His hip sockets are gone,
His eyesight fading,
His ferocity mellowing,
His teeth half rotted away,
But Ivan still likes
To chase the paperboy,
To nip the mailman,
To bark at the crows and
cuddle up with the neighbor’s cats.


Treasured Poems of America.. 1989
Copyright © 1987 Janice Kollitz

27 responses to “Ivan

  1. That reminds me of myself, as I grew older, I can’t do the thing I used to do, but hey, I still have feelings, and I like other things now.

  2. This reminds me of my dog “peaches”. Shes getting old every day that passes yet she always finds the strength to come when i call her and play with my baby kitty that cant seem to leave her alone. I cant imagine the day that she is no longer curled up alongside my bed.

  3. My dog is my happiness and seeing dogs suffer like these makes me sad but evventually things get old and you have to deal with them.

  4. This show that even though this dog is no longer as young as it used to be it still finds happiness in life even if it is getting old.

  5. This just shows us how no matter what life may throw at us we still need to look at the bright side and enjoy it.

  6. After reading this I can only imagine what this dog has gone through. Overall, he does not let that stop him and still staying a happy dog.

  7. I think anyone can learn from the message in this poem. People need to realize that just because bad things may happen around us, we can still find joy.

  8. This is so sad but this just shows how a dog can never give up. It also shows us that if a dog can do it then we should not give up also. We should always be positive even through the worst of times.

  9. This is a great poem and it shows you not only that dogs get older, but when they get older they still act like a puppy and are loving no matter what.

  10. I really enjoyed this poem. I think we often forget that age is really just a number. We often pity the elderly but beneath the ages lies the same person with the same interest.

  11. dogs are truly amazing even when they are not in the best condition. I plan on getting a dog in the future.

  12. This reminds me of my dog rocky…beautiful dog, part chow…he passed 3 years ago

  13. I love how this poem shows that age does not change anyone, if anything, it gives people an incentive to be him or herself. Well, in this case, a dog. The saying that we “can’t teach a dog new tricks” is debatable, but to say my dog has changed with “age” is silly. Physically, yes. But my dog still still acted like a spoiled little puppy until the day he died.

  14. Dogs regardless of their situation will always have high spirits. And this dog losing most of his mobilization and partially his eyesight has gone beyond striving and still is living the high life of happiness.

  15. Dog’s would do what they like best. It’s really amazing what they can do. It’s a miracle that a dog in that condition still doing what other dogs do.

  16. This poem is funny but true. you can relate it to life in general. as we age, or whether it be a pet ect. its almost like were 19 in an 80 years old body. our mind still has the capabilities and eagerness to think young, but the body cant catch up.

  17. this poem reminds me of my grandmother because until she got old and we had to put her into a home she would try to be as energetic as she could.

  18. This poem reminds me of my dog “Minni” she is a very small toy poodle and is very old. Even though she is very old she still greets strangers with energy. She is truly still a puppy at heart. I really love this poem. This poem just reminds me how no matter how old we get we should always remain forever young at heart.

  19. Even though health deteriorates as time goes on it doesnt mean that any person, or dog for that matter, loses their personality. Ivan can be Ivan even with rotting teeth, and poor hips!! Afterall, I know humans that get by with rotting teeth!.

  20. Its sad and amazing at the same time. if only humans can still do the samething with lifes problems in their minds.

  21. Ivan continues to be the playful dog that he is because he is not plagued with doubts and uncertainties that most people entertain in their minds. He just keeps on living and playing.

  22. The wounder of animal life, Ivan can truly be happy despite his present condition. He can take joy in the simple pleasures of life. you can trust that he will stay true to his nature, as long as he is given the freedom to live his own life, and doesn’t go out to get a job, a mortgage, and all the responsibilities modern day society would see him have if he were me.

  23. This poem reminded me of a topic discussed in my developmental psychology class. It was about how our culture is too obsessed with youth and how the elderly are treated improperly. Yes, this dog may be aging but it still enjoys the same things and is still the same being that it was years ago.

  24. I love dogs. I hate when they get all old and frail, it makes me sad when they cannot run around and play like they used to. Im glad that some dogs can still run around and have fun even in thier old age.

  25. When you have the passion for something it takes more than a few road blocks to stop you.This poem gives courage to the people that lost their limbs, vision, or hearing. I agree with Kevin, when we are robbed of the things that make it easy to live in this temporary armour we call skin, we still have our spirit; our light.

  26. It just goes to show, that when you are robbed of everything else; the one thing they can’t take is your spirit.

  27. This poem reminds me of my old dog. Even though she is very old and spends most of her time sleeping she still has spunk and will bite you if you cross her.

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