James Monroe


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  1. James Monroe was eleceted to presidency twice even though he wasnt thought to be a that smart of a person. James Monroe is mainly known for the monroe doctrine which was a letter saying how US isnt controlled by the Europeans

  2. James Monroe was the hero of the revolution. He was elected twice to the presidency. Monroe was president during the time of slavery and he himself was a slave owner. He delivered a message to the world that contained a paragraph of his legacy on December 1823 which stated that American continents should not allow European countries come in and take territories. Later on this speech became known as the Monroe Doctrine.

  3. James Monroe was thought of as a person of less intelligence by some, but with crushing victories in both campaigns as presidency he must have knowledge of the right and wrong. A historical document named “The Monroe Doctrine” established itself as one of the major accomplishments of James Monroe. In this document it stated that there would be no eastern hemispherical influence allowed to sieze control over the land located on the western hemisphere.

  4. James Monroe was a person who everyone did not think well of. Monroe had been slected president twice by big victories but was often called unintelligent by his piers. As time went on, there were disputes about the Florida border and many raids, but Monroe replied by sending trrops to the region led by Andrew Jackson. In 1819 the Spanish ceded Florida to the US without fighting. As different border disputes went on, Monroe wrote a paragraph stating that the US land was not to be controlled by European powers which was considered the Monrow Doctrine.

  5. James Monroe wasn’t known as the most intelligent man, but he was trustworthy and patient which got him elected to presidency twice. While Monroe was the president an issue broke out what Missouri became a state and there was a star added to the flag. The issue was that would Missouri become a free or slave state? Monroe was a slave owner so the state of Missouri became a slave state although the union was free.

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