Johnathan and Charlotte

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  1. Amazing talents. That’s what the show is all about. Unique talents that amaze everyone who sees it.

  2. Damn these two are great at what they do! I’m glad they achieved their goals and won

  3. I was impressed to see how support and belief in a human relationship is very crucial for any act or performance. I thought is was very true with what Charlotte said you can not judge a book by its cover even when it come to people too. I am glade these two individuals did so well in this competition because the odds were defiantly against them outwardly.

  4. amazing voices! i am glad they won. it is truly amazing to see people compete for something they love and come out victorious.

  5. amazing voices! i am glad they won. it is truly amazing to see people compete for something they love and come out victorious.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    The two sound so good together. I’m glad they won that season.

  7. Wow, this guy is incredible and truly has inspired others and touched many hearts. As soon as he walked out on stage he was being judged because of his appearance even before he sang. And as soon as he sang its like power was given and he shut everyone because they never thought a guy like him could have such an amazing voice.

  8. Really goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. They both have such beautiful voices!

  9. I love watching shows like this because you can really see some really talented people doing what they love to do. what an amazing voice!

  10. I have seen this video before and realize that this has happened where people do not expect greatness from someone, and judge so quickly, having a predetermined idea prior to people even exhibiting their capabilities.

  11. Didnt expect that from either of them! That was amazing!

  12. WOW. it is rare that people sing opera regardless and I definetly was not expecting him to!

  13. You should never judge a book by its cover and this is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t. Their voices are so great together its amazing! The craziest part is that they are only sixteen and seventeen. This is a great video.

  14. This is a good example of why you shouldn’t judge people people just by their looks, Simon Cowell and most of the audience expected nothing from them and had a discouraging tone before they performed. However once they were done performing they changed everyone’s minds, despite how they may appear.

  15. My brother showed me the first video a while back and my heart absolutely just melted. You should never judge a book by it’s cover and because Charlotte didn’t do that she gained a wonderful singing partner and also a bestfriend.

  16. These people have great voices. This made me smile even when I am feeling sick with a cold!

  17. It always seems that people with the most unlikely voices are always the ones that shock you the most. Love the story and I love the voices. Good for these two for coming out of their shell and showing the world what they are capable of.

  18. This video is so true. It shows us that you should never judge a book by its cover.You will never know if the book is good by just judging it. Also it is the same with people, never judge someone on their look. You really don’t know anything, until you give it a try. They both have incredible voices, but if you don’t give them a try, you would of had never known.

  19. I have seen this video on youtube a while ago and it touched my heart when i first watched it. As a performer I understand the bias that is in the industry. It is important to look a certain part to convey a certain message. It is one of the most superficial businesses out there. This young man has unbelievable vocal talent. His deep baritone is to be admired.

  20. I know so many people be judge on their looks and just how they present themselves. And this video really shows that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. and They are both very talented!

  21. This video goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover because you never know lies beneath. He should be able to have that gift to show everyone that there is more than meets the eye.

  22. I am not the one to judge someone on their looks but I can see why the judges didn’t think this wasn’t a good match. You really don’t know how things are until you give it a try. Once they start singing it was unbelievable. They sound great together.

  23. I figured there was going to be an amazing performance for the 2 of them. It’s funny how tv or really anyone can judge people by their outward apperance and not by who they are. Usually those who arn’t expected much of tend to be the ones who place the expectation bar above and beyond. This was such an awesome video, I really enjoyed it.

  24. Woah. That is pretty much all I can say about that performance. Everyone in the audience and the judges were hating on them before they even got out a note. This just goes to show that we all need to start giving people a chance before we go and pass our prejudices.

  25. Oh my goodness! I did not think that was going to happen. I was not expecting for them to be as good as they were. That performance made simon have to think twice before speaking. I got goose bumps!

  26. I have seen this before and think it is breathtaking! I love listening to this type of music and love the story that goes along with this video. People in our day judge each other too quickly, without even knowing where each other came from or has dealt with. We all need to treat each other equally and not judge the first thing we see.

  27. To often do many people judge a person based on how they look. Everyone, including the judges, thought that just because of his size he would have no talent. He left them in awe and just goes to show that appearance does not define a person.

  28. They both have incredible voices. Sometimes people judge by the way a person looks. Appearance shouldn’t matter. Talent is what really counts.

  29. oh wow they both awesome voice, i love this it made me feel strong feeling from their voice. bravo both of them

  30. The people who we least expect it are the most talented. Johnathan has an amazing voice. He deserves that gift because all things he’s been through.

  31. That was so great to see that huge smile on Jonathan’s face after his performance, his voice is amazing. We should not judge people solely on outer appearance, when there is much more to find out inside. Also I like the fact he let them know they came as a duo and they were staying that way, shows he has a great heart as well, to not dump her so he can have a better chance alone.

  32. His voice was so mesmerizing it was on a completely different level and it felt as if her voice was holding back the potential of the song.

  33. I was not expecting such beautiful voice. This video had me hooked I search for more videos of them on you tube. I can read Simmons expression of doubtfulness. As soon as the boy open his mouth jaws started dropping at his amazing voice.

  34. I was watched this “You Tube” according to Jonathan and Charlotte’s performing. Unfortunately for me to not received into my ear I am watched with my own vision on their performance and the audience was stand it up, give them the praised same time with all the people’s clapping. Which is meaning that, the audience and judges loves them, also Jonathan and Charlotte’s was good job in the performed. They both sing so beautiful and I can tell that Jonathon’s inside very good in the heart as warmed. Also, Jonathan is very lucky to have Charlotte to be a good friend. I believe that Charlotte does not care about his overweight and she does care about friendship relation to be supportive each other. This is very good example idols as showed who they are. It would be nice the people could be more people like them. I dislike Simon Cowell because he is offended to the people. Hopefully that both will be successful in the future and probably he will invest his money for his lose weight and start learns to the healthy.

  35. These videos were amazing. Their voices blend so well together and Charlotte is a wonderful person being such an awesome friend. I wish there could be more people like them, they are perfect idols.

  36. i think i was shocked like the rest of the audience. i did not expect them to sing that type of song and to sing it that amazing.

  37. I dislike Simon Cowell very much. This video was amazing, the two contestants were amazing, beautiful performance.

  38. Wow, their performance was beautiful. I love how when the performers go on the stage and the judges always seem to doubt the singers that blow everyone away. Like these two for an example. You can see how the crowd was a bit hesitant, and weren’t sure if they were going to have talent. I enjoy watching these types of shows, and seeing new talented individuals. I hope they made it far.

  39. I enjoy seeing people with talent like this. It puts a smile on my face indeed. I like the fact that he is quiet and shy rather than cocky and loud. They are very talented individuals.

  40. I think they were amazing. It seemed like no belive they were going to be good but as soon as they started everyones thoughts changed.

  41. They both sing so beautiful. I could not believe what a strong amazing voice Johnathan has. It even warmed my heart when Johnathon said, “we’ve come here as a duet, and we we’re going to stay that way as a duet”.

  42. Ah, I’ve seen this before. They both have really good singing voices. They both seem like really good friends too. Talented!

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