Jakob the Liar

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  1. Its incredible that even though they were lies he was telling, that he’d be able to bring hope to everyone. Even though lies may not be right, he was able to give everyone some type of hope and motivate everyone.

  2. Hope is definitely the themes for this movie. And hope is one of the most powerful state of mind an individual can have. and in this case it helped the people in the rial areas in the cities.

  3. This is a movie about the power of hope. Jakob must struggle with whether it is better to continue to bring hope to the ghetto residents or to dash their hopes by revealing the truth,that there really is no radio.

  4. Hope is what Jacob gave these people. Even though it was wrong for anyone to lie, Jacob felt like telling these people positive stories would give them hope. RIP Robin Williams 2014

  5. Jacob or Yaqub a prophet of Islam. The poorest prophet of Islam who died from illness. Right by looking at the name i knew it that this movie will be about goodness and it was. Best thing for human nature live by HOPE.

  6. At first i was drawn back by the title because of my name, but i think after i watched it the message of hope was really a good thing.

  7. Jacop had a good intention to lying, his first instinct was to help people by giving them hope. Sometimes lying can be harmful but in this case it was necessary. So the people can have something to keep themselves modivated to success

  8. This movie seems like it would be gloomy but the hope that jakob gives everyone gives a sort of happiness. Without hope there is really nothing to look forward to. No dreams and no anything.

  9. Hope is such a powerful element. It gives inspiration to those that seek it. And with hope, the ability to seek a better outcome from adversity.

  10. Robin William is brilliant! All of his movies that I have watched thus far I have greatly enjoyed them, yet I have not watched this one but I will soon.

  11. This movie also looks very good. It seems to express the theme that hope can get you through anything.

  12. all you need in life is hope in life, and it is crazy too see that with a little bit of hope differences and changes happen can’t wait too watch this.

  13. This movie reminds me of this other, “Life is Beautiful”. However I have not seen this one, “Jacob the Liar”. I definitely plan to see “Jacob the Liar” in the future. Giving the fact that Robin William is one of my favorite actors, so I am intrigue about his role in the movie.

  14. If one has hope they can get through anything.

  15. i believe Hope is one of the most powerful emotions to have, hope is what drives people to go on even when they don’t even want to get out of bed, hope is what men to go back to his horrible job in hopes he will one day clim up the latter of succes. Hope can drives to bette ouself, but is also dangerous.

  16. This was a good movie and one of Robin Williams better performances. Hope is definitely something that can pull a person through even the darkest hours. However false hope can also push them further into darkness. I belive in some cases false hope is ok in small doses, it helps people to push through tough times. In larger doses and continually false hope will do nothing but damage.

  17. Hope is one of the most powerful word in the world. When down and out just a little bit of hope could be the difference between life and death. I have not seen the move but from the trailer it looks to be very intriguing.

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