Jen Bricker, Athlete

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  1. What an amazing story! It makes me happy to see how she overcame obstacles that others thought she wouldn’t be able to do. It also makes me happy to see how this family raised her well teaching her how to be confident and most importantly to believe in herself. It was also amazing how the one person she looked up too was her sister! I would of never imagined that but its nice that her biological family accepted her once they realized she existed.

  2. If Planned Parenthood had anything to say about this, Jen would never had been allowed to be born. Hopefully this makes some expectant mothers think twice who have been given news that their unborn child would have disabilities.

  3. This is truly a remarkable story! Jen Bricker is an awesome athlete, she truly lives up to her “Never Say can’t” motto.

  4. The true definition of no limitations. I extremely admire human beings that excel their limitations and break their personal disability’s.

  5. I remember this story a while back, and i still think it is very inspiring. I mean someone with such limitations shows other people that there is no such thing that a person who is handicapped cannot have goals or dreams. i think she is a truly amazing individual.

  6. This story is very inspiring. Even though Jen did not have legs, she still had a positive outlook on life. I do agree with the idea that people give themselves limits by putting the word “can’t” in their vocabulary. Many people who break a leg or an arm start to give up on their dreams, but Jen never did which is inspirational.

  7. It’s a remarkable and inspiring story. To see someone not give up even with s disability.

  8. I love that she did not let her disability ruin her life. You see this person that has no legs say that she is still as good as anyone else. That is amazing, knowing that there are people who have a simple bone fracture or need a cast for a while that loose all hope in life. She is a huge inspiration to me and I will show this video to my father he is temporarily paralyzed. I do agree with her though a person is only limited because they have the word cant in there vocabulary.

  9. What a truly inspiring story. Maybe it was not just a coincidence that she wanted to be in the Olympics, but fate since her sister had already been in the Olympics and she never knew.

  10. This story was very inspiring to watch because even though she had no legs she still made the best of her life and look now she is a professional athlete for the special Olympics! Its so great to see how she has a great attitude and doesn’t give up because other people like have a disability can look up to her and not give up.

  11. What an incredible story. It is amazing that Jen’s only idol in life was her biological sister. I like her Jen’s adoptive parents never let her say the word “can’t”. Her parents never handicapped her although she was born with no legs and that is amazing. It was crazy the Jen wanted to be a gymnast just like her sister in which she did not know was her sister at the time. This was a great video from beginning to end.

  12. I saw this story on tv awhile back. I give this story 2thumbs up, in every way. We as americans complain about so much in everyway, when we can look out our own door or to a neighbor to see a better way. My personal opinion is, there is a lesson to be learned from this young woman and her determination and appreciation of life.

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