Jan Kollitz’s Curent Complaint about Unsolisited Junk Mail

The following is a copy of a letter I mailed today.  To read the”junk mail” that instigated this response, use the link at the bottom of this posting.

February 3, 2012

To:  Jill Larson
20-227 Highway 111
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Ms. Larson,

Re: Your junk mail to me received on 1/31/2012
(see copy at the end of of this notice)

I strongly object to your audacity in sending me this unsolicited junk mail in the guise of a faux hand addressed envelope, advising me about how I should take care of my remains after I die, presuming that I am going to die soon.  I realize that I am in my 75th year of life, but I am not feeble minded and a sucker for “con artists” like you to prey upon.  I plan to post your letter and insulting advertisement on my website for the world to see the massive disrespect that you and your ilk show for senior citizens who have spent their lives working diligently to provide for themselves, their children, and grandchildren.

Please take me off your mailing list NOW!  I am serious in this request.

Janice Kollitz

link to Ms. Larson’s JUNK MAIL

57 responses to “Jan Kollitz’s Curent Complaint about Unsolisited Junk Mail

  1. Shout out to you professor for that response!

  2. Wow, that is really disrespectful of them, i understand sending them out to everybody but to target people based on their age is just wrong. I am glad you put the in their place beacause what they did was just wrong.

  3. I love the way you don’t put up with anything and you make sure the opposing side hears what you have to say. I have actually never replied to spammers I always put it aside, but you have definitely brought it to my attention that we should all do something about it.

  4. great job professor! so did they follow up on your request?

  5. Great job on that response letter! I couldn’t have responded as well as you if I tried. I love it.

  6. Always stand up for yourself is a great motto to go by.

  7. Hahaha I loved this reply! There are not too many people in the world today that stick up for themselves and voice their own opinion. I’m really happy to see that they still exist.

  8. Good job on replying. You go!

  9. This is Great, you are so funny and brave. I really need to do this because I am tried of opening my mail and have 800 emails of junk mail. I hate having to go one by one and deleting them!! I am a shy person and I need to learn how to make my voice known and heard.

  10. Love your response to them! I don’t think any older people should get emails like spam just because they have reached a certain age. It should be until you reach out to the companies when you know you need there services.

  11. You go girl… You put that sucker right iin the place that he belong, which is in a corner crying somwhere. He had some audacity harass you. I bet he will quit that job he’s in. I love when women speak thier mind. Go Professor…

  12. Wow, I cant believe some people would go to such great lengths and con people in this way. It truly is disgusting.

  13. ha, this is awesome! These individuals prey on the “weak” or who they hope are weak but little do they know that Mrs. kollitz is young fire cracker at heart! I had a telemarketer call my house once and talked to my sister, some how he was offended when my sister told him she had no time for that at the moment, well he managed to get our number and Information on who was living at the house, and continue to call numerous times asking for her specifically. this continued for a weeks, we contacted the police and they couldn’t do anything since they weren’t located in the united states, and that company out sourced their telemarketing jobs, pretty much scary knowing someone could get your information like that from a simple telemarketers job, we placed ourselves on the no call list but continue to be contacted.

  14. People do not need to be reminded of their mortality through advisement. I don’t understand why people think it is alright to harass people in attempts to take money from them.

  15. hahah this is really funny! I love your response to them! It’s so dumb sending this out to our elders thinking that they are going to die soon, that is just so wrong in many ways.

  16. I am quite sure that when a person passes away their loved ones know what to do. I think using someone’s death or impending death as a scam is about as low as a person can go….well that and the fake lottery scams.

  17. Its scary that they send crap like this to people, but it’s worse to think that people actually fall for this, people need to realize that its a scam by a con artist and should be given the time of day.

  18. You tell her Mrs. Kollitz!!!

  19. Wow, this is just completely rude email, and I believe you could have not responded any better than you had did. I get tons of junk mail and never read any, but if I decided to and read this email I would have been flabbergasted.

  20. Oh my goobers. I can not believe they send crap like that in the mail. I would have sent a bag of sh*t on fire. You did a much better job though. I am glad you responded the way you did. That was great!

  21. I would have never had the guts to do that. Youbdid though, that’s a way to tell them how it is haha.

  22. hah way to go professor Kollitz, way to stand up for yourself and speak your mind! and then you posted it on here hah, thats too funny.

  23. The fact that you sent that is pure amazing right there hahaha. Always stand up for yourself!

  24. That is pretty awesome of you for responding back and telling them what you stand for. I wouldn’t have been that brave enough to tell them like it is, but I am so glad you did!

  25. Wow, this is just too much. I cannot believe what measures people will go to now just to get money. When I read this, it made me angry, how inconsiderate. The letter sent in response was great, a professional slap in the face, with out the slap, great job.

  26. wow i am very impressive Professional, u have right to speak up and your right.

