’t received actual vocal training, the natural talent he has can take him very far. I have no doubt that he’ll work hard for his dreams.

    I also love how he’s singing “Nella Fantasia.” I think it is very fitting.

  97. He is definitely in inspiration to anyone who comes from a troublesome past. He is evidence that you don’t have to be born with all the privileges and resources necessary to succeed, but just dedication and heart.

  98. Unbelievable, there can always be a light found even in the darkest of circumstances. Anyway, this dude can sing like no other. I would love to hear him perform in person.

  99. I have always loved the korean way of life i think the korean people are resiliant and this dude is going to get far in life. great story to learn from.

  100. The beginning of that clip broke my heart but as I saw the person that boy has grown to be, I realized that he doesnt need anyone to cry for him. He is amazing and truly is an example of what can be done if there is a will to not be lazy and chase dreams. This kid will make it far despite his hard past…the difference between him and a lot of successful people is this, he will/has done it himself. Self Reliance!!

  101. knowing how hard is to be a musician, this girl is amazing. you can only imagine what much more she could do.

  102. I admire musicians due to their sense of rhythm, knowlegde, and courage. Musicians are very talented people.

  103. This was a great video. His voice completely caught me off guard. I hope he was successful through out that show and his life.

  104. This video was very touching! you wouldn’t expect a voice like that come out of him. You can’t really judge a book by its cover. He had passion in him that made him what he became. His child life wasn’t easy for him, but his singing is what keeps him moving forward.

  105. I was kind of surprised how personal the show was. I only recall seeing the show once or twice and I don’t remember anything personal or as heart felt as that one.

  106. He is a fine example of being self-reliant. His story is bittersweet. To maintain a strong and optimistic outlook during his situation while others would expect otherwise is truly admirable.

  107. He is truly amazing. He had a very hard life and to have this voice of his truly fortunate. He is a great example of why people should not give up their dreams.

  108. This was an inspirational video. I did not expect a voice like that coming from this young man. He is determined and had a great story. I also wonder how far he got in the competition. I guess everything happens for a reason and i hope this young man succeeds in life.

  109. He sounded great even though i had no idea what he was saying. I hope he got far in the competition.

  110. I found this video to be extremely sad but yet very motivating at the same time.This young man has a beautiful voice it just blows my mind away. I think this video just shows that if you believe in yourslef you can accomplish anything.

  111. That was pretty incredible. Did anyone what Americas got talent last night. There was a little Chinese woman on the show who sang opera well, you never would have thought she was going to sound so good.

  112. He had to grow up so fast at five years of age. I’m surprised he survived this long.
    He’s amazing.

  113. pretty powerful stuff, we are so fortunate here that you look at something like this as being foreign. To come up with that type of courage from his position in life is amazing.

  114. Shows how we are so blessed. May God continue to bless them in their struggle. This is amazing talent.

  115. i think its truly amazing what some have to go through in their life. He is truly a strong person to be able to survive on his own. Im glad he got his chance to show his truly amazing gift, and i hope nothing but good fortune for him in the rest of his life.

  116. it shows how good we have it here in america..in 3rd world countries they have kids as young as 3 years; running around the streets without parents, their dirty, hungry, wearing torn clothing, no shoes and that’s normal for them. In America, that would make headline news and the kid will automatically be taken care of.

  117. dreams have no boundaries. we may have some down turns in our life, but by challenging that we will become stronger.

  118. that is true talent ! being a musician myself i know how it feels to not look the part, in high school i was a violinist, but i was also on the football, and me being korean i know that that in korea you have to look a certain way to be a star and this young man trully is blessed with a WONDERFUL voice

  119. When I hear inspirational stories like this. It reminds me that we all have greatness inside of us. Some harvest it, while others allow it to die.

  120. This man’s story made me so sad. You can tell why he is so soft spoke. He has had such a hard life and still was able to stay alive and preserver. His voice was just amazing, something I did not expect at all. I really do hope that this was just the start of wonderful things to come in his life.

  121. I cannot believe that someone as young as five would be living on the street. I think that it is amazing that he is pursing his dreams even in unlikely circumstances. I think its great the one judge wants him to keep doing lessons.

  122. wow that is amazing. i have neices and nephews and to imagine one of them living on the streets is crazy. it goes to show that the lord has blessings for all of us, no matter what hardships we have to overcome.

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