Jesse Jackson Goes To Dallas Looking For Racism In Ebola Scare

October 7, 2014


If you were worried that Jesse Jackson wasn’t going to make the Dallas Ebola scare about race, rest easy. The noted race hustler showed up in Texas today to make accusations that classism and racism are responsible for the perceived sub-par medical treatment Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is receiving.

The hustle started as soon as Jackson landed in Dallas According to Reuters:

Jackson said the hospital initially discharged Duncan because he was poor and did not have medical insurance.

This is the preposterous notion that I reported on yesterday in which black people believe racism is so bad in this country that white people will put a man with a deadly infectious disease out on the street just because of the color of his skin.

Jackson was just getting warmed up. He met with Duncan’s family and made more racial charges against the hospital and the medical community in general. ABC reports:

“He got sick, went to the hospital,” Jackson said. “He didn’t have insurance in Africa, and they turned him away. So they sent him back into the community with a contagious disease, and for that there must be some liability.”

Does some of that liability rest with Duncan who lied his way into the country or failed to mention to doctors that he had been exposed to Ebola and had recently been in the Ebola hot zone of Liberia?

Jackson explained that Duncan’s family — who traveled to Texas from North Carolina — also has concerns about the patient’s access to medicine. Doctors said the experimental drug recently used to treat two American health care workers who contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia is no longer available. Doctors have been treating Duncan with a different investigational drug since Saturday.

“They are saying no more doses,” Jackson said. “That seems strange to only have only enough medicine for two patients in the whole country.”

Must be racism, right Jesse? I mean, two white people got to try an experimental drug and a black man can’t have it. Maybe there isn’t an endless supply of an experimental drug for disease the only recently became an issue for the US. Perhaps doctors ran out and are scrambling to make more. Naw, it’s totally because of racism. Those evil white doctors are sitting on a miracle cure that will only be used on other white people.

Jackson also implied that Duncan’s treatment was less than it could because doctors look at all black people as thugs and lawbreakers. CBS captured this gem:

“He must be treated as a patient — with all the human rights preserved — not as a criminal,” Jackson stated. Duncan’s family believes that he may have been medically mishandled by the hospital after he was originally sent home by staffers.

To recap: Jackson says Duncan was initially denied medical treatment because he’s poor and black, Duncan has been given substandard treatment while white people get better care, and doctors are treating Duncan like a criminal, also presumably because he’s black and poor.

I’ve written that the Jackson is slipping in his old age, but this magician of race still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Once again he’s managed to find racism where it doesn’t exist, staving off irrelevancy for at least a moment or two.

16 responses to “Jesse Jackson Goes To Dallas Looking For Racism In Ebola Scare

  1. It seems like the media should be equally to blame for these people looking for their next publicity stunt! If the media were truly covering news that were important there would be in turn a lot less people doing anything and everything under the sun for their 15 minutes. This is just wrong. For Jesse Jackson to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune and use it to benefit from it will make that guy burn in the Hell he fears for all eternity.

  2. This is a bad situation because even though the man did not have insurance, it’s to risky to leave an infected man out on the streets. He should not have lied his way into the country in order to seek out treatment. But him being black has nothing to with the fact he was rejected treatment.

  3. Everything revolves around race
    why does everything boil down to race?
    aren’t we all one race? Homosapiens?
    I did not find a single line of racism in what i read
    but of course the racism card is the easy way out of everything
    it’s how you get people to feel bad
    it is very manipulative if you ask me

  4. Unfortunately Mr. Jackson is the REASON why racism still exists today. Now don’t get me wring there will always be a minority that are going to be racist, but this is one of the minority that takes it to the extreme. What’s sad is that this guy actually has a following and makes a living out of being racist and believing that it is him vs the world because of skin color. Now as for the healthcare goes. Illegal immigrants have access to medical funds that are much greater than a USA citizen does and has zero liability to pay it back. Now I do believe that is outrageous seeing we are already in massive debt. I am sort of torn on what the solution might be though. Get free medical care and then deport them? Everyone would fly into the USA to get treated and get a free flight back? Or just reject illegals or just offer them basic healthcare?

  5. Haha Racism! what a joke! Jesse Jackson needs to shut his mouth, and do something useful except for running his mouth about racism! “the best way to end racism today is to “stop talking about it.” ” -Morgan Freeman

  6. The mainstream news consits of false and provacative statements. I would advise to not buy into what they say. For some real news, one must develop their own findings followed by a rational conclusion. Similarly to writing a research paper, one has to find sources. Once there is sufficient amount of sources, the person should then analyze them. Keep in mind that any source, even primary sources contain false statements, biased opinions or conclusions, and distortions. It takes some practice to wriggle out the above from your sources. All that is left is to come up with a conclusion to your findings. This process is not aplicable to all news, as their is not enough time for every individual to do this. This is why there is a need for real news to be readily available to us. Mainstream news just doesn’t cut it.

  7. In the beginning it stated that the hospotal ssaid he was discharged because he was poor and had no meical insurance. And Duncan says it was because he was black. Yes, Duncan just found a way to slip in racism there, where there was only a limited amnount of dosages. But, the doctors should have not let him back out into the cummunity.

  8. The fact that this is even news is ridiculous. Jesse Jackson is just another senial person living on this world who is miserable with life and will make sure that others are just as miserable as him. He has no facts to support his evidence he is speaking on behalf of someone else and yet he has no official statement for Mr. Duncan. For this very reason is why I do not feed in much to the news it is mostly filled with stupid stories that have honestly nothing to do with the actual problem at hand.

  9. Reading this it feel as though he is taking advantage to gain media attention. However if he had stated that it could be a class war of the rich vs the poor with no insuarance and its risks being seen in being turned away even with certainty of death I may have agreed. it is rediculous that any hospital would release a possibly infected ebola patient onto the streets where he could possibly contaminate other patients if so, the person incharge should be jailed.

  10. In today’s world, the fight for equality is growing stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, there are people who are trying to take advantage of this. These people take cases where race, gender, etc. are irrelevant, and try to make them the key issue. Jesse Jackson is notorious for doing so. He is a race-baiter. He tries to make everything about race with the hope that someone will fight him on the issue, thus allowing him to preach his cause and make him feel righteous. It is a sad life to live.

  11. Jessie Jackson is retarded. he is just to old to be on TV. He really needs to realize that everything is not about race. Sometimes I wonder if he is truly for African Americans.

  12. I do not believe this video is about race because the man was poor and did not have medical insurance. On the other hand the hospital did not have a right to throw the man out on the streets because he was not insured. It is their job to help people in need especially with something as contiguous as Ebola.

    • But, there were only 6 doses of the medicine and the FDA was dragging their feet allowing it to be tested because it is cultured on tobacco leaves. Two Americans received the medicine and the others were medical doctors from other doctor’s who worked for Samaritan’s purse, a medical ministry sponsored by Franklin Graham, a Christian pastor. The recipients volunteered to help the people in these impoverished countries where the political systems are corrupt, as documented by Yakob in class today. I thought his comments were enlightening and validated what I have been told by other students from Africa.

    • It’s not about race. There were only 6 does available.

    • So Brandon, you think that just because someone is not insured they don’t have the right for proper treatment? So your more of survival of the fittest type of guy huh? I’m going to send Kollitz a video showing why what you just said is wrong.

      PS. I still love you.

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