Jon Stewart on the IRS: Amazing Rebuttal to O’Reilly



8 responses to “Jon Stewart on the IRS: Amazing Rebuttal to O’Reilly

  1. She works for the IRS, and yet is terrible and weak at math. That concerns me a little. But nonetheless very humourous.

  2. I do like Jon Stewart’s Humor, at the same time, making light on an issue which in all honesty, I’m amazed people didn’t load their shot guns and threaten to take out the IRS over. Because the IRS is pulling some amazingly intense bullshit and just walking away from it like it doesn’t even matter and they didn’t commit unconstitutional crimes. In the past 2 hours, I have said “Unconstitutional” and “Constitutional” atleast thirty god damn times, it’s mind boggling what our government is doing and just sliding off with a slap on the wrists, sometimes, not even that.

  3. John Stewart is a whiz at making the people in office positions show their true colors. His satire is brilliant and I honestly feel his show sometimes has more truth than the real news.

  4. I love Jon Stewart’s humor! Even though this is a serious issue, I can’t help but laugh.

  5. This video is hilarious and makes the IRS look illiterate. Especially when the lady admitted to ABC that she “isn’t good at math” and she is supposed to be a head individual in the IRS where they do peoples taxes. Doesn’t make sense to me really.

  6. I liked this video a lot mostly cause it was entertaining and humorous. I just dont understand why the IRS can just get off that easy. People go to jail on the time for being involved with tax violations and the IRS can just slide under the radar like nothing? The government should be held accountable for the same actions and prosecuted just like every other individual who has committed a crime like this.

  7. Wow this is funny! He really is funny and not only did I figure out want is going on and how ridiculous it is, this was entertaining.

  8. This was so funny! John Starwart is the best!

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