Ismael on Floride

Ismael wrote: There are natural, soluble molecules in our city’s water supply. However, there are a few artificial ones that are questionable, namely fluoride.


This particular molecule is harmful to us. Unfortunately, it has been passed off as benefiting our dental health. Riverside has been cited as one of the cities with this harmful compound in its water supply. What should we do?

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33 responses to “Ismael on Floride

  1. That’s why I don’t buy toothpaste with flouride anymore! Tom’s of Maine works great, and doesn’t have any flouride. I mainly stopped ingesting flouride after I found out a few years ago that it calcified the pineal gland. I want my pineal gland to function as it should, even though I don’t completely understand what its function is. Side note: Philosopher Rene Descartes believed it to be “the principal seat of the soul”, I think mostly based on its location and depiction of the third eye in eastern religion. Many others believe it to be the trigger for higher states of consciousness and enlightenment, though these statements haven’t been clinically proven. Whether it’s true or not, flouride has no place in our water supply, and is not obviously not benefiting our brains. Like any other drug/chemical, do the pros outweigh the cons?

  2. Nathalie S Gallardo

    I don’t understand why after studies like these have been done and with such high percentages of children being affected, the government still allows these chemicals to be added to the water. Also why have we always been told that fluoride is good for babies?!

  3. I never knew fluoride could be a potential toxic to children especially. Going to the dentist i was always told how great it is for peoples teeth.

  4. He did a good job of backing up his argument. I would like to know if he knew why the water had fluoride in it. I like how he stated that there were two types of fluoride in the water and one of them was harmless and found naturally in water.

  5. I like his question because he backed it up with research he did on his own to see what is up with fluoride. I did not know that water supplies across the U.S. have many artificial chemical compounds.

  6. My mom always tells me to not drink tap water. I remember her always freaking out about the nasty water Riverside has to offer. I am wondering if the government has something to do with this by purposely adding fluoride in the water to lower children’s intelligence so they can have a more controllable future. Considering the fact as well, that the K12 system pairs in perfectly with low I.Q scores of children. It is all a little too coincidental.

  7. Miranda B. Barragan

    It amazes me how the governemnt or the people in charge of the water supply can turn a blind eye to this. This young man is obviously concerned and has very great facts on the matter. I did not know how much flouride can hinder our community. Also, it especially amazes me that it harms children and no one has said anything about it. The young man is right. The children are our future and we should not be subjecting them to hamrful chemicals like this. I will think twice before drinking tap water again.

  8. One thing I that I appreciated was that this young man wore appropriate close and presented his case professionally. I commend him on his attention to detail on his research for the facts. I have always been concerned about adding anything to the water we consume. I believe this is an initiative that should been addressed immediately and resolved by a national or state filtering system. Besides, don’t have enough fluoride in toothpaste?

  9. William J. Gonzales

    I never really trusted tap water for a long time. And now this gives me an even better reason to not consume it. I am also glad that i hardly drink of the tap or fountain water at school. I mean who knew that fluoride was in our water! i guess ill be sticking to bottled water.

  10. This is the reason why I dont drink tap water, I always prefer to drink water that has been purified. Riverside has been known to have some of the worst water conditions in the United States. The county should remove more fluoride and clean the water more before letting it pass.

  11. Makes me a bit sketchy of drinking tap water now. I always didn’t care as a kid and thought people thought they were too good for tap water or something. No, they just don’t want to ingest random chemicals. Hopefully my brain hasn’t been too effected by the fluoride in the tap water I’ve been drinking.

  12. i had no idea how much fluoride can cause damage towards us also if it is in most of our public schools water fountain and does this much damage then it should definitely be looked at and something should be done about it.

  13. I never thought fluorine can do so much harm to one its good to know this because not everything the media tells us is true. Like when you watch commercials on t.v. that tell you its guaranteed to do you great and convince you, you then buy it and then once you have its not as great as they said it would be.

  14. The studies from Harvard really get me to thinking that floride is not a good thing to put inside of our bodies. The studies show that floride causes an abnormal drainage of the brain. If something has a risk of injuring your body internally, it is not worth the risk. We should not be forced into drinking water with floride in it that is absolutely unreal to me that products are manufactured with poisons in them and we consumers are expected to purchase these items.

  15. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I never thought fluoride could be harmful, this really concerns me. Water is suppose to be the best thing to drink, yet one never really knows what kind of substances it carries and the damages it may cause. This was very shocking.

