From a 1B Classmate Today–Urgent, Please Watch–We Will Discuss in Class

Hey Professor Kollitz,
I’m emailing you at 1:12 AM because I saw this article earlier in the night and haven’t been able to sleep. It’s a New York Times article posted on the third of September about the only know man to survive an ISIS execution and escape alive. The text in the piece gives a standard rundown of what happened to this 23 year old man, if you can call someone so young a man. The really powerful part of the article was the video at the top of the page. I must warn you now that this video does contain graphic violence, such as footage of the actual executions, but if you can bear to sit through the violence it is a truly powerful video. When you read a news article, the most you get out of it is that “X amount of people died at Y location,” but this video shares the real horror of what ISIS is doing. When you see an image of a street crowded with people marching to their deaths, you really start to understand just how many a few hundred people are. The reality is that it’s a lot. Way more than the numerical figure can do justice.
Due to the graphic nature of the video, I leave it to your discretion to show it to your classes, or if you even decide to post it on your website for that matter. This email isn’t for the extra credit, I just felt like I had to share this really powerful piece of journalism with someone. It really changed my perspective on what is going on in that part of the world right now, and that news articles cannot even begin to describe the atrocities that are being committed. I hope this page benefits you as much as it did me.

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  1. This actually breaks my heart more than it makes me upset. It is a tragic shame that there are sill (in this day and age) persecution like there was in Biblical days. This is what happens when you live in a 3rd world country and are based around a Theocracy. False ideas, corruption, and old quarrels still propel this crap and should be condemned at the highest extent. There should be some sort of revolt supporting a revolution for education over there. Most likely this will never happen due to their caste system and they religion affiliation.

  2. This video blew my mind because I have been hearing about ISIS from my boyfriend but the news is very descreet on the gory details. This video was the first time I got to see the severity of what is happening over there and has completely raised my awareness to the ISIS members making their way here into the US. This soldier getting away to tell his story is amazing and I hope America can put a sieze on these attacks before it gets any worse.

  3. It is so fortunate that he survived this and was able to get back to his family and let millions of people hear his story. Many people are unaware of what is going on because America doesn’t want people scared but ISIS is coming to America and people have to be aware.

  4. I would have to agree that of course it’s very admirable to share this story with the world. And what a very lucky man to have survived this all. To know what really is going on around the world.

  5. That is a tragic story to hear about. It is admirable that he is able to speak about his story for the whole world to hear the horrors he had to endure. It is sad that many soldiers were murdered with no weapons to defend themselves against the opposing army. Ali is blessed to have his life and be able to enjoy it with his family.

  6. People will forever disregard humans in the name of religion. As an American, I can not even imagine myself, my family, or even my friends having to go through this. The world as a whole, has a lot to learn about human value. These people were obviously not valued on any level, especially the children. My opinion is, these kinds of people that do these things, feel that there is not consequence behind their actions. As a child going through child abuse from my mom, she would always say to me. We as people do what we do, and then we die. To me, this is the same thing that is going on with these peoples lives. God hold them..

  7. The man wasn’t lucky, it was fate. He was intended to tell this story and make it back home to be a dad to his kids and husband to his wife. He was smart and his instinct to pretend to be dead was inspirational. I can only imagine how many families were destroyed by this. I am curious what precautions are being taken to protect him from isis now that he went public.

  8. this video was quite disturbing, but enlightening as well.
    had this man not survived he wouldnt have been able to tell us his story and inform us of cruel and unusual punishment going on in Iraq.

  9. I myself have a 18-month old son and felt terrible after seeing the video and it is happening! I totally feel for Ali, a typical family man who’s main concern is not only his own life anymore when faced with life and death situation. War is a ruthless clash of different groups people with different values. I don’t like wars. They break hearts.

  10. People need to hear the stories of the victims. Criminals are sensationalized so much, yet very few victims have their story told. Ali may have survived, but that does not excluded from being considered a victim. He will forever be affected by his time in the land of ISIS. I think putting his story in video form is more effective than through written words because we are such a visual culture.

    Another thing to take from this video is that citizens need to help each other. We can’t pass by when someone is in peril. If no one had decided to help Ali, he’d be dead and just another number on the death toll. We may not be overseas or have political power, but we can help people on a different scale. We can help stop a bullying incident or a fight by contacting the appropriate people. If people are willing to sacrifice their lives to help Ali, a stranger from the “other side,” we should be willing to sacrifice our time to help at least one person in our local area.

  11. This video was insane! Ali was one lucky guy for surviving such a traumatic experience! i could practically see the emotions that guy was going through when he watched the ISIS massacre video.

  12. This video is a must see for all. Ali is the luckiest survivor. Not only did he escape death, but he ran into nothing but kind people. The chances of being helped by strangers in a time of need is little to nothing. I must say he is one brave strong man for coming out to the public and sharing his story, knowing he is putting himself out there to be found by ISIS. I applaud him for his courageousness and wish him nothing but a good life.

  13. There are a lot of terrible things that make up the fabric of this story. The one amazing, positive thing that caught my attention was the Sunni man willing to help the “dead man” that was considered to be his enemy. There is so much darkness in this world; it is inspiring to see this kind of hospitality which enabled two enemies, for at least a moment in time, to become brothers for the sake of humanity.

  14. He has to be the luckiest man to survive such a horrible massacre. I wouldn’t have thought any body would have escaped that. Damn.. prayers out to those effected by this.

  15. This video was very difficult to watch especially when Ali Hussein Kadhim watched the video of his fellow peers get shot right in front of him. It took great courage and heart to escape from the ISIS territory. I truly respect Mr. Kadhim and Abbas the man Mr. Kadhim met while at a riverbank. It is a terrible feeling to know that is happening on the other side of the world.

  16. This video is so sad!! IT crazy to see what happens in other parts of the world. This man is truly lucky to survive and get reunited with his family. It was heartbreaking to see the ISIS create such pain on their innocent peers.

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