Do you know which city this is?


IT IS MARSEILLE, France’s second largest city!
And do you know what is the second language spoken in Marseille?
French. The first is Arabic..

In 1980, Gaddafi said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe, because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim

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  1. The first look of these pictures leave me a impression of some ghettoes from South American or African, but the splendid triumphal arch reminds me this should be a French city. I do not think this is a common phenomenon in Europe.

  2. This looks terrible, this looks like the ghetto, or a crowded downtown L.A. These pictures are so depressing. It just seems like the world is just so over populated with man and poverty. Everything just looks so unsanitary.

  3. I would of never guessed this was France. I’m use to seeing France so nice outdoors they say people go to parks to have a picnics in France but if I would have guess I would of said it was Arabia such ass my other classmates .

  4. I knew that this was a French city because of the monument in two of the pictures and some of the signs on one of the pictures. I never would have thought that the Arabic culture would be so prominent in France. I would have expected to see something like this in a Middle Eastern country or maybe Spain.

  5. The fourth picture was the give away the Arc De Triomphe. Interesting photos that I have not seen before.

  6. At first glance, I thought the pictures to be of a city in the Middle East. I increased the magnification, which brought more into focuse the dress and diversity of the inhabitants. I was amazed to see the signs were in French. These are not photos that are widely reported by the news media. Travel and tourism trump truth and reality.

  7. I would never have imagined this to be France because of the way it is displayed on media sites as this eye pleasing tourist place. It reminds me of a Unites states project in New York or something.

  8. My first guess was Arabia. Just like my classmates I would have never guessed France. It’s sad that we don’t even really know what France looks like. I’ve been guided by what has only put on social medias of what France should look like. I have a friend from Germany that told me her home town is also “not what Americans think it is”. These pictures are full of crowded areas where individuals can what it seems like barley breath their own air. The capacity reminds me of New York or China maybe.

  9. I would have never guessed that the pictures I was looking at was France. I’m used to seeing beautiful monuments, but it’s just like anywhere else not each part is beautiful. I definitely jumped to conclusions and thought the location was somewhere in the middle east because of the people I seen. However like Gadaffi said there was no need to invade Europe because Europe would become Muslim all on its own. France has become culturally diverse.

  10. I would have never guessed that this was France. I thought it was somewhere in the middle east. The city in the pictures looks broken down and bad. I’m so use to seeing Rome or Florence italy where the buildings are nice and modern. I guess country has a neighborhood that is considered bad.

  11. I would have never imagined this to be France. At first I thought it was New York but looking at more pictures I thought it was a place in the Middle East. It’s pretty nice to see different cultures in one city.

  12. THis is shocking so many people of different colors all in the same habitat at first i thought it was a jordan or algeria.

  13. The monument gave it away but without it my guess would have been a middle east city. But this is very interesting because I had no idea that France was heavily populated by people from the middle east.

  14. Yeah i was going to go with a city in France because i recognized an monument in the picture. Sad that there is no space.

  15. Christopher Rodriguez

    It’s surprising that this is France because I really thought it was somewhere in Arabia. Such a great example of culture expansion.

  16. I would have never imagined this would be France, because when I think of France, I instantly think of such beautiful architecture and just plain beautiful. However, it is so beautiful how people can live in such environments like that and still find happiness and passion for a certain subject, such as painting pictures like the little girls were shown drawing. It also definitely makes me value my lifestyle here more.

  17. As soon as I saw the monument (Porte d’Aix) I knew it was France, but couldn’t believe the other pictures! They don’t look like the France I’ve always imagined, but if you look closely you can see the signs in the pictures written in French. The streets are confined with lots of people and I never knew that the Muslim covered a large covered part of Marseille.

  18. Wow!! I would have never guessed. The photos make you think you are looking at a city in the middle east. When I think of France I think of beauty. Gaddafi was right, Europe is becoming Muslim.

  19. It looks like an ethnic neighborhood within any metropolitan city.

  20. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    By going through the pictures and seeing the ruins of the city was sad. But i did not know that this was in France. It is amazing how things have changed, and how people’s lives were changed. I still wonder why and how the city has came to be like this.

  21. It is crazy to see this many people that not only are they living on top of eachother but they barely have room to move around. I don’t see why some would not move to a smaller city with a job opening that created their family a better living environment.

  22. Dang they barely have Breathing room.

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