Judicial Watch Files Federal Suit on Obamacare

Watch their News Conference here:

9 responses to “Judicial Watch Files Federal Suit on Obamacare

  1. It was FDR who first brought about the idea of “broad executive power” within the American government but Obama is stretching that idea too far. When the majority of the country is against a decision, one man should not be able to flex his power above the needs of the people.

  2. Obama can’t even delay obamacare! What does that say? His healthcare doesn’t really have a chance. What is unconstitutional is unconstitutional period. Obama is a great president but when time to step back then he must do so.

  3. I know i voted for Obama and wanted to be our president so eagerly, but honestly he needs to step back from this Obamacare situation because it is becoming more and more problematic. I understand that he is a type of man to care for all citizens, but he took an oath that he is not really abiding by when it comes to Obamacare. He needs to understand this is not a dictatorship and his power has a limit, so just let it go and think of something better.

  4. The different rules come to control the governments’ decision for people. These rules will miss their treasures If the government can change them to apply its decisions.

  5. Dr. Kawa is doing a great thing, our elected officials need to follow their oaths and when they break them they must and should be held responsible. If “all men are created equal” then why is congress exempted from Obama care? Our government is showing how they aren’t operating under the foundations laid by our founding fathers.

  6. What a political circus this has all become! My favorite qoute from this video is “Politics don’t trump the Constitution or the rule of Law.” The President took an oath to presserve and protect the Constitution, he is not an one man Congress. Time to let the Judicary Branch do it’s job!

  7. Yea, I agree with this whole main concept! I mean look what obama care has caused. Obama has not been complying to the rules/constitution.. Hmm… Ive been thinking.. what if Obama does not want to drop this “Obama care” situation because he has to much pride and does not want to be looked down upon the people of this country?

  8. We should have more like him.

  9. It’s about time.

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