  27. It feels great to express your thoughts! I would hate getting something like that.

  28. That’s priceless, you tell them! It seems that as soon as a person starts to age that means they are automatically going to die soon. I prefer the commercial that says retirement is just the start of life.

  29. I love you Mrs. Kollitz!!!!!!!!

  30. Conartists are everywhere trying to fool people into giving up their money for something they do not need. These kind of people are horrible and i hope there are many more people that are breave enough to stand up for themselves so these conartists are put in their place.

  31. wow! that deserves an applause, although i certainty wouldn’t have the guts to do so. I’m glad there is someone out there who would express their feelings exactly how they feel. That was just the right thing to do Janice.

  32. WOW this is scary can you just image how may people fall for this everyday. There are so many ,many con-artist out there just wanted to take everyone money. Just recently i had people come to my hotel and use fake stolen credit cards and we called the police to take them away. There are so many bad people out there just willing to take money from the people that worked hard for what they have.

  33. This is so amazing and hilarious! Good job, Professor! I am always getting mail to sign up for a student credit card. I should try doing the same! Very inspiring!

  34. Nice! They need to get responses back like that every once and a while because junk mail gets so annoying! I’m glad you did that.

  35. I remember Professor talking about this in class. What an effective way to give them a piece of your mind. I bet no one even my self have ever thought about replying to junk mail, but i guess if you don’t want the junk, you have to face them sooner or later and not ignore it.

  36. I have never thought about replying to junk mail i normally just delete it. Go Professor Kollitz next time i receive junk mail ill think about writing them back.

  37. I agree with Emily. I never would have thought to write back. I would have just deleted the email but it probably wouldn’t have solved the problem. I think what you did was great and that more people should have the guts to do the same!

  38. You go Professor, it never ceases to amaze me what we will encounter in this life.

  39. That would be funny if was a joke. I can’t believe their are companies out there that have an advertisement of that type. Are you serious with the 100% money back guarantee if your families not satisfied. Wow

  40. This person really deserved that. usually when most people get junk mail, they just delete it, but taking the time to let the spammer know how you feel about it must be s reality check to them!

  41. Getting junk mail is so annoying!! Speaking your mind and letting those spammers know how you feel professor was a good thing! my question is did you ever get a response back from the spammer?

  42. Finally, great job Professor Kollitz you are one of very few people who actually respond back.

  43. YEAH, GO PROFESSOR KOLLITZ! Instead of ignoring it you responded in a very clever way!

  44. Good job Ms.kollitz I would have done the same thing. More emails like this one need to be sent out to these people so they can get the point.

  45. I would have done the exact same thing! I DO NOT like things like this.

  46. I would have done the same. It frustrating to receive such letters or such information. Its more people assuming thing.

  47. It’s great that you did this to stand up for yourself and prove a point. Spammers have no respect now a days and even more now with the internet being so freely used. This is something great to do.

  48. I’m glad you decided to speak your mind. Too many uninformed individuals have become victimized by such people and you just may have opened their eyes to the realities of their bad intentions.

  49. I applaud you Dr. Kollitz for replying to these people. It is funny how they try to insult you but in a nicer way with soft pictures as if they really cared.

  50. Honestly, if I was in your position I probably would have worded my letter a little more strongly, but good on you for staying professional. I think it’s great that you wrote back, you definitely got your point across.

  51. Ah that was so awesome! You tell em what’s up! Good job! They deserve more emails like that because that’s insulting and they shouldn’t send emails out like that. Good job again!

  52. Wow! You really DO stick up for yourself and what is right. This made me happy knowing you would do this. Some “spam” is useful and advising, but other stuff like this is negative and absurd. Everyone reading their spam takes it in different ways; some will think that what the spammers say is rude and some think of it as a useful tool. But for them to send that e-mail to the elderly is just disrespectful. I think you did the right thing! Good job Professor Kollitz!

  53. I love this! It put a huge smile on my face. Spammers better know who their spamming before they mess with the wrong person. This inspires me to write to my spammers and let them know I’ m no force to be messed with.

  54. That is right! So many people think that the older a person gets they end up losing their mind! My step father’s I believe its great grandmother is I believe 100 yrs old and she lives by herself, can still drive, and feisty as ever! Her favorite saying is “Don’t try to play me…I’m still in my first mind!”

  55. The audacity of some people! That is so incredibly rude and disrespectful!! Good job reaming them for it, people need to be held responsible for their activities and realize that they are sending these to real people.

  56. I feel with you voicing your opinion it will give spammers a reason to stop. Much of their mail in unwanted or even unsubscribed. Someone has to be able respond and i belief you have done just that.

  57. You go Janice! On a personal level, I dont think I could have replied as passionately as you did, or even at all, but I’m glad someone knows how to voice their opionion!

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