Justice Kennedy Blocks Gay Marriage Ruling in Idaho, Nevada

Justice Kennedy Blocks Gay Marriage Ruling in Idaho, Nevada
Wednesday, 08 Oct 2014 10:46 AM

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Wednesday temporarily blocked an appeals court ruling that declared gay marriage legal in Idaho and Nevada.

Kennedy’s order came a little more than an hour after Idaho filed an emergency request for an immediate stay and about 10 minutes before the state said that state and county officials would otherwise have been required to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The order also applies to Nevada, where marriage licenses to same-sex couples were going to start to be issued later Wednesday.

The delay could last just a few days. Kennedy’s order requested a response from the plaintiffs involved in Idaho’s gay marriage lawsuit by the end of day Thursday.

The full court almost certainly would weigh in to extend the delay much beyond the weekend. That has been the justices’ practice in other cases in which a single justice initially blocked a ruling from taking effect.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco declared gay marriage legal in Idaho and Nevada on Tuesday. A day earlier, the Supreme Court let similar rulings from three other appeals courts become final and effectively raised to 30 the number of states where same-sex couples can marry, or soon will be able to do so.

Having allowed those other rulings to take effect without a full review by the Supreme Court, it would be surprising if the justices were to put the 9th circuit ruling on hold for any length of time.

The high court’s action Monday suggested that only an appellate ruling upholding a gay marriage ban would prompt the court to step in.

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5 responses to “Justice Kennedy Blocks Gay Marriage Ruling in Idaho, Nevada

  1. Yes I too agree. Gay marriage is a right. No one can tell you what to think or feel. Why should anyone else have a say whether you want to spend the rest of your life with a male or female? It seems unfortunate that in a country that likes to tout its own horn about being free and equal and just, has so much racism and lack of respect for its citizens. Its truly unfortunate that this is still something that must be discussed to resolve.

  2. I personally so not believe in gay marriage and would happily tell anyone my stance on the subject. However, I would never go outright and condemn others for being gay etc. The absolute most fair thing to do is to take this to a vote and have it either pass or fail. Secondly, to force certain people to marry gay couples is despicable. You should have the right to marry who you want to just like you have the right to marry the person you want to. We do not live in some third world country. Where is the justice system on this? How can someone superimpose a vote like prop 9 here in California? Now that’s a shame.

  3. This has been going on for a very long time, we all agree. And todays soceity has significantly changed. To see that over 30 states have already made it legal, tells us something. Its exciting.

  4. The thing about Gay marriages. If one is living in this country, and you plan on staying, you are going to live and let live. Whether one agrees or not, as long as this is not harming you. let people live their lives. I try and tell people to stop asking God to send them someone and just take the advise of the person who has someone. As long as that person treats you with respect than go for it. Sometimes people just hate when others are happy.

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