John Stossel on Atlas Shrugged

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22 responses to “John Stossel on Atlas Shrugged

  1. There is some truth to what John Stossel says. He earned what he has and putting that to question is the same as putting your earnings into question.

  2. I really enjoyed watching these clips on the Stossell show. I can definitely see why the Dagny’s and the Galt’s of this world want the government out of their way. The only argument against a nation completely free of government regulation is that we have to take into account that not every Dagny, or every Galt, are going to act in a way that produces freedom. We have to realize that there are in fact people out there with evil motives that are destructive. If we ignore this possibility we end of with atrocities like Human Trafficking, slave labor, etc… So, I agree that there should be little government regulation, but I also think that some regulation is good for society.

  3. John Stossel is not a controversial man in my opinion, but what I like about him is the fact that in his career, he always speaks on topics that matter to society. I really like that.

  4. I’m not all caught up to what really is going on. I usually just go with the flow of what friends say and do about this type of stuff. But it does make me think about really thinking about what the government is doing.

  5. These interviews are interesting for the fact that they are saying what we all think aloud. Ms. Rand’s book is a great prediction of what could happen to this world. I believe someone mentioned it was written fifty years ago, why is it barely getting all this publicity. One of our biggest problems is not seeing our problems till it is way too late.

  6. The debate was very interest. It is funny how Jeffrey Cones from New York legislator wants to band fish pedicure because it endanger help life. And there are no proof that people got sick. He base it on someone else opinion gather than facts.

  7. By taking care of one’s own interests and needs, a person is better equipped to take care of others as well. Being self sufficient prevents a person from being a drain to others. Personal responsibility is essential to a free society’s growth and sustainability.

  8. These clips cause a controversy in ones brain. After watching them it makes people want to pay attention to the actions the government takes. And one can really learn about it and the only result of paying attention will the the benefit of education which can go a long way.

  9. These clips were really interesting to me. this is because when it talks about all that the govenment does, it really gets you thinking about what it really is they are trying to do.

  10. Based on all the clips, theres always going to be an opposing and supporting group. From all the reading and watching clips, I definitely agree with the author. Already she has proven to the world, how we were going to turn out,so why not believe what is already what we deal with today.

  11. Ayn Rand had it totally right..she saw first hand what a completely totalitarian government can do via communist Russia. She merely took her first hand knowledge and applied it to power grab under an American system. She even saw the beginnings of this in the progressive movement.

  12. These videos had so many diffrent opinions on what they perceive Atlas Shrugged to be. I found all the point of views interesting, and made me think on what the book’s message is, to me at least. I think the government should be established to keep order, not to regulate on every aspect. Lets just hope the government doesn’t fail with all this debt that we have, because how i see it we’re just digging a deeper hole.

  13. I loved watching these clips because they really helped me further understand the concepts a lot better than before.

  14. I agree with my class mates’ comments that this book is an eyeopener. How many people thought 50 years ago that we would be in the hole and debt that we are in now. 50 years ago everything was great and most people thought it would only get better but what goes up must come down eventually.

  15. I like what he said when free people act on their self interest, society prospers. We will never stop capitalism but we can help America by letting people be bold and step out in faith. You will never grow past a weak area in your life until you fail once at it. But don’t stop there. You gotta keep trying and soon you will grow past any area your weak in. I really like this movie and will definitely share it with my family..

  16. This video really is eye opener. But, I think, it can also lead confusion among people. When government function as nanny, it has benefit and disadvantage. Some people are just not responsible, so they need to be regulated. How do we expect everyone is responsible? But it doesn’t mean we need to always rely on nanny state. This video makes me think a lot about our future if government keeps intervenes our lives.

  17. When we watched this in class it was very interesting and it really did open my eyes. It feels like I havnt been paying attention to what is actually going on and how it will end up affecting me. Ive learned more in this class than in any other about what is actually happening no sugar coating.

  18. After watching several political debates during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns I notice that Ron Paul is the only U.S congressman that makes sense compared with all the rest (Republican and Democrat). All of his views are logic and practical, in addition he has been consistence over the years with his political views. It is a shame that he had been ignored by the general public in United Sates, and particularly by mainstream media. Perhaps mainstream media is responsible for the lack of public awareness about this great man.

  19. watching this in class and then watching it again on my own really opened my eyes because no matter what the government has their say and do as they please and no one can stop them because they control everything.

  20. The debate discussed in these videos reminds me of Ron Paul and his philosophy about economics. For instance, Ron Paul argues that U. S government has become too big and that it has made a lot of regulations that affect the industry.

    • This is an astute comment. Ron Paul has a devout group of followers, and a large percentage are college age an people under 40 who suffer the most of extravagant government polocies and regulations. Ron Paul wants to simplify all areas of the federal government . My RCC students at Oxford that introduced me to Atlas Shrugged were all devout followers of Ron Paul in 2004. Ron Paul is the only person left in the race against Romney for President representing the Republican party. He will have a significant impact on the party platform in 2012. There is no doubt he adheres to the basic ideas Ayn Rand presents. He even named his son “Rand” Paul. Rand Paul is now a US senator from the state of Kentucky.

  21. this is really an eye opener! is crazy how the governmetn give us so many restrictions and many of the laws are just foolish and don’t make sense, the commentarly this men gave on the book i found it to be correctm, it was nice to hear the opinion of others about the book gave me a better understandment.

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