Judge Judy Appointed to Supreme Court???


21 responses to “Judge Judy Appointed to Supreme Court???

  1. Hahaha this is hilarious.

  2. Hahaha this video is the funniest by far!! People are so funny when they think they know what they are talking about.

  3. I love Jimmy Kimmel! It’s so funny how people just act like they know about things when really they have no idea.

  4. I’m having mixed fillings of Shame, Rage, Laughter, and over-all amazement at how fucking stupid the country I live in could truly be. These are NOT young individuals, these are individuals close or near their middle age! the ones that should be a lot fucker smarter then my generation. What generation started getting hit with the stupid stick?! I don’t think it started with mine!

  5. This is a really funny video. These people dont have a clue to what they are talking about. It just tells us how people don’t know much about anything. Judge Judy obviously would be a bad representative on the supreme court.

  6. People are crazy. I don’t believe judge Judy is a good representative for the supreme court.

  7. I am forced to watch Judge Judy whenever my grandpa has control of the remote. I’ve even had an old co-worker of mine sue our workplace on Judge Judy. The thing people need to realize about reality TV is that it is TV. Not reality. The term reality TV is just an oxymoron.

  8. This is so funny. These people are probably just going along with what the reporter is saying so they act like they really know, but in reality they are just embarrassing themselves. I love watching these clips from the Jimmy Kimmel show, its so funny to hear some of the answers that people come up with.

  9. This video was really funny. These people dont have a clue what their talking about. Judge Judy obviously would be a bad representative on the supreme court.

    • This video is hilarious. It goes to show that Americans do not really know of our justice system if they think that Judge Judy would be more trustworthy. These people interviewed are so ignorant ! Its so funny. TV does crazy things to people this is proof!

  10. This was such a funny video! It just goes to show how people don’t know much about anything. Judy judge is good on TV and everything but definitely not for the Supreme Court. You know these people went home and told their family “did you know that judge Judy is gonna be on supreme court” hahah now that’s just funny.

  11. All this shows is how little people pay attention. Those people should be embarrassed. It was very funny though.

  12. I like late night comedy. That’s all this video is. Unfortunately, it proves just how little people know about how the judicial system works. People make me laugh because this clearly wasn’t a serious interview. Don’t forget that “Judge Judy is a gangsta.”

  13. There are some people that I just don’t understand. They didn’t even question what the interviewer was saying, they just went along with it. It seems like all they cared about was being interviewed because they didn’t seem to know exactly how to respond to the ridiculous question.

  14. This video just goes to show how people will believe just about anything a journalist says. I think the same people did one of these where they were asking people at Coachella what they thought about bands that didn’t really exist. Nobody wanted to look like they weren’t “in the know” so they acted like they knew all about the made up bands. It was pretty silly.

  15. These guys do all kinds of videos like this that just capitalize on America’s need to believe the hype. They had the same kind of interview at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival where they asked people about bands that they made up, and everyone had A LOT to say! Haha

  16. Jimmy Kimmel is a funny guy, he always makes fun of people who are misinform. It shouldn’t be funny you cant help but laugh.

  17. Judge Judy, really? I thought the show was just an entertainment show!

  18. This video made me laugh so much but at the same time i think that shes not exactly judge material.

  19. I think Judge Judy is exactly what the Supreme Court needs. This video was funny.

  20. This video is super funny. Shows you how much people know about our government and what happens within it. To me Judge Judy would be a horrible supreme court representative, which is why its funny to bag on her.

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