John Glenn 1962

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  1. I wonder what it feels like to see the earth from the moon…or to bounce around in outer space. I honestly think I would panic and hyperventilate. The experience would be too much. The technology it takes to achieve such things is great, but thank God for all those fearless astronauts that actually get out there and go for it…because I wouldn’t.

  2. It is nice to think back and see how far we have progressed today concerning space, astronauts, and etc. Back then, it was a milestone achievement that man landed on the moon, but now we have the technology even more so advanced that we have discovered that Pluto is not a planet and maybe even the discovery of a neighboring galaxy.

  3. It is crazy that we have technology to go into space. We even have technology that allows us to explore further than the moon.

  4. This video made me think of how divided our world really is. I wasn’t enough that Man-Kind was able to leave the Earth and reach it’s Moon. Okay they got there but what group of Humans got there first? The ones called “Americans” or the ones called “Russians” ? Whats the difference between the two? Honestly, nothing. Not a damn thing. We had come so far in technological advances but yet we’re still so young and stupid as a race.

  5. It is amazing to think how far we have come since the first astronaut orbited the earth and how far we have come. I agree that it must feel amazing to accomplish something that no one has ever accomplished.

  6. great day for americans reaching the moon and doing research that has only benefited us what a great achievement.

  7. Reaching new heights is the goal of everyone who strives for greatness. to do something that no one else has done must be an amazing feeling.

  8. I think that it is very interesting that technology has allowed us this day to adventure into the world of space. At one time I wanted to. Be. An astronaut but when I seen the space shuttle challenger blow up, my thought process changed.

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