Jobs for Vets: See Garry James in the RCC Vets Office

I know many of you know Garry, a very dedicated retired Army Sgt..  He is diligently looking for good jobs for RCC vets.  The list he sent me of very good paying jobs is terrific. and very long.  I’m going to condense it, but for now, you can visit him in the Administration building and someone will be there to clue you in on how to get started with applications.  I will be happy to send your inquiry forward to Garry, if you email me or just post your response here.  Jan Kollitz


4 responses to “Jobs for Vets: See Garry James in the RCC Vets Office

  1. RCC has had jobs for vets for a while or am I getting it wrong?
    I had a military friend that was in my math class and they gave him a job almost immediately.

  2. Nothing. No links show up here on my computer either. Only the paragraph Kollitz wrote about Garry James.

  3. do you have to have experience?

  4. Professor Kollitz I am not sure if you are aware but nothing is showing up on my laptop other than the short paragraph you have on top speaking about Garry.

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