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This entire scandal is repugnant,  a response to what a student posted on Student Opinions.  I’ve had so many personal friends who are African American and none of them think like these kids.  When we look at how our society is being influenced by race-baters who want to select “whites” or “women” or “jews,”  we have a national problem.  We can’t deny this is happening, but “why” is what we need to ask.  Tonight on Fox TV, this was a topic of discussion.  Fox showed some more current espisodes happening within the last few days.  Since the African American population is a minority, why do these children commit these henious crimes?  Don’t they realize that a negative reaction may occur?  I understand the student who sent in this video originally was trying to wake up Americans to the idea instilled in us that “all are created equal” and we should all be kind, thoughtful, and not be so angry at people we do not know.  Jan Kollitz

These videos are a rseponse to a video posted on Student Opinions:


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  1. To see such sick lack of respect in each other as Americans just goes to show you that no one is safe. The land of the free doesn’t feel too free when you have to be scared for your well being on the streets or in the “safety” of your own home. Call me when you are not afraid, because right now if you aren’t youre just asking to be “Knockedout”.

  2. It is very disturbing to see that some kids find this amusing. These kids can possibly cause long term damage to innocent strangers, yet they find it funny and film themselves doing it.

  3. I think it’s disturbing seeing how this generation is so messed up when life is good as they said in the videos you could go outside look at the world look for a career and just follow your dreams instead of making yourself look bad to other then in witch thinking your making yourself look cool to your friends, and believe me there’s always karma or the wrong person you’ll run int.

  4. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I remember watching this on the news, it was so infuriating. How can someone hurt another individual out of boredom? I just don’t understand some peoples mentality. How does a person find this amusing and entertaining? Such idiots.

  5. Its pretty sad that our society finds this type of game where random strangers are attacked amusingly. Do these teens really think they can get away with this. Just ignorant stupidity in my opinion. I am shocked and disappointed in our youth.

  6. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    For the people who play this game, you are just straight up ignorant. You do not have any common sense if your logic is to think like this. It kind of makes me mad that some people do have the audacity to even make up a game like this.

  7. I’ve never heard of this game and can’t picture people doing this for fun. They do target the African american community and that is pretty harsh. I think there has to be more to the scenario then they are reporting in these video. Either way this behavior has to be ended.

  8. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Yea I agree straight up COWARDS! I was watching this on the news with my mom and it even made her mad how people these days are just so mean and violent towards other people for no apparent reason, just to get a laugh.

  9. This is the most stupid game. Why would you attack a stranger for a laugh. In the second video the boy deserves to be in jail AND to be shot! Children if you want to knock someone out, do it to a friend who is daring you. Not a father waiting for his kid, or an old man riding a bike.

  10. These videos were disturbing to watch. I don’t understand why these people take joy in harming others. Its completely shocking and it disgusts me.

  11. Thats crazy how society has become accustomed to violence, that they made a game to hurt people!

  12. This is a very bad game that these young men are doing, they better think about how they are putting these lives on the line, they will soon be in jail or worst dead. they should start thinking about the cowardly way of life that they are on, and remember that the LORD sets high and looks low.

  13. This is a very bad game that these young men are doing, they better think about how they are putting these lives on the line, they will soon be in jail or worst dead.

  14. This is why schools shouldn’t have budget cuts. This is sbsolutely ridiculous.

  15. Personally I don’t understand the meaning of this game. This is incredibly stupid. Who would think of game where someone is to inflict pains on others? That is never the right thing to do. I mean well dang. Don’t people have a better use of their time?

  16. What kind of game is this? There are better ways to spend the short amount of time we have on this Earth let alone screw with others. Inconsiderate and cowardly.

  17. Why why why? Where are peoples morals? This is sad, these kids don’t have anything better to do. I hope that they get punished, because these acts are not right at all. If they start doing things like these you’ll never know what they will do in the future!

    • Just a horrible game and one that makes African Americans look bad, it shows how low people can go for a good time and how dumb people are and bad they need to get a job.

  18. Really? What kind of game is this? Teens must have nothing to do with their lives if they are actually playing this. This game is rhetorical and idiotic and teens need to have something to do besides school nd sports because for someone to make up a game like this tells me that there is not enough educational activities for students to associate themselves with.

  19. Oh my god….the more I hear about knock out the more I think Clockwork Orange. I seriously suggest that we read as a nation read that book, just so we can get a good idea of where the youth in this country is headed.

  20. This is why our wonderful government needs to remove its head from its anus and stop cutting the education budget. Idle hands are the devil’s tools, so why do our policymakers insist on giving kids as little to do as possible?

  21. Shocking to see that some people consider this act fun and have no consideration for other people.

  22. This is one of the many reasons why we have the right to bear arm. This wont be a problem if we were allowed to open carry, if these kids saw that the person had a gun on their waist they probably would think twice before playing this “game”.

  23. Who in their right mind would ever think of this game ?! How is anybody thinking this is fun?

  24. Last night on the FOX tv news, I saw the after jail testimony of a 17 year old African American kid from Chicago, who just got out of jail and is truly repentent..he commented that he and his friends had been doing this for several years and didn’t really understand the damage they caused–this id is now truly sorry and begging kids all over America to stop this nonsense and change friends. Right after this story, another came up about a pack of kids in New York City who were arrested for attacking a young white female MD who was minding her own business–but these kids were not African-American kids; they were Hispanic, Asian, and white. Evidently there is a vdeo game that shows them how to do this–sick, sick, sick. Where are the parents????

  25. Cowards.

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