John Brown–Historical Overview

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  1. John Brown is the epiphany of what a true legacy hero looks like because he was anti-slavery in the early 1800s. He claimed that it was an abomination to God if one owned slaves. While growing up he befriended Frederick Douglass, a former slave, and Brown mission was to free slaves and take them to state that doesn’t believe in slavery. Meanwhile, Brown was sentenced to be hung, but after his death, the people started to free slaves because Brown was a sacrifice.

  2. Many people hated John Brown for disagreeing with slavery. He is a hero for standing up for his beliefs. He is known for giving his life to free slaves. That is why he was friends with Fredrick Douglas. They had the same ideas.

  3. oh that was explained, John and Frederick was friend and I wasn’t supervise that he was against slavery, I don’t know why they put him hang because of that?

  4. No wonder he and Frederick Douglass were friends. It is people like John Brown, that stand up for what they believe in and what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I like how he was so hands-on, like a vigilante, to get what he wanted accomplished. He basically gave his life for his beliefs.

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