  16. Maybe it’s time that we did start to look at some long ranch studies on fluoride in the drinking water. This is something that has always been there (where I come from) and I don’t think my grandparents or mother are less intelligent because of it. If it can cause brain damage then like anything it should be stopped and at least looked at more closely. His first question was not answered why they put fluoride in the water in the first place. I think it was to help with teeth. Besides most toothpaste now has fluoride.

  17. I did not know that Flouride is in Riverside water. This is useful information that helped me. I do not let my son drink tap water and am glad that I haven’t allowed him to. I will continue to only drink bottled and filtered water from now on. Thank you for this video.

  18. Elise G. Richardson

    I never knew that fluoride has studies showing it can cause brain damage! And to know that it is found in riversides water supple makes it that more serious. It’s mic to know people like this young care enough to do research and try to make a change.

  19. This video was very informational. I had no idea fluoride was bad for you, I was always told it is good for your teeth. This guy really did his research which was good because he had evidence and statistics to back up his argument. When it is all said and done they should take fluoride out of the water supply that so many Americans use daily.

  20. This was a very informative video I had no idea that Riverside was one of the cities that has fluoride in its public water supply. You can tell that this young man cares a great deal about what’s going on with our city. I know that there’s fluoride in our toothpaste, in adult toothpaste at least. I make sure to buy fluoride free toothpaste for my daughter. Guess I’m also switching to fluoride free as well.

  21. I think that this with this doctor doing all research to look out for the children within their city limits was a great deal on his part. The fact that he didn’t allow for them to just get back to him and stood there and said his part says allot about him. He showed a sincere amount of interest in making it safer for the children and everyone else to have a healthy supply of water. I myself believe that healthy teeth are important but a healthy Brain far surpasses having nice teeth.

  22. I believe this to be true and the man has a good argument. All the public parks and places are most likely filled with that chemical while in the mean time coming out a rusty pipe. Somthing should be done about the water supply ,however i dont want to see a rise in price or charge for drinking purified water. Last thing i’d like to note is I like the postion in which the man brings about his evidence and numerical examples.

  23. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    Stuff like this doesn’t surprise me reminds me of a video my boyfriend showed me about Army scientists spraying secret experiments on citizens of St Louis exposing them to radioactive compounds without them knowing! the government is CORRUPTED i don’t’ care what anybody says !

  24. We are slaves to the people that you pay your money to. It is a way to get control or get rid of people that them do not want around.

  25. If its harmful we should not be forced to drink it . It is toxic and definitely not sanitary.

  26. I liked how he looked for some research to bring up to question. Fluoride is actually good for people, but it is true how it can affect the little ones! Making things crucial for the future generations!

  27. wow its interesting to see hoe fluoride really does affect a population. i couldnt belie that cities with fluoride in their water showed a lower IQ test score then those without fluoride in their water. maybe its not as harmless as so many people presume. i would like to further investigate how it affects people and what it is about it that is so negative to peoples health.

  28. This really concerns me because I didn’t even know that our water had fluoride in it, so I wonder if there could be anything else that can potentially harms us in our resources that we use in everyday life. I definitely agree with the speaker of the video and would rather have a good brain than good dental health. I also like that he went to his city council and let them know about this pressing issue, not many people would do that.

  29. This was a very interesting discussion of fluoride in the public water supply. The facts that this gentleman brought to his city counsel’s meeting was very informative and worth further investigating in his water district as well as every water district. Sometimes the harm of something out weighs it’s benefits. It seems that not all the facts were taken in consideration when the decision to add fluoride to the water supply in the first place were taken into consideration. Or that there were no known side effects back when it was added. Now years down the line we are seeing the negative effects so it is time to halt the practice of adding fluoride to the water supply.

  30. What does fluorine even do to our water…purify it? It makes you wonder what else the government is doing to us without our knowledge. I would hope that’s they aren’t taking shortcuts to save a few bucks.

  31. The city of Rialto, Fontana, and Bloomington, has the same issue. we do not drink their water.

  32. I’m with Ismael, we really don’t need floride in our drinking water, especially in our school’s drinking water. Not okay, poisoning you’re students, and even potentially effecting them during those years of development is really like enforcing your child take drugs even though you know they will do more harm then good.

  33. This is a very good argument. I don’t know what is best. The body must remain in homeostasis. That being said to much of anything can result in toxicity.

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